He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


15. Talking about me?

Harry's POV:

"Liam, Niall I need your help" I groan as I fall onto the bed. 

"What mate?" Niall asks stuffing his face full of food. 

"That girl- Morgan? Ya I've fallen really hard for her. And I need a plan to get her back." I say looking at the ceiling. I need a plan to get her back, I want her back. 

"Uh one small thing Harry- you're freakin' engaged!" Liam says louder. I get off the bed and look at him; "You don't think I know that?!" I yell back. I start pacing around the room trying to think of something. 7 months. 

"Was that the girl at the mall that one time? When we did the signings?" I nod to his question. 

"Why her though?" he asks a follow up. I just want to know why she hates me know. Why we broke up. 

"Before and during the x-factor we dated, for a long time. Then all of a sudden we just ended."

"Well that's not awkward." Liam smirks. I give him a glare. I saw him sitting next to her today and making her laugh and smile. I know you Liam. 

"Ya, and Liam, you aren't allowed to date her. You can be friends but you can't date her." I say roughly.

"Says who?!" He asks getting up. Niall just watches while he eats his food. 

"First of all she has a boyfriend and sec-"

"Exactly! She has a boyfriend which means you can't date her." He interrupts me. 

I sit down and take a deep breath. 

"Liam, just please. Please don't. I really care about her." I say. His emotions change and he sits back down. 

"You guys she has a boyfriend, which means none of us should be trying to break her relationship- at all." Niall says. We both nod. 


Morgan's POV:

Why are they talking about me? They're in the room next to me, and for a fancy hotel these walls aren't that thick. 

But all I can hear is 3 of them are in there and I heard 'she has a boyfriend'.  I'm pretty sure they're talking about me since Lou is married and the rest are boys unless they have to say something. 

Do they like me? Speaking of boyfriends I hear my phone go off and the caller ID shows that its Tyler. I don't really want to talk to him. I'll just listen to the voicemail. 

I have to repack my bags since I shoved the last stuff in. I grab my bags and sit on the floor next to them and start to take everything out and putting them back in. 

A couple minutes later I hear a knock at my door and get it. It's Niall… again.

"I have no food in here."  I say laughing. I saw and heard how much he can eat, its kinda scary. 

"I actually am not hungry right now." He says smiling back. He has really pretty sea blue eyes and a great smile. But so does Tyler, and he has chocolate eyes. 

I move out of the way so he can come in too. Once he sees what I'm doing he starts laughing at me. "You know we're only staying tonight?" He asks

"Ya, its just I wanted to re-fold some of my clothes that I shoved in." He nods at my comment back. 

"Ohhh, so you're one of those people?" He asks and eyebrow raised. 

What's that supposed to mean? 

"Shut up!" I say and throw a shoe at him. He dodges it and tosses back in the bag. 

"Um Niall? Were, um you guys talking about me?" I ask him, his eyes go somewhat big and he swallows. I know he wants to lie to me. 

"Please don't lie." I tell him. 

"Ya" he says quietly and walks out of the room. I nod and close the door and change into my pajamas. Can't they just see I'm happy with Tyler.



I have no clue what time we are leaving so I woke up today, real early and got ready including my bags. I complete my outfit with my leather heels. 

"Time to go!" I hear someone yell outside of my room. I open the door and they take my bags and I double check one more time to see if I have everything. When I walk out the door, I'm scared to death by Harry.

"What the hell!?" He starts laughing. 

"Cut it out." I tell him walking to the elevator. 

"Morgan, I just want to be friends. We're gonna be around each other for a long time, and I don't want it to be awkward. Friends?" He says sweetly. That's real funny. 

"Should have said that a long time ago." I mutter and walk out of the elevator and quickly to the bus. 

When I get inside its like a normal bus except with bunk beds into the sides and couches and 2  tv's. 

"Okay boys! And Lou and Morgan, we have an interview later today, so we need to be at the studio in 4 hours. In the interview, you are not to talk a lot about your personal life, and make sure to promote the tour. Harry, do not let out any details of the wedding, and ust say you're happy and can't wait to be married. Okay?" Paul says to all of us. They all nod and I do too. I didn't know they were controlled what to say. 


A/N: Hey guys, so in the next chapter I'm gonna skip two months in advance, just to get to the main part of the story and all so if some things have changed just remember its 2 months later. Enjoy! Have a good summer if you're out.

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