He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


19. I need time

Morgan's POV:

"Great job!" I high five the boys as they come back from finishing. 

"So um Briana, what did you think?" She maybe watched the show for about 5 minutes? Maybe less. She was constantly on her phone and going different places in the arena. 

"It was just…wow! Speechless!" She says straight back at me, basically sitting on Harry's lap. Ugh, disgusting. 

"Okay boys, so you have 2 days off including all stylists." Another manager says. God, its almost 3 months into the tour and I haven't gotten everyone's names down. Even though I don't like meeting new people, I will make myself since they might be giving me the money. It's way more than one of my summer jobs and I'm grateful for it. 

Smiles take the place on everyone's face, including mine. I can shop in Europe. That's pretty awesome. We all go back to the hotel and we don't have to be together as a group for 2 days so everyone can do what they want. 

Even though its really late Perrie wanted to go shopping and go out to dinner with me. When she asked I thought I was going to pee in my pants. I'm starting to warm up to her music and over all I would want her as a big sister. 

I hear footsteps in my room and without knowing who it was I start talking. 

"Do you know how long we're gonna be out?" I say rummaging through my messy, what's left of my suitcase. 

"Um, its Harry." My eyes go wide at his name and accent. I wasn't really planning on seeing him tonight, thinking Briana would be all over him. And I didn't really want to see him after the text I sent him. It was really big for me and I'm not sure if I regret it yet or not. 

"Oh, um hi." I say pushing some hair behind my ear. Am I nervous?

"So, I was wondering whether or not you got my text and I'm really confused, bec-cause I-"

"There you are! Comm'n Harry! We're going to get Chinese food at this really expensive place somewhere near here." The devil says while smacking her gum. He nods and waves and takes her hand and walk out. 

Does he really like her? Now I'm starting to regret the text. 

"Hey! You ready?" I hear the voice I want to hear. 

"Yea, Perrie; just give me a second." I say running around the room trying to find the right purse to go with my outfit. 

"You do know we could just buy one right?" I find it and grab my phone and we walk out the door. 

Since all the boys left, all the fans left. The humid air fit bare skin and I can already feel some of my mascara coming off. 

"So, where's Zayn?" I ask looking around to see any screaming girls.

"He's at some bar with Louis and Niall." She says rolling her eyes. I laugh at the way she rolled her eyes. 

"Speaking about boyfriends, I was told you have one too." She says bumping me on purpose and giggling. 

"Oh, um ya we broke up about 2 weeks ago." I tell her looking at my worn out shoes that scuff the ground. 

"I'm so sorry to hear about that, break ups are the worst trust me. But that means more shopping!" She squeals and pulls me into the nearest store. 


After shopping we go back to the hotel and the fans were bothering us too. I forgot that Perrie was famous too, so we just got room service. 

"Knock knock!" Zayn screams while pounding on the door.

"Okay, Zayn is really drunk and it looks like I'm going to go now. Really hope we can go shopping soon" 

I open the door to see Zayn leaning against the door frame. 

"Hey babyyyy" He slurs while talking to Perrie who's behind me.

"Okay, comm'n now. Lets get you cleaned up."

"No, no no lets get you undressed." I try to hold in my laugh and I see Perrie blush while she slaps his arm. They disappear and when I get back to my bed I get a text. 

Hey Morgan, I need you and I don't know what I was thinking when we broke up. I know you want to get back together, so lets just do it. I can still come and see you.

Ugh, Tyler. He wasn't drunk or high when he called me so there's no excuse. I immediately delete the message and I set my phone down. Harry got me a new phone after I broke mine earlier and he's been awkwardly nice around me. Briana is really lucky to have him. 

I'm all alone in this empty and messy room and I don't want to clean yet, we leave after they do their last show here which is in 2 days. The carpet goes in between my toes as I walk down the hall trying to find something to do to entertain me. I am defientaly not bothering Perrie and Zayn; and Louis and Niall are most likely drunk too. Which leaves me with Liam, great. I knock on the door to his room and he opens it seconds later. 

"Hi, um I was wondering if you wanted to watch a movie or something?" I ask him smiling. 

"Ya, of course." He opens the door more and I walk in observing the room. I forgot that Harry and Niall stayed in this room too. 

"Where's Niall and Louis?" I ask taking a seat on the floor. 

"Um I think they're still at the bar, and you can sit up here if you want." He tells me playing a movie. 

I get up and slowly walk over to the side of the bed and sit on top of the covers. 21 Jumpstreet plays and this is one of my favorite movies. 

About halfway into the movie I feel myself sliding down and I close my eyes, not caring where I was. 

"Why the hell is she in here?" I hear a deep voice. I open my eyes, to see that I'm still in Liam's room and a blanket is over me. I look around to see Harry arguing with Liam. I still pretend to be asleep as I feel my body being lifted from the bed and the cold air hits my tired body. I shiver and the person carrying me brings me closer, giving me warmth. I feel myself being laid down again and surrounded by the cold covers and warmth on my lips. Whoever this is just kissed me. Can something just go right for me?

Foot steps leave and I quickly open my eyes to see a long, thin person with dark curly hair and dark clothes. Harry. 


Harry's POV:

This place we're staying is small, so basically everywhere me and Briana go we see someone from our group. 

"Look Briana I need to tell you something, and of course you're not going to like it, but its how it is-"

"Oh wait! I'm getting a call from one of my managers." She looks at her phone and walks away from the table. This needs to change. I can't deal with this anymore. Knowing Briana, she probably doesn't miss me at all, like I could miss her. 

"Hey, so I leave later tonight so can we figure something out about this dinner thing? They are taking so long and I have to leave soon!" She complains. 

"Briana, I need you to listen to me; how do you think our relationship is working? Cause as much I want to be in this relationship, I don't think that it will work." 

"Harry, don't say that! I love you so much it hurts, and I think we can work this out. Or whatever this is that is separating us." she says looking at me. 

"Our careers you mean."

"Yes, so I think I have a solution, we just take off a lot of time and you can come and visit me and I'll come and visit you here and there. Or we can get married right now! Of course you can buy me the ring later but lets do it! Us getting married and starting a family!" Is she joking right now? I could end this relationship right now if management would allow me. 

I spit my drink back into the cup and take in what her 'solution' was. Haha very funny, a family with Briana? Sudden marriage? 

"I need time." I say wiping my mouth with a napkin. She rolls her eyes and we finish our food and she leaves to go back home.

I walk around before the streets become busy later in the night. I walk back to my room and open the door to see Liam sleeping and Morgan next to him. Bloody hell, is he stupid? 

"Seriously Liam? What the hell?" I whisper yell at him and point over at Morgan. 

"Calm down Mate! We were watching a movie and she fell asleep!" He explains. I wave him off and walk over to her and pick her up bridal style and carry her out of our room to hers. 

Thank god she left the door open because then she would have to stay with someone else. I put her back in bed and covered her body with the bed sheets. 

She looks so peaceful, and cute. No wrinkles take over her face and she's wearing no makeup. Absolutely beautiful. She starts moving and I have to leave before she wakes up. I start walking away and I turn around, my actions taking over my thoughts. I lean over and press a light kiss to her and walk away, hoping she remembers this moment right now. 

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