Just Tell Another Lie

Why even bother with life if I'm going to die anyways?


2. Are You Scared A Bit?

"Raven Adams."A nurse called me in."You're here to see Dr.Monroe?"

I nodded slightly before getting up from my seat;leaving my mother behind as always.The dark circles under her eyes had been a sign of her insomnia,anxiety,and depression.I just didn't care about her at all.No matter how many times we showed "care" to each other,I wouldn't be able to feel the happiness of knowing I had someone to take care of me.Someone that had to stand my several personalities.

I entered a white room with a small table in the middle.I felt trapped as I starred at the walls with no windows.I took a seat in one of the sides of the table."He'll be here in a few minutes.Can you wait?"The nurse stood by the doorway. 

I nodded again which made the chubby nurse fake a smile.

I tapped my fingers on the grey table;admiring how clean the room was as I looked around.My eyes intently stared at the door.I'd assume that a few minutes had passed when the door finally creaked open.

"Raven?"A man walked in looking at the papers he held in his hands.I responded with a nod.He smiled at me.His smile actually seemed real.Much different from the nurse's."Alright."He sat in front of me and placed his papers down."I'm Dr.Monroe,but you call call me Micheal.Is that alright?"He peered up at me from the papers.

I nodded slightly as I watched him take out a pen.He started writing some things down.

"You have permission to talk."He laughed slightly.

"What do you want to know?"I leaned back in my seat.

"I wish to know you."He sighed.

"How?"I asked.

"What do you mean how?"He looked up from the papers.

"In a friend kind of way-

"No.We can't be friends."He abruptly spoke.

"Against your license?"I grinned.

"Yes."He smiled.

"Alright,Micheal.Just ask me questions.I'll answer them with honesty."

"Ok."He looked down at his papers again."How are you feeling?"

"Am I allowed to cuss?"I glanced down at the papers.

"Whatever you want."

"I'm feeling pooey."I smiled.

"Why?"He narrowed his eyebrows.

"I killed my dad,my mom won't speak,I'm seeing things,and I don't care much."

"Normal.You're a teenager."He shrugged.

"Killing and seeing things is normal?"I leaned forward slightly.

"Well it is if you're under some-

"I'm not drugged!"I shouted causing him to flinch."Not now..."

"You do drugs?"He wrote again.

"Yeah."I nodded.

"About your father...it wasn't your fault.You know that."He looked up at me."He crashed the car.You had nothing to do with it."

"My mom said it was my fault.Those were the last things she said to me-hatred."I swallowed hard.

"And you believe your mom?Come on Raven,you know her better than anyone else.How she is.You seriously believed her?"He asked making movements with his hands.

"I scared him.He didn't like it when I turned into someone else."I felt my cheeks turn hot."He didn't like it when I turned into a monster.When I was in the back of the car,I tried to jump out.My dad-

"Tried to stop you and crashed the car."Micheal sighed.

"It was my fault!"I cried.

"No it wasn't.Calm down."He moved the pen farther away."You're only going to bring the monster out of you."

"I killed him.I use people.I scare them.What am I?"I ran my fingers through my hair frantically.

"Why do you use people?"He got up and started walking around the room;clicking the pen.

"Because I don't feel anything.Ever since my father died,my heart went with him.I victimize people just to get a little feeling out of it."I watched him stop by the door.

"You know you can stop it.You can get help."

"The thing is,Micheal."I spat."I don't know how to get help,and I'm sure I don't want it.I want to be far away."

He faked a smile before leaving.

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