The perfect love

This is about to best friends who fall inlove . �� justin and Juliet . If you want to read about their amazing relationship ... Continue .


12. concert .

Juliet : baby wake up I wanna hang out before you have to leave me for your concert .

Justin: I'm awake sweety , do you want breakfast?

Juliet : yess, pancakes and bacon ?

Justin: I'm on it , I'll call the chef , he has his own tour bus .

*phone call*

Justin: hey , Collins can you make us pancakes and bacon , oh and some eggs .

Collins: yeah be over in a few .

Justin: so babe , you can either hang out in the crowd or backstage , or vip at my concert.

Juliet: I'm just going to move around .. I can't pick .

*15 mins later*


Justin: I got it .

He walked to the door and got our food.

Justin: thanks man.

He shut the door and walked to the bed .

Justin: breakfast in bed for the beautiful girl .

Juliet: why thank you handsome I said as I leaned in and kissed him.

We pulled away

Justin: we almost got rough enough for me to drop the breakfast lmao.

We ate our breakfast an enjoyed each others company ,.

Justin: Ryan is coming to hang out before the concert, so we got about to hours alone .

Juliet : then can we cuddle for 2 hours .?

Justin: of course babe .

I layed on his chest and drifted off to sleep.

*2 hours later . *

Ryan was here and justin and him must have thought I was asleep because they started talking about me .

Ryan : you really do love her don't you?

Justin: with all of my heart , she means everything .

Ryan: well if she means that much then you probably want her at your concert , so wake her up.

I closed my eyes as justin walked over to me.

He kissed my forehead softly

Justin: baby wake up.

I opened my eyes and smiled and leaned up and kissed him.

Juliet: Ryan!!! I ran to him and hugged him, (I am friends with all of Justin's friends cause I've been his bff for a long time)

Ryan : hey Juliet !!

Justin: hey go get ready baby , we are leaving in 10 mins.

I went to the bathroom and changed my clothes , I put on a purple t-shirt and shorts with gold vans .

Juliet : baby I'm ready .

Justin/Ryan : let's go .

We pulled up to the arena and went back stage and me and justin went into his dressing room and layed down on the couch,and justin layed ontop of me and started kissing me .

I moaned softly , Juliet : justin, you have to perform soon..

Justin: so are you saying you don't want it he whispered sexily In My ear as he rubbed his length on my clit through my pants.

Juliet : trust me I do ..

Scooter : um, justin ...

We pulled apart so fast , it wasn't even funny.

Justin: knock maybe ?

Scooter : sorry man , but show starts now .

Justin kissed me and ran off , I started walking through the crowd to get to the VIP box , just for his family and friends when a fan talked to me .

Girl: you need to back off from justin.

Juliet : I know you guys love him and I'm sorry but there's enough of him right ?

Then these other fans stepped up to stand up for me .

Girls : Leave Juliet alone , real beliebers would be happy for justin so your a fake one .

I turned and thanked the nice fans and went to my VIP box

That hurt , but it was nice to know I had some beliebers in my side . I jammed with pattie during the whole concert and went and met justin in his dressing room when he was done.

Justin: are you ready to go babe ?

Juliet : yeah I'm sleepy .

He grabbed my hand and we walked to his car .

Justin: what's wrong .

Juliet : nothing , just sleepy ( lying )

Justin: okay sweety let's go .

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