The perfect love

This is about to best friends who fall inlove . �� justin and Juliet . If you want to read about their amazing relationship ... Continue .


2. good morning (:

*Next morning *

Justin: Good morning baby he said in his deep raspy tone.

Juliet: did you tell your mom we are together??

Justin: yeah, she's super excited (:

Juliet: I told my sister , she's okay with it .

Just as I said that justin bent down and kissed me, roughly . He slid his tounge in my mouth and pushed me against the bed . I pulled away because I wasn't ready .

Justin: did I do something , he said with sad eyes .

Juliet : no , it was perfect , I just want to save sex for a special Time.

Justin: your right , shower? With me ? .. No sex just pure us time.

Juliet: of course.

We went in the bathroom and started undressing . He took his shirt off and revealed. His abs , I couldn't help but stare.

Justin: like what you see.??

Juliet: um... I just.. ( I blushed and hid my head) it's okay baby , justin said. I can't help but stare at you either .

( we got in the shower and made out , but that was it , but it was still amazing )

Justin: can I take you too breakfast??

Juliet : yeah , babe ... Waffle House ???


*we walked in Waffle House and I noticed Selena , Justin's ex. *

She started walking towards us .

Selena: hey justinnn<3 she said as she rubbed his arm.

Justin: I have a girlfriend . Stop.

Selena : what ? That little ugly skank. She's horrible , you actually like her ... Like do you not see how just ugly she is .??

I ran to Justin's car crying .

Justin : shutup Selena . She's perfect , your just jealous because you aren't her, so just leave .

I was sitting there crying when justin opened up the passenger seat door , justin : baby, ignore her ... Your absolultley perfect , in every way possible , and obviously she's not or else I would still be with her . Babe.. Look at me. (And as soon as I did he leaned in and so did I ) our lips slammed into each other's , he gripped me check and I held onto his neck , we pulled apart laughing , because we had just made out in front of Waffle House. He walked to his side , and got in . I looked out the window and saw Selena staring angrily....she saw us kiss. I looked down because her glare was just scary .

Justin: babe , it's okay . We have to go get Jacob and jazmyn(Justin's little siblings) from day care.

Okay. I said .

Jus:Babe..... YOUR MY JULIET . Don't forget it.


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