He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


18. Half a Heart

Harry's POV:

"And being here without you, is like I'm waking up to- only half a blue sky, kinda there but not quite, I'm walking around with just one shoe I'm half a heart with out you. I'm half a man at best, with half an arrow in my chest, 'cause I miss everything we do; I'm half a heart without you. Half a heart without you. I'm half a heart without you." I finish singing my part and look into the front row to see Morgan and Zayn's girlfriend talking and laughing together. I just wish she would notice how much I love her. 

We finish rehearsals with Half a Heart and we're done for the night. "Okay, the volume in Zayn's mic needs to go up, I can barely hear him with Harry in the chorus." One of a managers says loudly. 

We all jump off the stage and I walk behind Morgan. 

"Whatcha looking at?" I whisper in her ear. She jumps up and scolds me for scaring her. I laugh and lay a quick kiss on her cheek before she can scold me again. I run backstage with her running behind me. She isn't that fast, but she is short to, so I get an advantage. 

"Harry!" I hear someone squeal. Oh no, no no no. I turn around and see Briana. She runs up to me and hugs me and not forgetting a kiss. I look up and see Morgan, hurt. Great, just what I needed. 

"Heyyyy, what are you doing here?" I ask her while pulling down my shirt. 

"I came to see you! Duh silly! You were great up there! Didn't really get the words but it was good." She says nodding and looking around. 

"Oh yay! How long are you staying?" I say enthusiastically. 

"Just 2 days. I asked for more time, but my managers can't handle me being away for so long." She says flipping her hair back. 

"Oh, well we just finished and I'm super tired so I need to get back to the hotel to get some rest."

"Oh I'll come with you! And I checked with whoever manages the rooms and instead of getting another room, I'm staying with you!" She says with a smile, and kisses the corner of my mouth. When she turns around I wipe whatever is on her lips off mine. 

"Well since you're tired, I guess we can leave now." She says turning on her heels and dragging me outside. The fans and paps go on for miles and she instantly puts my arm around her waist and smiles for some of the pictures. This time I forcefully guide her to the car and push her in. 

"Is it always like this?" I nod as a response to her question.

"I'll have to visit her more often." She says smiling. She leans her head on my shoulder and I'm to tired to care. I mean I don't hate Briana but I don't love her. Not as much as one should love their fiance. But I do care about her…somewhat. 


Morgan's POV:

She came? Why? I stare at them as she passionately kisses Harry after she hugs him. I quickly make eye contact with him and I break it. I walk off and try to find Lou, because I still have to dye Michael's hair. I find her farther backstage, getting some of the dyes ready. 

"Are you okay? You're crying." What? I hadn't even noticed. I wipe the small tears and nod. 

"Well sorry but I have to work on something else, is it okay if I leave you here? I'm really trusting you right now Morgan." She asks me. 

"Oh, yea I got this." I say smiling. She nods and she leaves after saying good bye to everyone. 

I have to wait until Michael gets off stage then wash, dye and blow dry his hair to make sure its perfect. I look around in the food section trig to find some kind of energy drink. 

3 hours later I'm finally finished with his hair and my second can of red bull. His hair looks amazing from dying it somewhat 2 different colors. 

"This is sick! Thanks." I smile and clean up as he leaves with the rest of the group. It's about midnight and I'm so tired, but probably won't be able to sleep since I just had 2 cans of energy drinks. 


I wake up to pounding on my door. 

"Morgan! Lets go! It's already 2 in the afternoon!" I groan and look at my phone. Holy shit! It is 2! I tear apart my suitcase trying to find something comfortable. I have a headache and its like I got drunk last night or something. I pick out some old shirt thats really soft, some sweatpants that go tight at my ankles and my old doc martens. What a great outfit. I quickly brush my teeth and run out the door not wanting to miss the car. 

Tiredness along with ugliness takes over the complexion of my face. I brush some foundation over my face along with a few swipes of mascara. 

"Took you long enough!" Lou tells me as she trims and styles Niall's hair. I apologize and put my stuff down on a chair and the my unbrushed hair into a bun on the top of my face. 

"Okay um Zayn, I have to fix your hair. Come here." I say tapping the chair in front of a mirror. He slowly walks over to the empty chair and I quickly begin. 

"So Morgan you like football?" Louis asks me.

"What are you talking about?" I ask styling Zayn's hair at the same time. 

"Love, your wearing a football jersey for Barcelona." He says somewhat laughing. 

"Shit." I speak my thoughts. I look down and this is the last shirt I want to be wearing. 

Tyler got this for me when his brother and him went to Barcelona. 

"I mean you should be wearing a Manchester or Doncaster jersey!" He jokes. I smile annoyingly as I try to work on now Liam's hair. 

An hour and half later we finish the boys and 5sos' hair. 5 seconds of summer has already finished singing and the boys are about to go on stage. They're in a group huddle, talking to each other. I wonder what they say to each other. 


Harry's POV:

"Alright boys, we've earned this. The fans gave us this, so we have to five them something back." Liam says and we break our huddle thing.

We get in our places under the stage. The people under the stage and they pull on the ropes making us pop up onto the stage. The fans go even crazier as I spot some of them balling their eyes out. All for us. This is truly unbelievable. 

Half way through the show its finally time to sing a song that I'm going to dedicate to Morgan. 

"Wait, wait wait!" I yell into the mic. 

"Before we sing this song, I just want to thank everyone who came today, and supports us. Oh and also this song is dedicated to s-someone very special today, who I am m-madly in love -wwith!" I final spit out. Everybody goes chaotic as I look to the side to look at Morgan. But lucky me Briana is close to her. She blows a kiss at me and I walk away in the other direction. 

At the end of song I look back at Morgan once more, but she's on her phone. So much for her knowing how I feel. 


I take out my phone to film the crowd singing along when I see a new message. I read the content, and my emotions take over me. 

you're like this without me?

She finally noticed. I quickly type a message back and hit the send button. Do I finally have everything I want?


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