A Love-Hate Relationship (One Direction Fan Fic)

Lilly Christopher is obsessed with One Direction. She's in love with Harry Styles. While driving to a 1D concert, her car breaks down. Well guess who's there to pick her up? The one and only, One Direction. What happens after the concert when she has to hide out with them until the paparazzi goes away? A difficult love triangle forms. She loves him. He loves a different girl. And a different band member loves her. Relationships will be tested. Friendships will reach their climax.


5. Let Your Imagination Soar

I tapped my fingers on my legs as I leaned my head against the cold glass of the window. Does Mom hate me now? What about Riley? I bet he thinks I’m a terrible person for leaving him back there in that awkward position. What if-


“Want to go out for some coffee?” Hannah asked, interrupting my thoughts.


“Uhh… yeah sure. I could use a little coffee break.” I faintly smiled.


I leaned forward a bit and turned up the music. It was One Direction, of course, duh! Eventually on the long drive to the coffee shop, I started to doze off. I tried with all my might to keep them open, but it was no use; they were too heavy for me, and I quickly fell asleep.



I looked across from me to see Louis standing there, eyeing me carefully. I touched the side of my head and felt hot liquid. Blood. I groaned. “What...happened…?”


He laughed and shook his head, his eyes still holding concern, concern for me? “Thank God you’re okay. You’ve been laying there just staring me f about,” he checked his watch, “10 minutes or so.”


I looked around and noticed I was laying on a red couch, Louis face was just a few inches away from mine. I could practically taste his fresh minty breath. “How...how did this happen…?” I managed to ask him.


“I’m an idiot. I was opening my car door, I didn’t see anyone, well, I didn’t see you, and I hit you with my door. Hard. I swear I didn’t mean to. I just,” he brought a hand up and cupped my face, his thumb slowly stroked my cheek, “can’t stand to see such a beautiful girl get hurt, especially from me. I’m terribly sorry.”


Louis Tomlinson just called me, an ordinary girl, beautiful. I thought the blood was drained from my head, but instead it came rushing up, making my cheeks pink. Then I cringed at the pain his hand was giving me. I was probably going to have a bruise there. I slowly starting talking once I could find my voice again. “Thanks...I guess. But one question…”  


“What is it?”He took his hand off my face.


“Where...where am I?”


He smiled at me. “You’re at my house. I felt terrible about hitting you, so I put you in the back of my car.”


“So...you kidnapped me…?” I asked with a slight smirk growing on my face.


His face turned as red as the couch. “I, uh, well… I mean… You know… I just thought… You might want to… I… uh…” He couldn’t figure out what to say, and I found that extremely cute.


I laughed. “Oh stop trying to explain yourself. I was only kidding. What you did was very sweet.”


He gave me his million dollar smile. “Good. You sound like you’re getting better already. How do you feel?


I thought for a moment, deciding what I should say in order to “flirt” with him; but of course I’m terrible at flirting. It doesn’t matter all that much though, I don’t really think he wants to flirt with a loser fangirl like me. So I decided to tell him the truth rather than flirt with him. “I feel better every time I smile.”


He grinned. “Then I know how to make you smile even more?”


Uhh...what did he just say? Was that flirting? Or am I imagining things? “And hows that?”


Before I could say anything else his lips smashed onto mine, and within seconds I was kissing back, and we went into a makeout session. His lips were so soft, and I almost felt like I was in paradise. Kissing him was relaxing. I felt like I was on the beach in a hammock reading a good romance novel with lemonade on the side. His hand that rested on my waist slightly pulled up my shirt he could caress my naked waist. I moaned in pleasure meant. I thought that Harry was the one I truly loved, but Louis was giving me goosebumps that I never imagined I would get.


He broke away from the kiss but left his face centimeters away from mine. I could feel his chest rise up and down with each heavy breath he took; I could feel his hot soft breath on my cheek. “Do you feel better now?”


I grinned. “Way better.”




“Uhh… Louis, what’s wrong with your voice, you kind of sound like…




I was woken up by Hannah shaking me. “Lilly! Get up, we’re here!”


I look around to see that I’m still buckled in a car, and we are parked in front of a little coffee shop. I groaned. “That was only a dream?”


Hannah laughed. “Good dream I presume? Well, too bad, it’s time to go get coffee, and some food. I’m starving.”

We got out of the car and headed into the shop. I ordered a simple hot chocolate with a muffin, Hannah ordered her own huge complicated drink. We sat down at a booth and started talking about the concert.


“You ready to go meet One Direction?” Hannah asked with a sparkle in her eyes.


I shrugged. “Yeah, I don’t know if we’ll meet them.”


“Ah, don’t say that. You know you want to meet them as much as I do.”


“Of course I want to meet them as much as you do! But it’s the point that I’m not going to get my hopes up because I know that I am the last girl that they would ever want to meet.”


“Don’t say that, Lilly. You’re beautiful, funny, nice, sweet, and just generally a fun person to hang out with. I don’t know what I would do without you. And if one of those five amazing guys met my awesome best friend, there would be an epic love involved. I’m dead serious.”


“Ha. Except for Niall.”


She choked on her drink. “Yes. Niall is off the list. He’s mine.”


I laughed. “Of course. Besides, we all know Harry is mine.” We both laughed and were caught up on our own thoughts about how the concert will go. Will I actually meet One Direction? What about meeting Harry specifically?


“Hey Lil’?” Hannah asked.


“What’s up?”


“We are going to meet One Direction. One way or another. I promise you.”


“But I-”


She put a finger to my lips. “Just let loose. Let your imagination soar.”


I smiled. I will remember those words.



A/N Sorry this chapter is super duper short! I was having writer's block. But I have everything figured out now. I promise you guys I will update as soon as possible. Like or leave me a comment to tell me how I'm doing or what I can fix to make it better. It will help me a lot. I love you all!(:

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