The perfect love

This is about to best friends who fall inlove . �� justin and Juliet . If you want to read about their amazing relationship ... Continue .


3. I love you <3

We got to the daycare that was taking care if jazmyn and Jaxon. Justin and I walked in with our hands intertwined. We asked the owner for jazmyn and jaxon.

Owner: are those your children , you guys look like great parents .

Juliet : oh no! I said blushing , it's his brother and sister .

Owner: oh dear. I am sorry.

Jazmyn and Jacob cam running out screaming our name . They were just like my own siblings.

Jazmyn: are you to boyfriend and girlfriend ?

Justin : how did you know ?

Jazmyn: because you look at her like Prince Charming looks at Cinderella .

Justin: or how Romeo looks at Juliet , he said winking at me <3

Juliet:I mouthed I love you and he mouthed it back (:

I picked up the kids and we walked out . When we got home they were asleep . I walked them upstairs and justin followed , I laid them down and tucked them in.

I turned around and justin was smiling .

Juliet: what ?!

Justin: your going to be a great mom

Juliet: of your children.<3

Tonight we had to part , I had to go home to Karla because she was worried, I kissed just goodbye and hugged pattie , I walked in the house and already missed him.

Karla : heyy .! How's the lovely couple. Justin's a sexy one .

Juliet: and He's also mine... So don't get any ideas.

Karla: whatever , I'm going to bed .

I went up stairs and laid down , as soon as I did my phone buzzed .

Text from juju<3 ~ hey babe, I already miss you, this bed is to big for me . Miss you beautiful. Night (:

I texted back a long sweet message and drifted to sleep.<3

Then I woke up to my phone buzzing it was 4:09 am , it was pattie .

Hey is everything okay pattie .

Justin's in the hospital ...

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