The perfect love

This is about to best friends who fall inlove . �� justin and Juliet . If you want to read about their amazing relationship ... Continue .


9. welcome <3

Once we landed in Las Vegas we were all exhausted .

Juliet : I am sooooo tired .

Justin : welcome to the life of tour

Juliet : justin if it's a life with you it's gonna be great , I am so happy I came .

Justin: definitely not as happy as all if us <3

Juliet: Awwww I love you baby (: .

Pattie:justin don't you have something to ask Juliet??

Justin : ummm yeah , since we haven't been on a official first date yet , I'm going to take you in one , tonight (:

Juliet : Awwww I'd love to.

He grabbed my hand and kissed me "I can't wait" he whispered .

We walked inside the airport to get our luggage , we all got ours except Jaxon and jazmyne . Then all of a sudden we see a princess suit case and an spider man one , that was definitely Theirs.

We all got our luggage and headed to our tour busses .

1 for me and justin

And 1 for pattie and the kids (:

Justin opened our tour bus door

After you he said

Juliet:awww what a gentlemen

Justin: let's got out our stuff in the room

Juliet : yeah let's go .

We walked in to this huge room , that you would not expect to see in a tour bus .

Juliet : this is a big bed

Justin : I did that in purpose he said winking at me .

He walked over to me and we started making out . He pushed in the bed and got on top of me , I ripped his shirt off and he started kissing my neck , in about three seconds we were naked , he slowly fingered me .

Juliet: ohhhh justin

The romance quickly ended when our tour bus door opened .

It was scooter , justin ran and closed our door and we got dressed fast .

Scooter : *knock* hey guys .

Once we were dressed just ran and whipped the door open .

Justin: scooter hey , what great timing you have ...

Scooter : oh .. Y'all - were um ..

I was so embarrassed , I hid my head in the pillow .

Justin : can we talk later

Scooter : yeah , see ya .

Justin shut the door and ran to me

Our lips smashed together like magnets and his tounge entered my mouth it was amazing , he slowly started undressing me but I stopped him .

Juliet : what do you think your doing .

Justin : I uhh ...

Juliet : I'm just joking , but we can't right now , I gotta get ready for tour date .

Justin : yeah babe , okay well I'm going to take a nap while you get ready .

I ran to the shower and got in and about ten minutes later I was out , I blow dried my hair and curled it . I walked to the sut case past the bed and justin was asleep . Good I wanted to suprise him with how I look. I opened my suit case and grabbed my short red dresss and slipped it on,I was finished and I looked sexy.

Juliet:justin wake up baby , you have to get ready too.

He slipped his eyes open .

Justin : damn baby , you look amazing .

Juliet : thanks (:

Justin : come here , he said like a whiny baby.

I walked over and he slowly and passionately kissed me ,

Justin: that was amazing .

Juliet : it was more than that .,

Justin : well I'm going to get ready .

So I walked to the room with tv and watched bad girls club once it was finished justin walked out . In a dark gray suit .

Juliet : baby you look perfect .

Justin : not as amazing as you

Awww let's go . He grabbed my hand and we walked out . I CANT WAIT <3

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