He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


22. Mistakes

Morgan's POV:

His face is taken over by a huge smile. I can't help but smile too, his smile is contagious. He brings me closer to him and lays a kiss on my forehead. Simple, but a gesture that made my heart speed go up. I love Harry Styles. And there's no hiding it. 

I entwine our hands together and just look at me. He's beautiful, flawless perfect. Inside and Out. 

"They're gonna think somethings going on." I say rolling my eyes. It's really annoying, I mean the picture of us holding hands was when we pulled each other into shops or something; but it looks like we are though. 

My face falls though when I think of something. 

"Whats wrong?" He asks pulling my chin up to look at him. 

"Briana." I whisper. Will she be sad? I know she will black mail me though and treat me like total shit, even more than now. 

"I'll fix it. Anything to be with you." I feel like their our butterflies in my stomach and Inod and hug him.

Its really late and I'm not really tired.

"You wanna watch a movie?" I ask trying to convince to stay. He nods and we rent a movie fro the tv. I've never heard of it but its funny and we're laughing in the first 5 minutes. 

I pull my head off his chest and look at him "Harry. We can't do this. You're getting married." I say looking at the screen still. I feel his body tense up underneath me. 

"Morgan, I will fix this. Honestly I don't want to spend my life with your sister. I'm sorry if I hurt her, but I want to do something I love and be with someone I love. I'll get it cleared up if its the last thing I do." He smiles and kisses my head again.

I still have that feeling of regret and sadness. I know Harry like the back of my hand I know what he says he'll keep true. But what if he can't? 

"Its getting late, and we're leaving tomorrow. And it looks like you have packing to do" He says walking to the door. I follow him and he turns around. 

"See you tomorrow." He kisses my lightly on the lips letting the kiss linger on me. I groan at his exit.  

He leaves and I turn around still in the moment until my eyes, look at the floor. Did I really live in this mess? 

I start to clean and fold my things. I have way more than I need and I probably should have bought another suitcase with as much of the stuff I have. I leave out some stuff for tomorrow morning and I hear we're leaving somewhat early. I take a shower and get into bed until I I hear something go off. I finally find my iPad underneath all the suitcases and bags; I look on the glowing screen and I'm getting a Skype call. 

I slide the button and see Briana on the screen. Ugh great. 

"Hey!" She says.

"Hi" I say, monotone.

"So how are you little sis?" 

"Um fine?"

"Thats great, but I feel like you are much better than usual."

"Why would yo say that?" I question drinking some water. She has a devious smile on her face. 

"Oh because of these." She says holding up all the pictures from today.

"Sounds like you had an amazing day with my fiancé." She says flipping through them.

I try to find air from choking on the water I spit back when she showed me the pictures. 

"Ya he's going to make a great father." She says smoothly. What the fuck?! Father?! She's pregnant?! She sees that I make the connection about her being a mom. And she's going to be a horrible one. 

"But don't tell him yet. Because if you do I have ways to make your life a living hell. Trust me. You have no clue what I'm capable of." she smiles before ending the call.

I feel the room getting hot and I run to the windows and open them and it doesn't help from the tears falling off my face. Why would he do that to me? He's sick. And I thought we were actually going to have a relationship together. 

I slide down the wall, and now I'm sobbing. Why? Can something go right for me?


Harry's POV:

I finally am happy and Morgan is. I pack my suitcase and Liam comes in. 

"Why did you plan all that?" I ask sitting up from my bed. 

"Eh, I mean I felt bad I guess; actually I didn't feel bad at all. But I think I found someone and I knew that you guys are meant for each other so I had to do something. It was bugging me how neither of you were making a move on each other." He says and I laugh. 

"Thanks mate" I say he nods and I try to think of how I can Briana that we're over, and even more, management. I mean I'm pretty sure Briana is capable of finding someone else. 


I wake up earlier than I wanted because of the fans screaming outside our window and hotel. I thought we were high enough but apparently not. Liam and Niall are already awake and having security take our bags. I quickly get dressed and find something to eat. I walk over to Morgan's room and I feel watched. I probably should get used to that now. 

I knock and no one answers. I know the bus is here so we can quickly get to our next venue as soon as possible.

"Um, I think she's already on the bus with Zayn and Louis." Niall tells me. I walk out and to the tour bus and I regret to having people with me. I'm bombarded with questions about Morgan and Briana and the same usual questions and insults thrown at me. 

I make it onto the bus and there she is sitting on one of the couches on her phone. I smile and walk over to her sitting next to her and I lace my fingers with hers. I look at her and she looks tired especially near the eyes. 

"Were you crying?" I ask quietly. 

She untangles our fingers and walks away. What did I do?

Before more people come on the bus I grab her wrist and pull her back and farther towards the back. I block her in front of me so she can't escape my questions. 

"What's wrong?" I ask searching for her attention.

"Harry, its just sometimes you find out things and they affect you and the people you love." She says coldly looking at me. 

"What do you mean by that?" I ask her. I have no clue what she means. 

She looks like she wants to something but holds back. 

"Its about Briana, she um nothing. She'll tell you sooner or later."

"Morgan! I already told I would fix this problem you need to trust me." I raise my voice and raising my hands trying to get this point through. 

"Dammit Harry I don't care about that anymore! There's bigger issues!" She yells back. 

"Like what?! What is possibly more important that us being tog-"

"Briana! She's freakin' pregnant!" She whisper yells. What? Pregnant? I don't remember anything about getting that way with her. Why?

"Morgan, I would ne-"

"Save it Harry! And now you have to marry her!" Her eyes water.

"Do you still want to be with me?" I croak.

"I need time to think." She pushes past me. 

Was I drunk or something? Is it even mine? I know she has relationship issues from past experiences with her. I want a DNA test because I would rather be with Morgan, but if this baby is mine then I can't. 


Morgan's POV:

Why is he acting stupid? I push past him and go near the front where more people are so he can't take me away again. This time I held in tears. I let out enough last time. I got no sleep at all and I'm crushed. And he's going to talk to about it to her and I have a feeling she is capable of hurting me in any possible. 


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