The perfect love

This is about to best friends who fall inlove . �� justin and Juliet . If you want to read about their amazing relationship ... Continue .


10. 1st date . <3

Juliet : so where are we going baby ?

Justin: it's a suprise sweet heart .

He walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist , I hoped he wouldn't let go.

Juliet : i wish I could bottle this up and save it .

Justin:save what ?

Juliet : our love .

Justin: it will be here forever , don't worry sweetheart , let's go.

We walked to the car and he opened the door for me .

Juliet : what a gentlemen (;

Justin : I can be a lot of things (;

Juliet : lol , your such a sexy flirt .

Justin : your sexy (; , now let's go.

He shut the door and ran to his side .

~ we have been driving for about an hour when we pulled into a five star restuaruant called the mariachi grill.

Juliet :babe , are you serious ... This is amazing .

Justin: the best for you babe (;

He came to my door and pulled it open

Justin: ready babe ? Oh and I got us a private room to eat so fans or paparazzi won't bother us(:

Juliet : thanks babe .

He grabbed my hand and we walked in together.

Waiter: welcome justin , follow us to your table

We followed him to our table and I sat Down and justin pushed my seat it and sat down .

Waiter : what would you like to drink ?

Juliet : water with lemon please

Justin : sweetea sir .

Waiter : I'll be right back with those , meanwhile here are your menus and are special is lemon flounder .

He walked out and me and justin died laughing .

Juliet : seriously , lemon flounder ...his accent is so weird .

Justin; I know right , I tried not to laugh , and babe after this lets go walking on the beach .

Juliet : how romantic (;

Juliet : so what do you want to get to eat , I want whatever you want .

Justin: sooo I get to pick ..... Um how bout steaks ?? With spaghetti?

Juliet : yessssssssssss! I love that .

The waiter came back in and we ordered our steaks and pasta .

Justin : babe this is so good .

Juliet : you made an amazing choice <3

Justin: when I picked you , yeah I know .

Juliet : awwww<3 but I meant the food .

Justin: I know sweetheart .

He leaned across the table and kissed my forehead .

Juliet : I love you sooo much .

Justin: I love you more .

Juliet : not possible .

Justin: yes .

Juliet : no.

Justin: how about we love each other the Same <3

Juliet : fine , I'll live with that .

We both laughed and stopped eating .

Juliet : I'm sooo full.

Justin: me too , waiter !! Check please ?

Waiter : yes sir .

He brought us the check and justin paid . We stood up and headed to the car. Justin opened my door for me and picked me up bridal style and put me In. Then he hopped in on his side and buckled up.

Juliet : when's your first concert ?

Justin: tomorrow night . I'm excited . Are you ?

Juliet : Ofcourse , last time I saw you in concert was like 3 years ago.

We drove and pulled into a parking space , so we could walk on the beach .

He came to my side and opened my door , we both took off our shoes to walk in the sand .

We held hands and started walking and talking .

Juliet : babe what if the beliebers hate me ??

Justin: babe , they won't hate you ... The real ones at least .

Juliet : okay , as long as you say so .

Justin looked down and typed something on his phone .

All of a sudden my phone buzzed .

I was tagged in a tweet . Justin tweeted "@juliet_123: walking on the beach with my baby <3 "

Justin: did you see it babe .

Juliet : yessssssssssss , I walked over to him and we slowly leaned in for a kiss , it was passionate and amazing . Then we slowly pulled apart.

He ran in front of me and started drawing in the sand .

I walked over to see what it was and he wrote " j+j =forever and always "

We were smiling so hard . Then our phones buzzed and we looked at them , me and justin were tagged in a tweet by Selena , "@justinbieber @juliet_123: eww , really justin you could do better "

I was really sad until I saw what justin tweeted back "@selena Gomez:get a life & there's no one better for me than her .

I looked up and we both started smiling .

Justin : ready to go babe ?

Juliet : yah

Justin : you know your perfect right ?

Juliet : only when I'm with you .

We got in the car and drove back to the tour bus . This by far was the perfect date .<3

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