The perfect love

This is about to best friends who fall inlove . �� justin and Juliet . If you want to read about their amazing relationship ... Continue .


5. sing ?

I Ran to my car and headed towards the hospital

I got to the front desk and said

Jul: justin biebers room please

Room 236

I ran straight towards his room but no one would let me in, pattie hugged me While she was crying,

Pat: they are doing surgery on him.

Jul: tell me everything , is my baby ok?

Pat: last night he had a heart attack, and it's affecting his voice, he will be able to talk , but idk if he'll be able to sing. The surgery right now is suppose to help but it only works 1out of 8 times.

Jul: at least my baby and your son is still here .

We sat in the hospital chairs and I dozed off

2 hrs later

A doctor walked out of the room

Doctor : pattie

Pattie: yess!!

Doctor : your sons surgery went great. He can try to sing in 2 hours but if his voice sounds really crack then that means he's --uh done singing, but you can take hi home now ,

Justin: he guys

Me and pattie ran up to him and hugged him , I pulled out and we both leaned in for a kiss , it was super soft because I didn't want to cause him pain.

Pattie:look guys , I have to go to work.. So Juliet is going to take you him and take care of you, and the kids are at their grandparents .

Jus and jul:okay .

We walked to my red jeep and got in .

He immediately held my hand ,

Justin: I missed you so much baby,

Jul:I missed you to cutie.

I drove to Justin's house and parked the car . He unbuckled and reached across and grabbed my check


I leaned in so fast , wondering why he even asked ,

Out lips smashed into each other's and we gripped each other's necks , he slid down and started sucking on my neck ,. Leaving a beautiful hickey.

We both pulled away and he looked at me and smiled


Jus:that hickey means your mine, that's mine , all of you is mine.

Jul:I was already yours .

We walked in the house and I started making soup for us , all of a sudden there were arms around my waist , I turned and smashed my lips in to his both of us inserting out tounges . He laid me on the counter and started kissing me all over he pulled my shirt off and I pulled his to reveal his abs , as soon as he started unbuttoning my pants we smelt something burning

Jul: the soup I said and I jumped up.

We both redressed and at our soup ,

Justin: he tomorrow Chaz and Ryan are throwing a huge bash and we can swim in their pool.

Jul: ok we are def going because they always throw the best parties .

We finished our soup and walked to his room where we cuddle up and started watching the notebook,

I started getting really tired and justin started singing fall to put me asleep.

Right then my eyes flung open and I jumped up

Jul: babe you just sang !! You can sing it worked !!! We both pulled out our phone and told pattie she was soooo happy,

I clamped down and laid on his chest and matched my heart beat with his , and then drifted off to sleep.

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