He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


37. Harry Styles

A/N: Hate to break it to you guys, but this is the last main update.... I am planning to do an epilogue and everything but this is it. I made it extra long for you guys, and sorry if you thought I was lazy and didn't want to write so I just ended it here. Thats not the case at all. I never planned for this to have a sequel...hope you read these notes. Enjoy reading this chapter and please comment your final thoughts. *** Oh and I will be writing another fanfic so please check that out on my account! 


Harry's POV:

Tomorrow is the day everything changes. Literally. We had our show earlier than usual letting us fly in to get ready for the wedding tomorrow. I haven't seen Morgan in 2 days and its getting to me. I don't want to promise myself to Briana, when directly behind her is the girl I really love. 

It's not fair to her and me, and Briana. She will never get the love from me that she deserves. The boys have planned something for my bachelor party but I'd rather be with Morgan or something. I've tried texting and calling her but she doesn't reply back and I know she's doing it on purpose.

"Harry! Um someone's on the phone for you!" Zayn yells throwing me my phone. I don't know the phone number but I'm only hoping its one person. 


Morgan's POV:

Harry has been trying to talk to me nonstop. Its driving me crazy. But I also feel weird that I haven't seen him in a couple of days. I see him everyday and I do miss him. But I won't when he becomes my brother-in-law. Or the father of my niece or nephew. 

"Ugh, you're always on your phone." Briana complains. I look back up at her to say a comeback but I can't. I see her in the dress. She looks gorgeous. As much as I hate her, she can pull off anything. Always better than me. The dress hugs her in every place, and is bigger near the bottom. Theres a sparkly belt around her waist. 

"What do you think? Please be honest." She looks back at me. Right now I can't hide the rude remarks, because she's probably been waiting for a dress like that and a guy like Harry for her entire life. 

I sigh and look at her again. 

"Its beautiful, it really is." I tell her, she smiles back at me and I go back to my phone, trying to stop the awkward moment. I'm not ready to walk down the aisle with Louis and see Harry waiting there for my stepsister. I want to do anything I possibly can to stop it, but I can't. I feel like Briana truly does love Harry. Well somewhat. But he deserves way more than her, and me. 

"Do want pizza? I'm going to order some." I ask. She looks at me with the most disgusted face I've ever seen. 

"Are you freaking serious Morgan! No! Two reasons I can't have pizza- I'm getting married tomorrow and I'm a model. God you just can't stop thinking about yourself can you?!" She flips out. 

I still dial the number and wait for someone to pick up. 

"Neither are you! You have a dress that fits perfectly and I don't need the zipper breaking tomorrow." she waves my phone in the air. She is unbelievable. She throws my phone back sat me and admires herself in the mirror. 

"What am I supposed to eat then?"

"Um, water and a salad? But I'm serious. I don't need my little sister ruining my perfect day." She snaps at me. She's only older than by 3 years. I get off the couch and try to find something to do.

Everyone's in the same hotel, except the boys are on the floor under us. I literally can't go outside because Briana will think I'm trying to leave or something and the fans are surrounding the entire hotel. You'd think since its almost midnight, they'd be gone but nope, they're still there, and screaming. I get a text saying Briana is going out with her friends. Can't have much fun since she's pregnant. But that probably won't get in her way. 

I go back to my room, and order room service, ignoring Briana's rant less than an hour ago. I end up watching some sappy movie and eating french fries. 


Harry's POV:

"Aww, my boy is finally getting married. I'm so proud of you." My mom quietly says, as she fixes my tie. I roll my eyes at her and look at the time. Less than one hour until it happens. 

"How'd they even let you in here?" I complain at her. 

"Oh for heavens sake I'm your mother!" She scolds me. 

"Okay, okay. You need to go. I'll see you later." I say pushing her out the door. Seconds later Louis comes in laughing. 

"You kicked your mum out?" He says trying to hide his laugh. I nod. 

"You that nervous?" He says asking seriously, sitting down in a chair. 

I swallow and respond, "Hell ya. I don't want this. What if the plan doesn't work? What if she doesn't want to marry me?" I say running my fingers through my hair, stressing out over all the possible outcomes. 

"She will! Relax, trust me. I've never seen anyone thats this in love with you...including the fans." Louis comforts me. I laugh with him and he leaves, leaving me to myself. 


Morgan's POV:

This morning was way too stressful for me. And this dress is tighter than I thought. I hate it, especially the color, and Briana made everyone wear push up bras, which makes me even more uncomfortable. 

In the next room are all the boys and down the hall is where the ceremony is. I don't know what everything looks like, but I imagine everything is perfect and in its place. I'm the first one to be finished and everyone's running around acting like their head's are chopped off. 

I quickly sneak out of the mess and walk over to the boys room. I'm not trying to get their attention or anything, I just want to see Harry one last time. I knock on the door and Niall opens it. 

"Wow...um Morgan, you look, beautiful." Niall says looking down. I smile and thank him and go in the room finding no Harry. 

"Is Harry here?" I whisper to Liam. He shakes his head. 

"He's in the room next to us." He says fiddling with his tie. I nod and look around at all of them. They are beyond handsome, and I can see why most fans go crazy over them. 

"Boys! Out, the lady needs a moment!" Liam yells. They all quickly walk out of the room after he yells at them, and shuts the door. I break out laughing. 

"A moment?" I ask smiling.

"All of us, can see you're not ready for this." He says looking me in the eye. 

"Yea... I'm not really. But nothing I can do about it." I sigh and try putting on my best smile. 

"Help me?" He asks pouting, and looking at his tie. 

I help him with his tie and and he smiles. 

"He really does love you. Always remember that." He whispers and kisses my cheek, walking out of the room. 

"Oh, and its time to go." He says nearing the door. He extends his arm and I take it but later latch on to Louis'. 

The music starts to play, and we get closer to the doors. My grip becomes tighter arounds Louis' arm and he looks at me and smiles. 

Its our turn and I look down the aisle to Harry. I can't do this. 


Harry's POV:

I look down and see Morgan. She's in the wrong dress. She should be wearing a white one. But even in the light purple one she looks amazing. Once she makes eye contact with me, she somewhat freezes and Louis notices, and somewhat pushes her, and holding her arm with both hands. She gets closer to me, but separates and stands in the line with the other girls. 

She looks up at me and its heartbreaking. I don't think I can stand this any longer. I turn around and right in front of me I see my bride. I now hate that word. 

Briana is in a huge dress, almost swallowing her but she does look pretty. Once she kisses her dad on the cheek, she quickly gets in front of me and takes my hands in hers. I lace my fingers in her's as the minister starts speaking. 

I try and zone out as much as possible until I hear its time to say the vows. She says hers first and then I go. 

"Briana, when I met you, you were beautiful. You were different than the others, and thats what made you stand out. I never thought we'd be here today, getting married. Buts thats all I can say, because I can't put my love for you into words." I say, trying to make them seem real. I hear everyone coo and aww along with Briana's eyes watering up. 

"Now, for the rings. Do you Briana Elle Watts take Harold Edward Styles to be your husband?" he asks her. 

"I do." She smiles at me. She squeezes my hands, and I want to throw them down. 

"Now, Harold Edward Styles do you take Briana Elle Watts to be your wife?" 

I look her in the eyes, "I don't, I can't." I say still looking at her. I hear everyone gasp around me and light talking. Its what I expected. 

"Excuse me?!" I hear her. I don't think she heard me. 

"Briana I can't. I don't love you like I used too. " I say dropping her hands. 

"You can't do this! I didn't lie about this baby, and more for you to reject me!" She whisper yells. 

"You lied?!" I ask her. I actually did think I was going to become a father, and actually I was pretty excited even though Briana was going to the mother. 

"Of course! Are you stupid! I'm a model for crying out loud! I can't just go around and wreck my body!" She screams. I step back and look around. Everyone's jaws are basically on the floor. She grunts and runs back down the aisle, along with some of her friends following her and family. I'm totally shocked. 

My plan is changing. But I can't stop it. I look at Morgan and she's as confused as I am. I run at her, and grab her hand, making her jerk and drop the flowers. 

"What are you doing?!" She asks loudly. I ignore her and keep running, pushing through doors until I reach the place I want. I set her down in a chair and tell her to stay there as I leave her. 

"Harry! Whats going on?!" She yells. I nod at the boys and they begin to sing, which shuts her right up. 

Can't count the years on one hand
That we've been together
I need the other one to hold you
Make you feel, make you feel better

It's not a walk in the park
To love each other
But when our fingers interlock,
Can't deny, can't deny you're worth it
'Cause after all this time I'm still into you

I should be over all the butterflies
But I'm into you (I'm into you)
And baby even on our worst nights
I'm into you (I'm into you)

Let 'em wonder how we got this far
'Cause I don't really need to wonder at all
Yeah, after all this time I'm still into you

Recount the night that
I first met your mother
And on the drive back to my house
I told you that, I told you that I loved ya

You felt the weight of the world
Fall off your shoulder
And to your favorite song
We sang along to the start of forever
And after all this time I'm still into you

I should be over all the butterflies
But I'm into you (I'm into you)
And baby even on our worst nights
I'm into you (I'm into you)
Let 'em wonder how we got this far
'Cause I don't really need to wonder at all
Yeah, after all this time I'm still into you

Some things just, some things just make sense
And one of those is you and I (Hey)
Some things just, some things just make sense
And even after all this time (Hey)

I'm into you, baby, not a day goes by
That I'm not into you

I should be over all the butterflies
But I'm into you (I'm into you)
And baby even on our worst nights
I'm into you (I'm into you)
Let 'em wonder how we got this far

'Cause I don't really need to wonder at all
Yeah, after all this time
I'm still into you
I'm still into you
I'm still into you. 

This is a different version than when Paramore sings it. Way different, as Niall finishes strumming, and Zayn stops singing. I don't know what Morgan's reaction is on her face. I quickly walk out and she's somewhat dazed, and some tears start falling. 


Morgan's POV:

I'm so confused. That's all I can register right now. Harry pulls me into a room and I sit in a chair as he disappears. Some lights turn on and focus on Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall, but no Harry. 

Niall starts playing guitar and by the chorus I know what song this is. Is this really happening though? My eyes start to burn near the end of the songs, and I can't help the tears that are streaming down my eyes. I wipe them away, but they keep coming, as I see Harry walking in my direction. I smile at him and he extends his fingers as they wipe away the present tears. He looks at me and kisses me on the cheek, and gets down on one knee. Oh my god. 

"Morgan, I just got out of a relationship, literally, but I'm ready for a new one. A relationship that I actually want. I can't get over you from the moment we stopped speaking 3 years ago to only 2 days ago before this. I noticed in the years and you being here everyday, that I can't live without you. And I won't. I love you with every fiber in me and I can only hope you feel the same. You make me want to be a better person. I want to be there with you through everything you go through. I know this is short but I'm only asking if you can let me go through everything with you, so I guess I'm really asking, will you marry me?" He says smiling and opening a box to show a small, but sparkly ring. I can't believe this. I really can't. My cheeks are wet this tears and my emotions as I try to respond. 

"Yes." I croak out, and nod. His eyes go big and he smiles slipping on the ring and picking me up, and kisses me. He swings me around and I laugh and look up noticing them clapping and cheering. I smile and laugh. I have never been this emotional in my life. I finally have something I want, and need. 

"I love you so much." He whispers into my ear. I kiss him again. 

"I love you too." 

"Comm'n lets get out of here." I laugh and he pulls me again, with his arm wrapped around his waist. We walk out of the door to see his mom and my mom looking at us. 

Harry's mom, Anne, rushes up to hug me and I hug her back. 

"He's been waiting for this, for you." She says to me quietly. I hug my mom and she tells me something "I never really liked her too. You are the one who deserves him." She smiles and kisses my cheek. She goes over to him and looks him straight in the eyes. 

"Don't you ever hurt her, if you do, don't even bother showing up in her life again." My mom says strictly. I try and hide a laugh and I give my mom a look. She hugs him and I hug him. I never thought I could be happier. 

"Comm'n theres a plane waiting for us." he whispers into my hair and kisses my head. He grabs my hand and we go out the back door.

I get to spend the rest of my life with the man I love, Harry Styles.




A/N: The song was 'Still Into You' by Paramore, (the lyrics are off from AZ Lyrics)....Enjoy it? Hopefully! Comment what you're reaction was! Bye! 

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