He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


21. Pictures

A/N: Sorry this chapter is kinda short! I'll update tomorrow or later today!


Morgan's POV:

I want to punch myself or something for saying that to him. Of course I wanted to kiss him! But I couldn't. Once I say those words his face drops like mine and he gets us a ride and gets in. He doesn't speak to me and faces straight forward and on his phone. I lean my head against the window and think about everything. 

Today was filled with laughing and I know Harry more. It was great getting to know the boy I loved years ago. He hasn't changed much, he's still a dork, but he's a cute, kind, thoughtful dork. The kind of person everyone wants, the kind of person I want and the one that Briana has. 

First, lunch and then we go to sightseeing and shopping and eat at an amazing place and I had to ruin it. But he's getting married. That's my excuse. It wasn't my fault; it was his. He was the one that wanted to kiss me. I did the right thing and backed away. No, he wanted to kiss me for a reason and Briana doesn't control me. I should have. 

I swipe through the pictures of today, and these are crazy pictures that not everyone can even imagine. Pictures of the sky and historic places that I thought would be boring because of the text books in school. 

I stop on one particular picture from today. Me and Harry. We're both smiling and the back ground is perfect. He's beautiful and flawless. I feel a tear fall down and this is not like me at all. Even in general to cry, and honestly I don't know why I'm crying. 

I'm coming to you. You will be mine. We still love each other. I don't have to look at who sent it to know who it is. I simply shut off my phone and look back out at the beautiful views that we pass.


Harry's POV:

I look over at her and even though she is hiding her face with her hair I can see she's crying. She's silent but her reflection in the window shows me her emotions. Was it about me?

I hear her phone go off and she looks down at it and I can see her eyes are turning a light pink from crying. She doesn't how any emotion and shuts it off and looks back outside.

Did I do something? Or say say something? We come back to the hotel and it's empty. I pay the driver and she gets out, slamming the door and jogs back inside. I sigh and pull my jacket closer to me blocking some of the wind.

I get on our floor and she's no where in sight. I walk over to my room and hear my name being called.

"Harry!" I turn around and see Paul along with some other managers. I walk over to them and they ask to talk to me privately. I walk into a hotel room and see Morgan I here to and sit down in a chair next to her.

"What the hell is this?!" He asks showing me pictures. It's me and Morgan. Shit. They show me more pictures and there of us laughing, smiling, eating, holding hands and more. I look at her an she looks embarrassed.

"I just spent the day with her." I say casually. This is going to cause drama but if that's what it means to be with her, who cares?

"It was nothing, 2 people just having lunch." She says with her voice shaky.

"Uh huh. That's not what the world is going to think. Harry you're getting married soon! This probably makes management want to have you guys get married right now!"

When he says that I see Morgan shift in her seat.

"No! We have no time with the tour and everything!" I say, my voice raising. 

"Harry, and Morgan, you need to be careful. This is public now so just be careful? There's going to be more drama around you too than there needs to be" What's that supposed to mean? She agrees and walks out of the room. I start to get up to and they give me an eye. 

"Privately too Harry." They can't do that. Control my love life. Its impossible. 

I walk over to her room and give myself a little pep talk before I see her. 

I extend my fist to knock on her door and she opens it swiftly before I could. It was like she knew I was here or something. I lean forward smashing my lips on hers and walking forward pushing her into her room. I hold the lower part of her back so she doesn't fall as I'm kissing her. For the first few seconds she just falls into my arms but then kiss back, weaving her small arms around my neck, trying to get closer to me. I want the same as I hold her tighter, wanting to be as close as possible to her. 

I push the door closed with my foot creating less chances for more 'drama'. Her lips are soft and they're exactly want I want. She pulls away and looks into my eyes. 

Before she speaks I cut her off. 

"You'd be lying if you didn't feel anything in that kiss. If don't want me then tell me. Tell me you never want me to kiss you again. Make you feel like the only girl in the world. Love you so much it hurts. Tell me you don't want me to lay with you when you're sad or hug you when you're happy. Tell me that you don't want to spend the rest of your life with me. Tell me that this wasn't fate. Tell me that you never want this." I say with her close to my face.

I search her face quickly trying to look for anything to her answer. 

She starts to talk but struggles. She steps closer and looks me in the eye and then looks at my lips. 

"I can't." 

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