He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


35. Flying Back

Harry's POV:

We're about to go on stage, and all of us are waiting in our room. I notice Morgan talking to some random managers and later walking over to Lou. Is something wrong? 

"Boys! Mics! Let's go! Last show of the European tour!" someone yells as everybody claps or smiles at us. We take the microphones and get in our places as the music blares I forget everything that's been bothering me. 


Morgan's POV:

"Hey Lou? I um, well Briana needs me to come back early for the wedding and all, so is it okay if I leave early?" I ask her. I really hope she says no, but since she's going she'll probably say yes. 

"I'm fine with that, just ask that group of people over there, then you're set to leave." she tells me, pointing over across the room to a bunch of tall men that are on their phones or looking at pieces of paper. Damn, she said yes. 

"Um, excuse me? I need to talk to someone about um, uh me leaving." My voice sounds different coming out than general. 

"Leaving?" One of the guys in the groups takes his eyes off his phone and looks at me. 

"Well yes, leaving but for a few days. Harry's fiancé needs me since I'm the maid of honor and all." I say with more power in my voice. 

"Ah! Yes! Anything to get this wedding to come any sooner." I cringe at his words. They surprisingly book me a flight in one day, giving me a free day back at home. At least I don't have to be tortured this whole time. I'll fly back with the boys, and Harry will be married. He actually will be. With the ring and promises. 

I swallow my emotions back as the guy talks more to be about everything before I go. The boys have a quick interview after the show, so I have to do their hair, then I'm off. I don't want to be. I can drop out of the wedding this late...right?


I try and forgot about my moments before as I finish their hair and say quick good byes. I'll see them in a couple of days, but still. 

"Where are you going?" Harry asks into the hug. 

"Back home."

"Why? What's wrong?" He pulls away looking worried. 

"Nothing, Briana wants me to come early." I smile. He kisses my cheek, and I hope nobody noticed. Actually I do. I mean it definitely won't happen while he's married, so I should be happy while it lasts. 


Harry's POV:

I can literally see the dread in her eyes as she leaves she really doesn't want to do this. I don't blame her at all though. I won't see until she walks down the aisle but doesn't stop at me but stands behind Briana. My family is flying to the wedding along with the boy's families too. What's so big about a wedding? I mean 2 people are getting married and promise each other they'll love and be their for each other forever. I basically said that to Morgan and she laughed at me. It was a cute laugh though. 


Morgan's POV:

I arrive at the airport and rows of fans are waiting outside. Why would they be here when they know the boys have a show right now. 

Right in front of me is a man dressed in a black suit with my last name on a paper. Just like the movies. He takes my bags and escorts me outside, where security comes by my side. 

I pull my sunglasses in front of my eyes, shielding me from all the bright flashes that are happening. My name is being shouted in every direction and people are pushing to get close to me. Am I really this big? I just thought I was a hair stylist. Well for the biggest boy band in the world; my conscience adds. 

"Morgan! How do you feel about your sister and Harry's wedding?!" One particular question gets to me. I look over at the girl who said it and she's definitely a crazed directioner. 

"Its gonna be one hell of a wedding." I smile at her and get in the car wanting to get away from all of this, as I bang my head on my seat. 


"My baby Morie is back!" my mom squeals as she comes over and hugs me tightly. I hug her back, I really did miss my mom. At some parts, she really did feel like she was the only one that cared for me. 

"So, um where's Briana?" I ask my mom, sitting down on the couch and taking everything in. I haven't been home in about half a year, besides when me and boys stayed her for the rehearsal. 

"I think she picking you up." She adds handing me some water. I thank her and moments later Briana calls me saying I have to meet her at a dress shop in an hour. 

I take a quick shower and dress in some skinny jeans, my classic leather booties, and baggy shirt and my leather jacket. 

"Bye mom!" I shout, as I get into her car. She's on the phone with someone so I don't talk to her, even though I probably wouldn't have in the first place. We arrive at the place and its small we walk in and I immediately regret it. All over there are bright colored dresses, along with smiles and excited faces. Not really the place for me. 

"Can I help you?" A lady asks us, with a snotty tone. 

"I'm Briana Watts" she tells the last. 

"Ah yes, back here! This wedding is huge! You must over the moon excited for her!" She smiles as she walks me to a separate place in the store. 

"Oh she is!" Briana answers for me

"You could say that." I mutter laughing to myself. 

The lady walks over to get a long bag.

Briana is a little slow but that won't stop her from this wedding. She sure is pregnant but doesn't really act like it, well if there is a way to act out being almost 5 months pregnant. She unzips the bag and pulls out a long, lavender dress. 

"Here's your dress! No go try it on." she says shoving me the dress and pushing me into the dressing room. 

"Hurry up! I want to see what it looks like!" She says clapping her hands. I have no clue how she can still walk in high heels with something weighing her down. 

I'm supposed to wear this?! This is so ugly! I don't want to be see in this and I know a crazy amount of pictures will be taken. I stare at the dress for minutes until I hear Briana pounding on the door, telling me to hurry up. 

I get in on and look at myself in the mirror. It fits in all the right places, except I would never wear this. I walk out and she gasps. 

"Oh my god! Its beautiful!" She basically screams. She walks around me and smiles. Its hideous. What does she see in this dress? 

There's a slight dip where the valley of my breasts are and its tight. It's flowly and really long on me. 

"Now walk in it!" She orders me. I walk around and instantly trip over the dress around my feet. 

"Some good heels can fix that!" She says picking up some shoes and handing them to me. What the hell?! These are like 6 inch heels! I've walked in heels before but never this tall. I put them on and walk around again, still tripping over my feet. 

"Well, if you weren't so clumsy, you could actually walk. But just walk around in them for a while and hopefully you'll be good. Oh and don't fall at my wedding." She threatens. I take the dress off and we leave going in her car. 

"So what are we doing for the bachlorette party?!" She says smiling. 

"What?" I ask. I know what they are, I just thought someone else would take care of that. 

"You didn't plan that?! You're lucky I have other friends that will." She huffs at me. I begin to say something but her phone rings, and I see Harry's name flashing on her phone. She gives me a devious smile and connects her phone to the car and clicks the answer button still smiling at me. 


A/N: Sorry this chapter took so long, it was hard for me to write but hopefully its good. Enjoy the short chapter I will update soon! 


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