He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


31. Realization

Morgan's POV: 

I was incredibly tired and I had to be there earlier than the boys. Me and Lou were leaving in 10 minutes together and that wouldn't give me time. My hair still held the curls from last night, and I touched up my makeup. I slipped on some white shorts and a purple loose v neck, along with a oversized grey sweater. 

I walked out of my room to see Lou holding a little girls hand. 

"Your daughter?" I asked her, kneeling down to the blonde little girl. 

"Yea my husband and Lux are here for a couple days; do you think you could help me?" I nod and take Lux in my arms as Lou grabs some equipment for the interview. 

We walked out of the hotel with bright lights in our faces and screams in our ears. The fans probably thought the boys were coming out soon. Insults and questions were thrown at us, and people can be really rude sometimes. I held Lux tighter in my arms as she buried her face into me, trying to escape all the flashes. 

15  minutes later we were at the studio and the boys were already there. 

"What the hell happened Lou?!" a manager asks her, raising his voice. 

"Damn fans! Wouldn't even move from the car!" She explains. I look over to see the boys playing with Lux. 

"Um, Zayn, Harry! Over here!" Lou said taking command over all hair and makeup. 

Harry hurried over to my chair and sat down, smiling at me. 

"You would be a good mother. I saw you with Lux earlier today." He whispers as I start to style, wet and comb his hair. 

"Thanks." I say trying to end the subject. I mean I wanted to be, but only with Harry. And it made me sad that that would never happen. 

"Did you take your medicine?" He asks. I nod to his question while blow drying his hair. 

"Even the green ones? I know you hate those." He says, worrying. I turn off the dryer and look at him. 

"Yes, even the green ones. Now stop worrying about me." I scold the curly haired boy. 

"You covered them, the love bites on your neck. Why?" He asked quietly, sadness in his voice. 

"Cause, people are going to think things, I mean, yours are pretty visible." I say pointing at his neck. He quickly reaches out his arm and wipes the spots where the marks are. I groan at his action and take some makeup and brush some on his neck, hiding hints of what happened last night. 

"Please, don't rub the makeup." he winks at me and walks away as Liam comes at sits in the chair. I swipe some of the makeup over my neck, covering everything again. 

"So how'd go?" Liam asks like a child. His smirk and facial features give my answer away. 

"Oh, you already know!" I say slapping his shoulder. He laughs and I quickly style his hair as some people are coming up to him and applying subtle makeup. 

"I hate all this." 

"What? Doing something you love everyday?" I say laughing at my question. 

"No...all the makeup and clothes and them telling us what we can't or can say. It gets really annoying after a while." 

"Sorry, but just tell someone that then. Oh and you're done." I say smiling. He nods at walks away, sitting on the couch next to all the boys in front of a camera and across from an interviewer. 

I hear my phone go off and pull it out of my pocket looking at the new message. 

Hey brat, what size dress are you, I'm trying to pick out bridesmaid dresses.

Wow, this is actually happening. I send her back a text out of hatred for this whole thing and watch the boys. 


Harry's POV:

I occasionally look over at Morgan sitting on the couch on the side of all of this. She takes out her phone and rolls her eyes, quickly responding and throwing it down. 

She ties her hair up, being careful of not taking the makeup off her neck. Why is she so embarrassed by it? She loves me and I love her, why does she have to hide it? I mean I'm only doing it for her but if I could I would break off this marriage and immediately marry her. 

"So, Harry, how is you and Briana doing? Do you guys have a date yet for the wedding?" The interviewer brings me back with her question. 

"Everything fantastic and I can't wait to get married. We don't have a specific date, but hopefully after the tour so everything can be perfect and not rushed." I tell her. 

"Well, just don't forget to invite us!" She laughs, I laugh with her and stop as she asks the boys other questions. I feel my phone buzz and carefully hide it behind Louis' back, looking at the text message. 

Ugh its from Briana.

Hey babe, remember you need to find suits for all your guys. I have 8 bridesmaids so make sure you have 8, with tuxs and everything. The color is lavender and silver so the ties have to be matching.

This is most likely what Morgan was rolling her eyes about. I don't reply and put the phone back into my pocket. The wedding is getting closer and Briana wants to get married earlier for some reason so I guess these things are getting more important.

We end a couple minutes later and Morgan instantly gets up and walks over to me. 

"Do you know what you're getting into?" She whispers at me. I know it was with this whole wedding thing but Morgan talking to me about it was awkward. 

"No, not really." I sigh pushing back the curls. 

"Exactly! You'll have a baby in the first few months you get married, you'll have to come home to her, and give her lots of money; and I'll just be your sister-in-law...nothing else." Her eyes became glossy at the realization. I didn't love Briana as much as I did when we were dating in the beginning. Morgan was right. I couldn't be married to her. 

"Ya..you're right." I say and kiss her really quickly. I run away in the other direction as she looks at me. She looks so cute when she's mad. But I do have to do something about this wedding. 


We arrive back at the hotel later that night, after our show and I immediately call Briana hoping she answers. 


"Yea, its me. Listen I have to talk to you."

"Ya sure baby, what is it?" she asks me. 

"I can't marry you." I say coming out clean. She laughs lightly into the phone. 

"Oh you're funny. I have our venue, flowers, food and dresses, you're cute when you try and joke around." She says shuffling into the back ground. 

"I'm not joking. Briana I'm serious." I say sitting on my bed. 

"Harold Styles, I have put too much time and money into this. You are not quitting on me now and we are getting married!" She yells into the phone, hanging up on me. 

Great. This is great. She booked it and everything. She has the dresses, food, flowers and a baby. I have to find another. 


Morgan's POV:

I hear my phone go off and look at it, accepting the Skype call from whoever. Briana appears on my screen and I groan. 

"What do you want?" 

"Harry, just called me and said he didn't want to get married, what did you do?!" She screams into the phone. 

"Noth-" she interrupts me and gasps. 

"He's cheating on me! With you! I knew your little romance with him wasn't over! Morgan, you just wait. You can't do nothing about this wedding you little bitch." she sneers into the phone and shuts it off. 

I groan and fall onto my bed. I totally know she is going to do whatever she can that will totally crush me. And she knows exactly how. 


A/N: Hey guys, short chapter today, but I'll update tomorrow!

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