A Love-Hate Relationship (One Direction Fan Fic)

Lilly Christopher is obsessed with One Direction. She's in love with Harry Styles. While driving to a 1D concert, her car breaks down. Well guess who's there to pick her up? The one and only, One Direction. What happens after the concert when she has to hide out with them until the paparazzi goes away? A difficult love triangle forms. She loves him. He loves a different girl. And a different band member loves her. Relationships will be tested. Friendships will reach their climax.


1. Author's Note (Please Read)

***Hey guysss. Sorry that I'm all mumbo jumbo with my movellas lately. I've been super busy and sick the last couple of days. Ughhh...

But anyways, I know what you guys are thinking. Really DancerbyHeart? Another movella you aren't going to finish? I might as well not read this.

Wrong! This story is actually for a project in school, so I pretty much have to finish it.(Not that I wouldn't want to anyways..;)) But I have a feeling that this one will be pretty good.(Not trying to be "all that" or anything) But trust me on this, once this movella is finished, I will be finishing my other ones before starting any new ones. I promise.

But I do loovveeee One Direction, and this will be great to write about for me. I'm going to try to update every two days or so, so make sure you keep up. (Hopefully I keep up too!;))

Even though this is a story for school, it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to have perfect grammar, punctuation, plot line, etc. So try to not criticize me too much! But I do enjoy helpful tips, comments, or hints below!:)

Lastly, but certainly not least, I just want to say I love all you guys out there, and hope you'll enjoy reading this movella as much as I enjoy writing/typing it.:)



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