He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


4. Engagement?

Morgan's POV:

Finally. And in less than a week I'll be going to school that I'm actually excited for. 
I quickly get dressed, tying my lace up tan boot heels and curl my hair adding subtle makeup for once and hurrying out the door to see Jessie with some other people in the car. 
Once I get closer to the car I notice that her boyfriend is in the front seat with her, and in the back is my "boyfriend". Well, its like we both like each other, well more than like since Jessie considers us 'friends with benefits'; but I don't. Never happened even though she thinks we have done it before. 

I slide in the back seat next to him, Tyler, and smile at him. 
"Hey" he smiles. He's a typical, boyfriend. Or what I would think of one. Plays sports, very nice abs and a good kisser. 

We stop on the way to get some breakfast, at McDonald's. Eww but thats Jessie. 
We get our food and get back in the car, and Tyler's hand immediately rest on my thigh. I smile and look away but another hands joins him, mine. We arrive at school and they leave us with a kiss and Jessie hits me. 
"Ow! What the hell?!"
"He totally wants you! Did you see how high that hand was on your leg? Oh yes you did. Good thing he's not going somewhere far. Lovebirds forever!" She bats her eyelashes at me. I facepalm her face and push her. She stumbles, and I laugh at her. She really went all out today. Her high heels almost make her taller than me. 
"Getting over Harry I see." She winks. A serious look takes over my face and she stops laughing. 
"Knock it off." I scold her. 
"But you know you could see him again, I mean you did tell me you could help celebrities, I mean he's one! Just be ready." She says leaving me with a vision of us meeting up again. I snap out of my imagination and walk over to my locker, for the last time. The same time I shut it the principle comes on over the speakers, calling all the seniors over to the gym. We all file into the gym and it takes 3 hours to get through the hole ceremony thing, oh god I hope its not like this tonight. 
Well it went like this tonight. I almost feel asleep if it weren't for Tyler holding my hand the whole time. Curse him for having almost the same last name as me. 
My mom shows up and gets my flowers with some dead ones in them. I smile and thank her for them, even though they'll probably end up in the trash. 
I'm ripped away by a crying Jessie. 
"Oh my gosh! Picture girls!" My mom squeals. I roll my eyes and stand next to her and smile. I hug her and end up crying, but just a little. I hope no one saw. 
I literally run out of school not wanting to see anyone in this place. If they wanna hang out hey can contact me. 
My mom finally gets the point after chasing me down and grabs the car and I'm finally out. Free. 

We get home and Briana and dad aren't home yet. I go to my room and wipe off my makeup and get in leggings and a sweater. I tie my hair in a bun, and jump on my bed turning on the tv and flip channels. 
I hear a knock on the door and it opens. A smiling mom walks in with a cake and sits on the edge on the bed. I make room for her to actually be comfortable and she sits on the bed. She places the cake in front of me and hands me a fork. I smile and laugh. This is what we would always used to do. Just eat as it is and finish whatever we were eating. 
We talk about random things and how excited I am to hopefully have a job in something I love. 

"For the  2014 music awards we have Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke, One Direction and many more coming here to this annual event. Even better we just learned that the boys of One Direction are even happier. 1D's own Harry Styles just announced his engagement. But to who?" 


I basically choke on the cake in my mouth, hearing that he is getting married. What the hell. I can't help but think of us years ago. Technically that could be me, but obviously he didn't want that. Who is his fiancé?
Jessie was right, well somewhat. He's here, and there's one in a million chance that One Direction could be one of the many celebrities in my program. 

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