The perfect love

This is about to best friends who fall inlove . �� justin and Juliet . If you want to read about their amazing relationship ... Continue .


8. we need to talk.

What ??

Justin : I'm going on tour... I was back for a 3 week break ... I'm sorry , I just wanted you to not worry.

Juliet: so you rather I fall inlove with you and then you leave me ? Huh is that what you want ?

Justin: Juliet please don't be mad , and if you want you can come with me ?

Juliet : so you expect me to leave everything behind for you ? Ugh -just leave , I need to think.


Juliet : justin I need to think.

Justin:okay , call me baby?

Juliet:yeah .

Justin kissed me goodbye and walked out .

Should I go , or should I just stay.


I couldn't lose her . As soon as I walked out I teared up , I can't lose her . But it's her choice , and I trust her to make the right one .

As soon as I lay down my mom walked upstairs and open the door I knew what she was coming to talk about she knew how sad I was.

Pattie : bby it'll be ok ! She'll make the right choice . Now go to bed .

Justin : night

I texted Juliet and told her that I had to leave tomorrow for my tour she texted back saying I'm still thinking love you night baby.

The night went away fast I woke up and it was bright morning my mom came knocking on my door telling me to get ready it's 15 minutes until We leave.I was really afraid that Juliet would not come but mom said shed make the right choice moms are always right .right?

Jackson Jasmine and My mom and me walked out to the car.

Jaxon: I can't wait to get on the plane I love planes. Justin is Juliet going to be there??

Jasmyne: she should be because prince charm never leaves his princess all alone.

Justin: I hope . I really do .

my mom pulled out of the driveway I was losing hope that she would ever come but I had to keep my hope. we pulled into the airport parking lot and I didn't see any sign of Juliet. I was scared, scared to lose my Juliet.

We walked in the airport getting ready to get on flight 2162 Las Vegas.

We were all about to get on the plane until we heard a loud scared voice. "Justin Justin wait I'm here don't leave" it was my Juliet running to catch me . In an airport 😘😂 I couldn't believe it I smilde and almost cried she was here she chose me.

I dropped everything and we ran into each other , our lips smashed together , and we slowly pulled apart,

Justin:your sisters cool with it ,?

Juliet : as long as I visit and FaceTime her .

Justin & Juliet: I couldn't lose you .

Flight attendant : last call for flight 2162

Pattie : let's go love birds .

Me and justin held hands as we were walking in the plane .

Jaxon: Juliet , as soon as the plain lands we get our own tour bus .

Justin: yeah . We do . One for me and Juliet and one for the rest .💕

We all sat down in our seats and Jaxon and jasmyne sat with me , I was really excited .

This was going to be an adventure .

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