He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


14. Europe

Harry's POV:

All the boys and I have been packing for the last 24 hours and hopefully we can get some sleep on the flight. 

"Boys! Lets go we have a plane to be on in 2 hours!" Paul yells as other people grab our bags. I grab my stuff and close my hotel door. 

The impact of the screams from the fans surprise me and honestly I have forgotten about how loud they could be. I wave and smile and quickly escorted into a black car and we drive away as fast as possible with out running over any fans. I was crazy tired today and didn't really want to deal with the fans today…..and my day just got better. All around and in the airport there are lines and lines of thousands of screaming girls and some guys. Bright flashes surround us and I just want to sleep. 

"Wouldn't you think there would be better security here?" I ask Niall sarcastically. He smirks and nods as we're directed to a area that's restricted to the fans. Thank god. 

"What time is the plane leaving?" Liam asks Paul.

"In 45 minutes"

"Where is Morgan?! I told her  to be here 10 minutes ago!"

"Relax we leave in 45. It's fine, she'll be here." Tom says rubbing her back. (Tom is her husband btw)

Morgan wouldn't do this, she's not going to be late. She can't. 

5 minutes later I see her rush in with some bags, her hair is crazy and I think she had to fight off a lot of fans. I try not to laugh at her but thinking about it, this is going to be her life for the next half year. She fixes her hair and puts her bags next to Liam.

"Morgan are you okay? You look a little- um stunned." Lou says walking up to her, helping her fix her hair. 

"Ya, I um didn't realize how many people were going to be here today and ya- were you guys waiting for me?" She asks her breathe slows down. Aww she's so cute when she's looking for air. 

"Okay! Let's go we have a big year ahead of us." One of our manager says. We all get up and Liam helps her with her bags. 

"Here Liam I'll help you." She only has a backpack and another bag. 

"I've got it mate." He says picking up both bags. 

"Thanks Liam." She smiles at him, and he smiles back. Did I miss something here? 

I hit his arm and he notices what I'm finally trying to tell him. He lets go and I pick up the bag and follow them down the hallway and onto the plane. 

I put her bags in the overhead compartments, and by the looks on her face, she's never been in a plane like this. 

I go to sit down on a set of chairs alone and I'm so tired, I probably fell asleep before the plane even took off. 


Liam's POV:

I feel like I've met this Morgan girl before. But I defienetly know that Harry has. Maybe like a meet and greet?

I go and sit down next to her and she's on her phone.

"Hey" I saw casually. She is really attractive and hopefully nice. 

"Hi, um I'm Morgan." She says reaching out her hand. I shake her hand and laugh. So formal.

"I feel like I've met you before." I say concentrating on her.

"Um ya, I was in that program of new hairstylists styling celebrities hair. I styled your hair." she tells me. Now I remember her. 

"Oh ya, what happened?" I ask 

"I um got kicked out." She says quietly. Why though?

"Um, well I'm going to get some sleep. Don't mean to kick you out, but I'm really tired."

"Sure thing love." I say and get up handing her a pillow and blanket and her giving me a smile. She's a really sweet girl, but I want to get to know her better. 

Morgan's POV:

I'm so tired I can't believe I got here on time, and the fans too. It was something I've never seen before. I knew they were famous but not this famous. 

Liam is so down to earth, not what I was thinking but hopefully the rest of the boys are like that too. 

Liam hands me and blanket and pillows and I fall asleep to music and holding Tyler's necklace that he gave me. 

This is going better than I thought.


"What the hell are you doing?" I ask the person staring at me and sitting next to me. I open my eyes more and notice its Harry. Fantastic. 

"You're cute when you sleep" His british accent overpowers. 

"Okay Harry. You can't be doing this, and I can't do this for the next 7 months. If you forgot, you have a fiancé and I have a boyfriend." I say showing him my necklace. He nods and walks away. I have no clue if this is going to be good or bad. 

We have about 5-6 hours left and I get out of my seat and walk to the back of the plane where there are longer seats and couches. I get a bag of chips and my phone sitting back down next to Liam. 

(skips rest of plane ride)

"Finally" I say under my breathe as we land.

"It looks like you're ready to get off the plane." Louis smirks, I nod back at him and get my bags from the overhead compartments. 

They open the plan door and security comes on the plane and stands between each of us. This serious?

We get off and once I get to the door I know how serious this is. I want to get on the plane now. All the girls in front of us are crying and screaming. I don't get it. How are they this popular? We get into big cars and speed off with the girls following us. We somehow all crammed into one car and in the form is Paul giving directions to the driver. 

"Okay so the tour bus doesn't get here until tomorrow morning, so we have hotel rooms. I have arranged the rooms already and we are on a separate floor than the rest of the hotel, to avoid the distractions of the fans. Harry, Niall, and Liam one room. Louis and Zayn another. Lou and Tom, and Morgan you are in a separate room. Each room has a bed for each person and none of the rooms are being mixed up." By the time he finishes we arrive at the hotel. I can't even see the top from the car. Its huge. Secruity walks up to us and gras my bags and the bags in the other van. 

I get out with Harry and another security. They guide us to the entrance which I can't see. Flashing bright lights are everywhere and the screams are really loud. "Keep your head down, and stay close to  me" Harry yells over the screams. In a normal situation I would never get close to Harry, but right now I'm scared for my life. He snakes his arm around my waist, tightly and I get close to him. 

We finally make it in the hotel and he still has his arm around me. "Harry, I'm good. Thank you." I say pointing to his arm. He releases me and walks away. Mad? 

We get our room keys and go up to our rooms and I think my jaw drops and hits the floor. This room is gorgeous and like the size my kitchen and room combined- and we have a huge kitchen. 

I'm pretty sure I'm still drooling over the room, "Um, I'm going to get food you wanna come?" I turn around and see a blonde one, Niall I think. I nod and grab my purse and close the door. 


A/N: Hey guys, this chapter was kind of boring…..sorry the next one won't be hopefully! Enjoy this one and I'll be updating soon! Oh and Happy Summer!

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