He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


12. Traveling

A/N: Hey guys! Since finals are this week for me here's 2 chapters in 1 since I will be studying a lot and have not a lot of time to write this week. But don't worry I have all the chapters pre-written…..lol. Enjoy!!!


Morgan's POV: I'm awakened by the loud ringing of my phone. I groan and yank it from the charger and read the screen. Blocked. I think its Jessie and I answer it. Wrong.

"Is this Morgan Watts?"

"Yes?" I answer to the unfamiliar voice on the other line

"Hi, were part of a management that is very well known, and we know that you have gone to cosmotogly school recently and are going to one for your freshmen in college?" I get out of my bed and I know this call is going to end well.

"Good to know, and yes that has happened."

"Well we have seen some of your work on hair, and we are interested in having you come down and maybe potentially fill an empty job?"

I wish they could see how happy I was. Wait a second. "This isn't a joke or anything?" I ask curiously trying to control my emotions right now.

"Nope, come to this address at 10 and we can see what you have. When you come to the studio just go to the back door and give your name." They hang up and I look at the clock.

I have 2 hours. TWO HOURS! Holy Shit. I rush into the shower and try to go my fastest. I don't want to be late to this new and potential job. 

I take my iron out and try my best to make my hair look wavy. After about 45 minutes of trying I stop and move on to my make up. I put more on that usual and pic out my clothes. I have no clue what to wear and whether if this is fancy or not. I get that its a job interview but I mean I'm styling hair the whole time.

I decide to go with someone that really describes me. I have about 30 minutes left and I grab a pre-made smoothie from the fridge and I'll brush my teeth in the car.

I feel like I have no time left and I'll be late so I grab a random flannel on the ground. Well we'll see how my appearance goes when they first see me. I grab my car keys and bag and race out the door and start my car getting directions.


Thank god, I have about 10 minutes to spare and I walk over to the back door and give them my name, and receiving a name tag on a lanyard.

"Morgan!" I hear my name yelled. I turn around and see an young man and woman smiling at me from acrros the way. I make my way over to them and I'm so happy I broke in these shoes.

I walk into a room and the man is wearing tan pants and a black collar shirt and the women is wearing black leather high heel boots, with ripped skinny jeans and a oversized muscle tstirt. Her hair is wavy and short but has a lavender tint to it. I'm in love with it.

"So Morgan, this is Paul and I'm Lou. We heard about you and your skill and we want to see what your made of. Follow us now."

I get up from the conference room and follow them through side door and into a room that looks like a warehouse. They switch the lights on and there are numerous stands and tables with fake heads and hair.

"This might seem weird and creepy, but this is how we will see your skill. Take as long as you like but these 10 head's hairstyles will see if you get the job. Style the hair." I smile and think that the next thing to happen is me- being kidnapped. I put my purse on the floor against the wall and walk over to the first table.


About an maybe 2 hours later I finish and they look pretty good. Paul and Lou walk around and look at what I've done. They both smile and tell me to walk back to the conference room with them.

"We really like you! You're young and skillful and that's exactly what we are looking for. I'm pretty sure no other company would offer you a job like this."

They hand me a pen and a contract. "This contract simply states that you will be working for us, and represent us. It's a paying job and all you have to do is show us your medical papers, license and pack your bags. It's a traveling job and you won't be working as an intern. Sign here please and fill out this form."

A traveling job? How far would we go? I'm pretty sure mom is okay with this but I mean still. Oh what the hell! I have nothing to lose! I fill out the paper and sign my full name on a line.

"Perfect!" Lou states. "And just to make sure, you're not a super crazy directioner are you?" Paul asks cautiously. I somewhat laugh "Nope."

Wait what?! Am I? Oh no please no.

"You're free to go" They both smile.

"Oh! Morgan!"Lou says before I exit. I turn around and wait for her response. "We're leaving on friday night. Pack a lot of clothes and money- we'll be leaving for 7 months!" She smiles.

I smile back, and honestly I wanna cry.


(Next(ish) chapter; still Morgan's POV)

I go home dazed and not know what to do. 7 freakin months!! That's a little insane. And I have a really big feeling that I'll be spending 7 months with One Direction. I have to remember that its just a job, I'm getting paid and I will become a better hair stylist. What I've always wanted.

I get out the suitcases again and literally take all my clothes out and start folding them deciding what to take. I have a lot of clothes, but I still want to buy more. I have about 4 days till we leave in those days I have to find my passport, get packed, show them my medical papers, and tell my mom how some random famous people found me and offered me to travel around the world with them, but doing something I love. 

I groan and I'm gonna have to tell her sooner or later, might as well now. 

"Mom!" I yell. I buried and surrounded in clothes. She comes into my room and starts laughing at me. 

"You don't go to college until August, thats 3 months." I start to lightly laugh. 

"Actually, change of plans I'm working for a famous group right now and we're leaving for 7 months on friday!" I say with a huge smile on my face, trying to get her to change her answer. I know its going to be no, but I still signed that contract. 

"Oh, Morgan, thats funny. But we'll see."

"Mom, I'm serious! I met with them today and signed a contract and everything. Here are the papers, they said they would contact the college and tell them everything what happened." I try to say with the same enthusiasm.  She actually gets the point and she looks beyond mad. Oops.


Harry's POV:

I knew Morgan would get the job its just I'm not sure if she actually did. 

"So um, that new girl get the job?" I ask Lou who was working on Niall's hair, in about an hour we had a follow up interview about the award show from a couple nights ago. 

"Morgan! Oh ya, I'm so excited for her to come with us on the tour, I think she's excited too. She's flying with us to Europe on friday." She tells us. 

"Great, can't wait." I say smiling and getting up to get something to drink. This is going to be actually great. Maybe I can figure out why she stopped talking to me. And maybe some other things about here. 


I end up falling asleep and Paul is carrying me cause we're late and I'm too tired to get up. This schedule we have right now is pretty crazy and we get about 3 hours of sleep each night, on a good one, 5 hours. 

We arrive 15 minutes later and the whole building is crowded with fans. We put our sunglasses on and finally get past them and get into our positions. 

It was like a normal interview, except we talked about the upcoming tour and more about Briana and I. I don't really wanna do this, whole wedding thing. I'm too young and I'm trying to post pone it as much as possible. 

I want to see Morgan one last time before we leave even though she's coming with us. And I need to say bye to Briana cause I won't be seeing her for the next half a year. 


Morgan's POV:

"Are you serious?!" My mom yells. I was afraid of this. I get up and walk towards her. I grab her hand and I need her to say yes.

"Mom, this is what I have wanted. You know that too, ever since I was like 10 or something, you know I wanted to be famous or good at something, and it gets harder with you guys worshipping Briana. They offered me money and I'm doing something I love. Relax, I can do this and so can you. I'll call you and hopefully visit, and basically its just like going to college." I finish my speech with a smile. Her eyes get watery and I don't want her to cry, cause I'm not really good at making people feel better. 

She nods. I smile back and hug her really hard. 

"What do you need before you leave?" I rant on about everything and she listens and writes it down like she's a therapist or something.

I have a lot of money saved up already but I would like more in case. She faxes over my medical papers to Paul and Lou and I've already shown them my license. 

"Here's some money if you need anything before you leave, there's another suitcase in the closet downstairs and in Briana's room there's a lot of cash under her bed, take 3/4 of it and I'm pretty sure you'll be good." I smile and thank my mom over and over again. 


"Tyler! Guess what?" I whisper/yell into the phone.

"What?" He asks with a boring attitude. 

"I'm working with a new company and I'm leaving or 7 months! It might not sound good to you but I need to see you before we leave." I say into the phone.

"Ahh, sounds good to me, tomorrow we'll go to the beach. And much more." His tone changes and he smirks into the phone. I laugh and remember something about the beach. Oh no. Jessie. 

I hangup on Tyler and immediately dial her number. She answers on the first ring and she sounds mad at me. I mean I would be mad at myself if I was her.

"Finally decide to tell me you aren't coming huh?" 

"Jessie I'm so sorry, some stuff came up about my new job and I've been really busy." She huffs into the phone. 

"Whatever, just spill." She knows me so well. About 30 minutes later, she knows everything and how I might be with Harry for the next 7 months. She laughs at me and my bad luck and I realize that I can't ignore him, when he's right there next to me for the next half year. 

"Jessie, I'm gonna be with him for a long time, I'm gonna have to talk to him." I say rubbing my forehead.

"That's how life goes honey. It sucks. Trust me. Well we are hanging out on thursday no matter what, cause Tyler is probably gonna wanna see ya before you leave and maybe do something other stuff." She says. I fake barf into the phone. She laughs at me. 

"God! I am not doing anything dirty with him! I don't really like him that way. At first he was just there to help me get over Harry, now he's more. Nothing else!" She laughs into the phone and we both say goodbye and hangup. This is going to be a long week and I'm so excited and nervous. 


A/N: Hey guys, enjoy the this chapter and hopefully I can post the other chapters soon! The pic of the clothes is what Morgan wore in to the interview. Bye!


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