A Love-Hate Relationship (One Direction Fan Fic)

Lilly Christopher is obsessed with One Direction. She's in love with Harry Styles. While driving to a 1D concert, her car breaks down. Well guess who's there to pick her up? The one and only, One Direction. What happens after the concert when she has to hide out with them until the paparazzi goes away? A difficult love triangle forms. She loves him. He loves a different girl. And a different band member loves her. Relationships will be tested. Friendships will reach their climax.


9. AUTHORS NOTE(Please read)

Hey everybody. Sorry about another stinkin aothers note, but I want to tell all ya'll that I probably won't be posting for a couple of days, I'm going on vacation to DisneyWorld. Sorry about all this, I'm not even that for into it. But I promise that I will try to post as soon as possible. I have everything planned out now, no more writers' block. THANK GOD. But I love you all! And thanks for sticking around for all of this. I'm starting to really truly enjoy writing this.(Not that I didn't already) 




Have a good day.







<3 (:

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