The perfect love

This is about to best friends who fall inlove . �� justin and Juliet . If you want to read about their amazing relationship ... Continue .


7. partyyy{:

Justin:wakeup baby

He said jumping up and down on the bed

Juliet : it's been 4 hours already ?!

Justin : yeah babe. Let's get ready

I jumped up and started undressing , to change .

Justin : damn bae look at dat ass

Juliet:Awwww thanks bby.

Justin : your going to look sexy , in the clothes we bought

I walked close to him and he pulled me close and started kissing my neck , and slowly slid his hand down my pants , and started fingering me. I moaned loud , and suddenly I heard pattie coming up the stairs and we quickly stopped.

Justin: we will finish this later

He said winking .

*30 mins later *

Justin : babe , let's go

Juliet : okaiii

We held hands and walked to his car .

We pulled into Chaz's driveway and it was already packed with people, we walked in and looked at everyone, some people were in the pool and some were just dancing . and of couse justin started pulling me to the pool so he could see me in a bikini .

As we were walking through the crowd of people I noticed Selena .

Juliet : God damn , of course she would be here. Justin look. Selena's here .

Justin; babe don't worry we will be together the whole time anyway

We got in to the pool and he started splashing me and we died laughing .

Chaz: here's some beer . Time to get drunk!!

Even though I was sure he already was .

We both drank up and went to the dance floor.

I told justin I was going to the bathroom and that I would meet him on the dance floor.


I was on the floor waiting for Juliet and Selena walks up and started grinding on me I pushed her away fast but it was too late Juliet already saw it and ran off crying.

Juliet's Point Of View

I ran home and locked my door and cried into my pillow . {does that stupid bitch have to ruin everything } all if a sudden there was a knock on my bed room door

Justin : let me in babe , it's not what you think .

Juliet: No just run back to that stupid hoe.

Just then he broke the lick and came in.

Juliet : your going to wake Karla up

Justin : idc I have to make things right .

He started singing all that matters to me and he explained everything to me . I was so happy that he didn't do anything .

I fell asleep on his chest .

I woke up the next morning and justin looked exhausted laying beside me .

Juliet:you don't look like you slept at all

Justin:I didn't . I uh- need to talk to you .

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