A Love-Hate Relationship (One Direction Fan Fic)

Lilly Christopher is obsessed with One Direction. She's in love with Harry Styles. While driving to a 1D concert, her car breaks down. Well guess who's there to pick her up? The one and only, One Direction. What happens after the concert when she has to hide out with them until the paparazzi goes away? A difficult love triangle forms. She loves him. He loves a different girl. And a different band member loves her. Relationships will be tested. Friendships will reach their climax.


2. A Summer to Change

I lean my head on my elbow, finding a comfortable position, and my eyes slowly close as I listen to the teacher continue his lecture about World War 2 in his lame, monotone voice.

I drift on into slumber, dreaming about my one and only love, One Direction. Harry and I making out, then Niall giving me a back massage, Louis-


My eyes shot open and my head snapped up all in one second. My vision came into focus, and I saw Mr.Dawson giving me one of his special glares with a ruler in his hand. “Sleeping during class again, Ms.Christopher?”

I felt everyone’s eyes on me, just staring with blank expressions. “I, uh, well…”

“At least have the decency to not drool on my desk.” I wipe my mouth with my jacket sleeve and notice that indeed, I drooled. Some people snickered, while others giggled, and I could feel all my blood rise to my cheeks. “Back to where I was, before I was rudely interrupted.” He shoots me another glare before walking to the front of the classroom.

I shrunk down in my seat, my face as red as a tomato. I actually drooled? I thought. During class? Ugh. I’m such a loser. I glance at the clock. Two minutes until summer officially starts. I can’t wait to get out of this hell hole.

I look over to my friend Hannah and find her staring at me and smiling like a fool. She mouths some words to me that I can oddly figure out what she’s trying to tell me: This summer we will meet One Direction.

I nod eagerly in agreement, and at that same moment, the bell rings, dismissing school for the next 3 months or so. Thank god.

I gather up my things and meet up with Hannah. But before I can slip out of the classroom, Mr.Dawson calls me back into the classroom.

Hannah gets a step closer to me and whispers in my ear, “Text me when you get out.” Then she proceeds to leave the classroom, leaving me alone with the teacher.

I cautiously walk towards his desk where he was sitting, looking at some papers. “Wh-what did ya want sir?”

He sighs and looks up at me. “You have a really bad sleeping habit in my class, young lady. I have a feeling that I should contact your parents and tell them about this. I was giving a very important speech today; what if we had a pop quiz tomorrow over it? What would you have done then?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “Nothing.”


“Yeah, nothing, because we don’t have school tomorrow, it’s summer break.”

“And if we did have school tomorrow?”

“Then maybe I would have studied.”

He narrowed his eyes at me. “Maybe?”

“Yes maybe, because it would be the last two days of school and we shouldn’t be learning anything more. It all just crams into my head and hurts my brain.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“I don’t see how it all could be crammed in your head with that small brain of yours.”

My eyes widened. “Excuse me?”

“Did I stutter?”

“You’re unbelievable,” I started raising my voice louder and louder with each word, “how are you even a teacher? I’ve never heard a teacher say that to ANY student. Never! If it weren’t the last day of school I would be reporting you to the principle.”

“If it weren’t the last day of school we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

I just shook my head and stormed out of his classroom without saying another word.

I walked down the hall to my locker, and was shocked to see Drake, one of the hottest guys in school, at my locker, waiting for me. It was sad that I didn’t like him though.

“Hey, Lilly.” He said in his charming low voice; it just didn’t affect me though.

I smiled. “Hi Drake! What’s up?”

He gazed at me for a couple of seconds, letting me stare deeply in his beautiful baby blue eyes. This must be how he gets all the girls. That made me like him even less.

“Oh, actually, I was waiting for you to get out.”

I have to admit, I did blush a little. I mean, come on, hottest guy in school, right here in front of me. “Oh really? And why’s that?”

“I was wondering if you’re free tomorrow night. We could hang out at my place.” He grinned, showing off his perfectly white teeth.

I laughed. “Hang out? At your place? As if.”

He looked shocked at my response, but quickly got back into character. He reached for a strand of my hair in front of my face and put it behind my ear, letting his hand linger for a couple of seconds. “You know, we could just get to know each other better. Nothing more. And FYI, I find it a turn on when girls drool, especially sexy girls.”

I just stared at him. Why is he still trying? Everyone knows that I won’t date anyone else except for One Direction. “Um, thanks, but no thanks. I’m not interested.” I stated awkwardly.

He gave me an are-you-crazy? look. “Don’t tell me. Are you the girl that will only date One Direction?”

“Yup,” I said, popping the ‘P’.

He burst out laughing. “You, Miss Lilly, are crazy. Not one of those gay guys from that stupid band will want to date you.”

Anger boiled up inside of me and I couldn’t stop myself from slapping him straight across the face. I shoved him away from my locker and quickly got my stuff out and walked away from Drake without looking back.

I texted Hannah:

To Hannah<3: Hey gurll. Got away from the freak of a teacher. Gotta tell ya somethin too. You wanna hang?

Seconds later my phone vibrated:

From Hannah<3: Uh duh! We also hav 2 go get tickets to the 1D concert this summer.

I texted back:

To Hannah<3: Its r tradition. And ill be over in a few.

I slid my phone into my back pocket and walked to my car. Once I got in, I started the engine and looked into the mirror. I saw my ugly brown eyes and pale skin. I wonder if this summer I’ll get prettier. I can meet One Direction, marry Harry Styles, have three kids, and live happily ever after… Ha! If only. But maybe this will be a summer to change.

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