He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


9. Him

Morgans POV:

I wake up to hear loud noises. My mom rushes in and starts pulling clothes out of my closet.

"Morgan! Get up and get ready! Briana's friend is coming!" I groan in response and start the shower once she leaves.

I get out and start drying my hair and set up the curling iron. An hour later my hair and make up is done and I'm wearing a simple sundress and a pair of flip flops.

I walk out of my room to go get breakfast when I spot Briana next to someone.

"Morgan come over and meet Briana's friend" my mom says and waves me over. I walk over and notice everything- the curly brown hair, tan skin with tattoos.

Hell no.

"Actually me and" please don't say his name I beg in my head "me and Harry are actually more serious than you guys think."

I quickly look over at him and he gives off the smallest smile ever- no dimples showing at all.

She grabs his hand and he holds her hand. Disgusting, my Harry holding holds with my step sister. Well he's my Harry anymore.

"And how serious are you talking about?" My mom looks at my dad.

Briana looks over at Harry and he starts "I proposed to Briana last night and I wanted to ask her dad if that was okay." He says looking at me to. Vomit that's the only thing I can think off.

"No need for permission Harry! You have a great career and I believe that you can support her and your future family" Dad says. Okay I can't do this I immediately get up and walk out of the room.

I go into the kitchen and grab a glass of water when he walks in.

Are you seriously marrying that witch? I ask in my mind.

"Um where is the champagne?" He asks looking around.

"It's ten in the morning."

"I know but where is it. I don't want it they do." His accent is strong and I remember it exactly from about 2-3 years ago.

He steps towards me and I can smell the cologne he's wearing. The same cologne from what feels like forever ago.

"Where is it?" He asks. His breath has the smell of mint and I move to the side before I get even more distracted. I walk over to a cabinet and being out the champagne and glasses.

He grabs the glasses from my hand and I notice that he has new tattoos that liter his fingers and hands.

"Thanks Morgan" and he leaves. I let out a sigh and grab my keys hoping I can get away.

A/N: sorry this chapter might be short but WWAT starts today!!!!!! I'm watching the live stream! Are you guys? Enjoy the chapter

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