The perfect love

This is about to best friends who fall inlove . �� justin and Juliet . If you want to read about their amazing relationship ... Continue .


6. shopping~{:

I woke up ontop of justin with a blanket . Pattie must have put it on us . I got up slow trying not to wake justin.

Justin:bby stay .. He said with a puppy face

Jul:I'm going to take a shower bby Karla's coming over because she wants to hang with us while your moms at work.

Justin:bby I wanna cudd-

He couldn't finished his sentence before the doorbell rang , I ran and answered it , it was Karla .. She looked at me with a weird expression .

Jul:what's up ??

Karla:let's go sit and talk .

Me Karla and justin sat down as she pulled out her phone and looked something up on twitter.

Justin: what's on twitter ?

Jul: yeah what ?

Karla : Selena tweeted this "@justinbieber :how's you skank? Haha your just going to use her and throw her out like everyone else"

Justin: Goddamn , bby you know that's not true right ?

Jul: yeah ..

Justin:then why are you tearing up

Karla: because she's being bullied justin.

Just then Karla got a call and had to go babysit, and I ran upstairs and got in the shower.

Justin:I'm getting in with you babe.

Jul:okay bb.

We hopped in the shower and made out , for a while (:

We got out and dried off .

We are going shopping for outfits for the party.

I put on high wasted shorts , a blue crop too and Oreos.

Justin wore supras black pants and a white v neck.

We ran out and got in his car , we pulled in the mall.

He came to my side and grabbed my hand. We walked in .

Justin: so you need a new bikini and a cute outfit right ? And btw you aren't paying,

Jul: okay , can we go to wet seal?

We got to wet seal and I asked justin what bathing suit he thought would look cute on me .

And we both ended up picking the red strapless one with gold studs.

Jul: ohh I like that outfit on the wall.

I couldn't reach it though , so all of a sudden he picked me up and I almost had it in my hand when we both fell laughing .

Justin: aww babe your laugh is perfect ,(:

Jul : thanks sexy .

Clerk: I can get that off the wall for you , ok?

Jul: okay .

She handed it down to me and justin paid for my clothes and we walked out .

We got home and we laid down and cuddled to take a nap before this late night party.

Justin:I'll wake you up in 4 hours ,beautiful.

Jul:ok bby.

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