He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


8. Home

Harry's POV:

We are directed to a room filled with young people at their own tables filled with random make up and hair stuff. 

I walk over to a older person, with green highlights. I instantly think of the worst. But they won't let her die my hair. Niall sits next to me and the rest of the boys scattered around. A picture of my hair appears on a screen next to my face and the lady starts by putting hairspray all over my head and getting my face. I cough purposely and she apologizes as she keeps working. 


Morgan's POV:

"So this is like your first day or something?" He asks me. I nod nervously, and I think I'm nervous because its Liam Payne. Multiple people, I'm guessing the teachers or whatever you can them here, walk around and overlook your shoulder, writing on their clipboard. 

"Don't be. Just style my hair." He smiles. I smile back and look at the picture and grab a spray thing. I spray it in his hair and it falls on his forehead. I grab a brush and the hair drier and start. 


45 minutes later I finish and it took way longer than I expected. But I have to say his hair looks really good. I still have 10 minutes left, so I clean my station. 

"This is so cool." I accidentally speak my thoughts. He looks at me and I try to think of something to cover up my embarrassment. 

"Morgan." I am called to the front along with other people. I walk past everyone pulling my head down as I scurry past Harry. When I arrive in the group at the front everyone has confused faces on. 

"Get your stuff out of your rooms and leave." Is all she says and walks away from us. I am utterly confused and I don't know how to feel. My eyes get watery and I try my best to hold the tears. This was the one thing that I wanted, and actually got. 

I walk back to my station and grab my bag under the chair. 

"What'd they say?" He asks his accent is thick. 

"Um, I'm leaving. Have a good show tonight." I quickly say and walk out of the room. 


I throw all my stuff in my bags and put them in the carts. I roll it through the halls and I see other people collecting their stuff too. When I get to the front, I take out all my stuff and walk to the nearest bus stop. 

I wait there for an hour and if I sleep, I'm afraid someone will take my stuff. 

I see the cars with tinted windows roll onto the street and wonder which one of the many cars Harry is in. I didn't get to see the finished look, but all of them will look great. 


I finally get home and only Briana is there. Fantastic. 

"So finally realize, you're gonna be the boring one in the family?" She asks. I ignore her and she walks away but soon comes back. 

"Hey someone is coming tomorrow so I need you to actually look decent and presentable." She snaps as I roll my eyes. I carry my bags to my room and fall onto my bed hoping to get at least some sleep. 



Sorry guys i havent updated, my computer shattered so I had to get a new one and that took awhile...obviously. Next chapter coming by Saturday afternoon!

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