A Love-Hate Relationship (One Direction Fan Fic)

Lilly Christopher is obsessed with One Direction. She's in love with Harry Styles. While driving to a 1D concert, her car breaks down. Well guess who's there to pick her up? The one and only, One Direction. What happens after the concert when she has to hide out with them until the paparazzi goes away? A difficult love triangle forms. She loves him. He loves a different girl. And a different band member loves her. Relationships will be tested. Friendships will reach their climax.


10. Just A Simple Bus Ride

I sat there dumbstruck. What was I supposed to do with One Direction right in front of me? I went to move my hair behind my ear, and I realized I was sweating a little bit. Oh my god. I'm such an embarrassment.

"So, Lilly, is it? Why don't you come play cards with us?"

I looked over at the table and saw Zayn grinning at me. OH MY GOD. SUCH A KILLER SMILE.

My throat clumped up, and I couldn't get out a single word. I shrugged and walked over to the table they were all sitting at.

"Ugh, don't let her play. She's just some stupid fangirl who's lucky she's even on this bus." Harry mumbled.

My chest tightened. Did he seriously just call me stupid? He has no heart. But he's still freaking gorgeous. I took a deep breath in and finally found my voice. "Yeah, Harry's right, I'll just go sit over-"

"No." Niall shook his head. "Technically you are our guest, and Harry here, is just being an arse. Come sit next to me." He smiled.

I hesitated. This is One Direction for crying out loud. What if this is a dream? What if I wake up and realize that this was all fake? What if I wake up and see I'm home and my mom is there, yelling at me? What if-

"Uh... are you just going to stand there and stare? Take a picture, I hear they last longer." Niall said, pulling me out of my thoughts. 

I walked towards him, and he made just a little of room for me to sit next to him on the booth. I smiled and sat down between him and Zayn. As soon as I sat down though, Harry slammed his cards down and left the table.

"Right now we are just playing goldfish." Liam said. "But clueless Zayn over there needs a little help playing, would you mind helping him?"

I grinned like an idiot. "Not at all."

I scooted closer over to him and looked at his cards. Playing goldfish is simple. How could smart and sexy Zayne possibly need MY help? "Are you sure you need help playing? I mean, goldfish is quite simple if you ask me." I wispered so only he could hear. 

He chuckled lightly. "Nah. I know how to play, love. I just wanted you closer to me." He blushed slightly.

I froze. I think even my heart might've stopped. I looked at him, and by the smirk on his face, I could tell I was blushing furiously.

I scooted over, making some space between Zayne and I. I looked over at Harry's cards face down on the table where he left them. I picked them up and decided to play instead of helping Zayn.

These cards kind of smelt like Harry; a spicy and clean kind of cologne. Quit it, Lilly. You're being weird. Don't be weird in front of these guys. Even though your love isn't here...

"Lilly, did you even hear me?" I looked at him, caught off guard, and shook my head. He just laughed. "You space out a lot, don't you? I asked you if you had a 5."

I looked down at my hand. "Well, shoot." I handed him the two 5's I had. 

"Yipee!" Niall jumped with joy.

"Seriously?" Zayne rolled his eyes.

"Seriously." Niall said, giving each of us a toothy grin. "Look what I got." He laid down the cards he had, and we all groaned. He had won.

"Well, shit Niall, how'd you win?" Louis lounged back on the other side of the booth.

Niall shrugged. "I'm just a natural winner; either you got it or you don't." At that, I giggled. He looked at me and I could see amusement shine in his eyes, and something else..?

I shook my head and looked away. It was only then I noticed that all four guys were staring at me. "Uh, what's wrong? Do I have something on my face? Oh my gosh, I do don't I?" I started wiping my face all over. "Where is it? Is it-"

"Lilly, calm down. There's nothing on your face, love." Zayn put his hand on my shoulder. "We just never met such a cool and collected girl like you."

I laughed out loud. "Cool and collected? Me? You guys just met me."

Niall smiled at me. "Sure, we just met you, but you seem kind of fun. Maybe we could-"

Harry stormed in from behind the curtain. "No. No no no. A thousand times no. We are not going to have some crazy fan stay with us. No. I will not allow it."

Niall looked shocked at this. "Dude, chill. I was just going to see if she and one friend wanted to come back stage with us."

Harry was red with fury. "No. You know how I feel about that stuff. I-"

"No." This time it was Liam speaking. 

"See? Liam agrees with me, we-"

"Harry, I was saying no to you. Lilly is pretty cool, and her and one of her friends backstage won't be too much of a hassel."

I just shook my head. "No, Harry is right. You guys have been so nice letting me ride with you to the concert, it just would be way too much."

This time Zayne spoke up. "No Lilly. You deserve it. After this little simple bus ride, it would be fun to have you there backstage too." He smiled.

I slowly nodded. "Okay, sure, whatever. It's up to you guys either way; I don't care."

Simple bus ride?


Just a simple bus ride.


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