He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


16. People suck

Harry's POV:

It's amazing. Seeing thousands of people screaming our name. The energy running through my body is unstoppable. I never thought I would be here today and even better because I'm with my best friends. 

"Thank you everyone, we love you." I say into the microphone giving Louis the cue to end the concert.    "Goodnight Italy! We love you!" Louis screams, and we all run off stage. The fans are still screaming like crazy and walking through the door are some more fans. Back stage passes I guess.  We all get up and they walk up to us speechless. Appearantly its literally backstage. We usually have them in another room.   

"Sorry boys, were running behind schedule so you're gonna have to do the meet and greets here right now."    There's 3 girls and they hug each of us and we take a few pictures. We probably smell disgusting and I'm sweating from being on stage.

They leave and we all sit on the couches and wait until we have to leave. Niall and Liam eating while Zayn is sleeping while me and Louis are watching some show.   

Morgan's watching the show with us after we were no longer on it. She gets up and walks to the food table and someone calls her. She smiles when she answers and I know its Tyler. Yay. He's coming in a few days for a week and its most likely going to be pure torture. I've enjoyed having her alone for the last 2 months. We've become closer friends but that's not what I want. I will gladly dump her annoying, bratty, self-centered sister for her any day.   

Zayn wakes up and yells something at her, earning a shut up after. I laugh and him and I watch her as she talks on the phone and her face drops along with her emotions. Somethings wrong.   

"Does this necklace mean anything to you?!"  She yells into the phone. He's breaking up with her? Am I happy?    I can see and hear her crying and she stops for a second and takes a deep breathe "Whatever! I knew this relationship wasn't gonna work out." she yells into the phone and hangs up running out of the room.  We all look up at each other and right at this moment Paul says we have to go. I wave him off and walk through the halls looking for her. 


Morgan's POV: It's totally crazy how these girls are head over heels for these 5 idiots. I literally can't see why. Well actually they are somewhat attractive, funny and good at singing. Okay maybe I can see why.   

"Goodnight Italy! We love you!" Louis screams into the microphone and the boys run off the stage and into the back.   

I'm sitting on the couch watching them on the tv in front of me. I get off the couch knowing the boys will sit on me if I don't move.   

We've gotten pretty close in the 2 months and it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would.   

I walk over to the table stacked with food and grab some chips when my phone starts ringing. Tyler's name pops up on the screen and I smile. I've missed him so much and he told me he's coming in a week, when we go to France.   

I answer the phone and walk away a little. 

"Hey babe" I say.  

"Hey Morgan, I um ne-"  

"I'm so excited to see you in a few days!" I smile into the phone.   

"Awwww! Look Morgan's blushing!" Zayn yells putting all the attention on me.   

"Most likely talking to Tyler" Louis says   

"Shut up!" I yell sarcastically  

"Morgan, I need to talk to you. This is serious."  

"Ya, what is it?" I say walking farther, but still in the room.   

"So I'm just gonna be honest, this isn't working. I'm sorry. Bye." He says. What?! My vision getting blurry. Warm tears slowly fall down my face.  

"Does this necklace mean anything to you?!" I yell into the phone. 

I feel all the boy's eyes on me, I turn around completely, facing the wall.  

"Why? Be honest" He sighs into the phone. I can't believe it. My stomach hurts and the tears fall faster.   

"I met someone here, in college. And it's hard with you not bei-"  

"Whatever! I knew this relationship wasn't gonna work out." I yell into the phone.   

I run out of the room and across the hall, trying to get away from everyone. I feel my lungs getting tighter and I've cried so much its hard to breathe. My mascara is all over my face and I'm in the corner of a room.   

Why?! What did I do wrong?! I wasn't the one that cheated with five attractive boys and he did. But the thing is I actually wanted to be with him. 

I look at my phone to see a new message from Tyler saying he's sorry and all that bullshit. I get up and turn on the lights. I'm in a bathroom, fantastic. I get up and look in the mirror. I lean back down and grab my phone and throw it as hard as I can at the wall. It smashes into pieces and I step on the little worthless pieces with my shoes. I take off the necklace with his initial and hold it in my hand, ready to smash that too. I loved him so much. But apparently he didn't love me.   

"Ughh, people suck!"   

"Tell me about it." I turn around and Harry is standing in the doorway. He's probably the last one I want to talk to.   

"Morgan, I know that he wasn't the one you wanted to live with and be in love with." He says getting closer. I stay in my place and I probably look like a phsyco killer.   

He grabs me by my arms and pulls me into a tight embrace.   


Harry's POV:  

I pull her into a tight embrace in my arms and at first she fights back to get out, and then stops and just stands there.   

"But I do know, when you're angry you like to be hugged really tight." She cries into my chest harder gets closer. I look down at our feet and see the necklace that he gave her, on the floor. I move my feet and put pressure on the necklace, making the necklace crack and break.   

"Why?" She looks up at me. 

"I have no clue, but he has no clue what he's missing." I tell her. She looks up at me and I smile back at her, and kiss her forehead. God I miss her. And love her.   

"I don't know how he could let go of someone who is funny, smart, talented, beautiful, and so much more." She hugs me back. My stomach feels weird, I've never had this feeling hugging Briana or going on stage. I like it.  "Common lets go." I say. She nods and I wipe away the tears on her face. We walk out of the bathroom and it probably looks like I'm the one that cheated.   

The bus is loaded and everyone stares as me and Morgan get on the bus. I give everyone a glare and they back off.  

"Hey Morgan, can I talk to you?" Liam asks her.  She nods and walks over with Liam. He asks her something and I get closer, without them seeing. 

"I'm sorry Liam, but I have feelings for someone else.

"Who? Is it still him?   


Morgan's POV:

"I'm sorry Liam, but I have feelings for someone else." I tell Liam. He's a really sweet guy, but I literally just got out of a relationship and I have feelings for someone else. I just noticed it now and I can't believe I told someone. I'm still in love with him.

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