He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


11. New Job?

Morgan's POV:

I forgot about this picture...of me and Harry at the beach, when we were together. I remember everything too, and I mean everything until the day he said he was single in an interview.

He called like he did everyday but from then on I noticed that someone like him couldn't love another as much as singing and I couldn't take not seeing him for half a year. We've done the distance relationship thing for a while when he was on the X-Factor but it didn't feel right.

I toss the picture back onto my dresser and cover it up, not wanting to see it. I turn around and look at my messy room.

"It ain't gonna clean its self" I whisper to myself. I drag the suit cases and bags onto my bed and start unpacking already dreading all the clothes I have to put away.

I pull out all my hangers and start to hang up stuff when I see him waking through the halls. Why is he looking through our house? He could basically buy this house and probably an island still.


Around 3 hours later I finish and I'm starving. I get up and slip into the kitchen and see my mom getting dinner ready.

"Hey, Morie; I'm getting dinner ready and were eating outside. It'll be ready in about 20 minutes." She tells me. I hated the nickname she gave me, but I've had it since I was like 6 years old. I grab myself a water and walk back over to my room.

I go on my phone and get a message from Jessie. She wants to hang out tomorrow and I really need to get away from here. Which is basically Harry. I'm gonna be seeing him a lot more and I'm not ready for that, and no body knows we dated. My mom has met Harry before- when we dated but I think she forgot. From only a couple years ago......

We decide to go the beach tomorrow and I'm so excited. I absolutely love the beach and i haven't gone in forever.

I pull on a sweater over my dress and walk outside, regretting me closing the sort and walking towards satan and her devils.

Harry's POV:Briana "convinced" me to stay for dinner. We were sitting in there lit up back yard and across from me was an empty spot. I hear the door closing and turn around to see Morgan walking over here. At least something good is happening since I'm staying.

It's awkward staring at Morgan with her dad catching me. It's like he knows I want Morgan than Briana. He's a smart guy; for thinking that. Dinner ends what seems like days after and I saw goodnight to them and take our dishes in. I see Morgan washing and drying other dishes and I help her.

Silence. That's all it is. I finish before he does and I say my final good byes. I walk to the kitchen one last time and approach Morgan and quickly kids her cheek. "See you later" I whisper to her. She looks at me like she's gonna say something and turns back around, mad.

She looks so cute when she mad. Well not cute but hot in general. Walking out the house I think that even though I was going to be with Briana, doesn't mean I would see Morgan everyday. Briana would probably want to live somewhere far away from here. And I wanted to-needed too her sister. Briana's older than me by like 2 years but sure as hell doesn't look like it with all the makeup she wears.

I regret not being with Morgan and don't exactly why we broke up. I don't really think we actually did, we just stopped talking one day; she wouldn't answer my calls and the boys and management said I was getting distracted easily.

But I can handle it now? I go out on the front porch and pull out my phone, dialing a number and waiting for an answer.

"Hey, I have an amazing hair stylist that can accompany Lou. She went to school and everything." I go off to management and Lou on the other line. They give me there answer and I smile to myself pleased with their answer. Life just got a little better.

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