He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


38. Epilogue

3rd person's view


Harry and Morgan: Finally together, but Morgan refused to marry Harry for a while, 3 years later when she was 20 they got married. It was the same about having kids. Harry only wanted to have the title of being a dad, and finally convinced Morgan to have children, like she wanted she had 3 children.  Morgan's mom and dad separated a long time after Morgan and Harry's wedding. 

Tyler: constantly party's, been arrested many times, and just nothing will ever be good for him (lol)

Briana: Shortly after the breakup with Harry, Briana quickly moved on and quickly married a soccer player...thats friends/knows (with) the boys; still a model but its harder since all the drama about her and Harry's wedding. 

Liam: still the best friend of Morgan and Harry, along with the fav uncle of all kids. 


Hope you guys enjoyed this book as much as I did writing it, and reading all the comments. I will be writing another fanfic about the boys so please read it! Thanks see ya soon ;) lol ily

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