He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


30. Date

*Skips to day that Morgan can leave*

Morgan's POV:

"Before you leave, here is some medication with directions and in 1 week you need to have someone look at your stitches. Now, since you're traveling you can come here if your close, or any trusted doctor on this list; and here are your medical forms in case. Oh and no crazy ab workouts or really spicy food." My doctor explains handing me a folder with a bunch of papers. 

Seconds later Harry walks into the room with my bag. I called him to bring me extra clothes since I'm not going home in the same clothes I came in. 

"Here you go, and is there any other forms or stuff that I can help with?" he asks handing me the pink bag. 

"Um, ya I think so, can you check with the front desk?" I ask and he nods. I pick up my shoes, and my stomach is really sore. I walk into the bathroom and lock the door, observing the clothes he brought for me. I laugh to myself and nothing matches. I pull on some light blue skinny jeans, my old tan UGG boots and a loose white shirt. I wrap my abdomen again in case of anything and open the door to see Harry, picking up some of my stuff. 

"Here, let me take that." he says reaching his hand out to me. I give him the bag and take the massive bag of pills and extra wraps and gauze. I thank everyone once again, and we walk out with tons of fans crowding us. 

Harry carefully puts his arm around my waist and pulls me close. I can smell his cologne and its heaven. I put my head into his chest and I can feel the necklace under his shirt. 

He helps me into the car and jogs around the front escaping some of the fans. Luckily none of them get in front of the car, making it easier to drive away. 

He immediately laces his fingers with mine and I look out the window smiling. Throughout my recovery me and Harry had moments, but not really really deep. 

"You know what we should do?" He asks looking out at the road. 

"What should we do Harry?" I ask back. 

"Go on a date, like a real one. I mean we've been to lunch or dinner but one where I can laugh and really be myself without someone taking a picture."

"How can we with management and them on both our asses?" I ask playing with the rings on his long, tan fingers. 

"I'll find a way, but would you do me the honors in taking you out on a date?" He asks looking at me.

"I would love that." I say smiling. He smiles, with his dimples showing and kisses my hand. 

"I'll pick you up at 8" I laugh, we are in the same place, literally one door down. 

We arrive at the hotel and after sleeping comfortably I get up and take a shower, blowdrying and curling my hair. 

I apply light but noticeable make up on my pale face and look at my clothing choices. I have no clue whether this is fancy or not so I go with a loose white crop top and a patterned orange shirt. 

I brush my teeth and tie my hair up into a messy bun. I hear a knock at the door and I run and get my heels and bag opening the door seconds later. He looks absolutely breath-taking in a sleek black dress shirt and his tight black jeans with that same bandana. 

"Ready?" He asks, I nod and take his arm as we go into the elevator and the lobby. He leads me to the hotel restaurant. The shades are drawn and we walk inside to a totally different place. 

Its completely empty, and strands of lights illuminate the whole place. 

"This way, Mr. Styles." I look up to see Liam guiding us to our table. I smile at him and he instantly leaves, and hurries back with drinks. Niall comes out of nowhere and hands us our meals. We immediately order our food and its just us. This is too crazy and nice, I can't believe it. 


Harry's POV:

I can't tell whether she likes this or not but this was basically the only way to get management to not notice us, together. I had Liam and Niall help me with the food and Louis and Zayn are distracting everyone until we're done. Best mates are what they are. 

"Did you pay for my surgery?" She questions me. How did she find out?! I didn't want her, cause she would be mad if I did.

"Um, yes?" I say trying to trick her. 

"Why?! I could have paid for it myself!" she whisper yells. This is not how I wanted it to go at all. She couldn't have though. I mean if she wanted to go back to school and everything. I want the best future for Morgan, since I won't have one. 

"Not if you want to go to beauty school and do everything that makes you happy." I tell her. 

"I will, but thanks. It means a lot to me. I'll be fine in the future, but I don't know about you." She says hinting at Briana, I lightly laugh, but I have to tell her. 

"Speaking about Briana and the future, um, I don't know how to say this but I'm the father of the baby." I spit out quickly. I can see her face drop by the sudden news I just told her. 

"O-okay" She stutters.

"But thats the future, things can change. I want to spend my future with you, I just wish I was going to be with you. Do you feel the same way?" I ask nervously. I had never really talked seriously about my future besides singing.

"Harry, of course I would want to. I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Ever since we met years ago. I want to buy a house and have 2 sons and a daughter with you, I just want to do everything with you. I'm crazy in love you and I thought I was never going to see you ever again, when you left and I was mad at you since then and I miss you." I exhale. 

"I jus-" I get out of my chair and pull her face in, smashing  my lips on hers. I've missed her lips so much, and I can feel myself melting under her lips. I snake my long, clumsy arms around her tiny waist and pull her towards me, wanting to be as close as possible. Her tongue enters my mouth and I so desperately want her, need her.

She locks her arms around my neck pulling  my head and body as close as possible. Her fingers play with my hair as I kiss her more passionately. If thats even possible. 

I hear someone clear their throat and pull away from her as I see Liam and Niall with our food. She looks at them and her cheeks turn bright red as she sits back down again. 

"What would our sons and daughter's name be?" I quietly ask.

She smiles at me "Logan James and Patrick Beau and Ellie Marie." She says confidently. She's put a lot of thought into the names and honestly I love them. I nod and smile back as we finish and talk about everything. 


Morgan's POV:

This date was amazing and I wish every boyfriend cared about me like this. But the thing is I can see a future with Harry happening. But Briana is right in the middle of my dreams. 

He walks my to my door, us hand in hand. I take my key out and he places both hands on my hips. 

"Tonight was amazing." He whispers into my ear, and starts to kiss my neck. 

"Har-" I'm cut off by a slight gasp as he found my weak spot. He chuckles and kisses the area under my ear, and sucking.He takes one hand and opens the door still kissing me as we walk in. I turn around and search his eyes for anything. Nothing. I lean up and kiss him lightly, and it turns into a more passionate kiss. 

"I love you. So much." He says in between kisses. I close the door with my foot and he pushes me back until I hit the room wall with my back. I kiss him back fiercely and jump, my legs wrapping around his waist. 

He walks over to the bed, without breaking our kiss. I never thought I'd love someone like this since Harry years ago and I swear I'd never think me and Harry would have sex again. But then again are we? 

I need to clear my brain. My lips leave his as I trail down from his cheek, jaw and neck. He lightly moans and I do the same he does to me. I go down further and kiss the parts of his chest that are not covered by his loose, and see through shirt. I slowly unbutton the shirt and trace the tattoo of the bird of his chest and leave a light kiss as my hands brush over his abs. 

I look back up at him and kiss him lightly on the lips. "I love you too." He kisses me back and his tongue explores my mouth. 

*stop right here, if you don't want to read sexual things and wait till this >>>>*

He pulls my shirt off and kisses my shoulder, goose bumps rising along the skin. 


Harry's POV:

Fuck management. They can't control me. 

I kiss her shoulder lightly and goose bumps raise along her skin. I love that. I quickly take off my boots and look into her eyes, making she wants to do this. 

"I love you." I say and kiss her. Her hand makes its way down to my pants and starts palming me through my tight jeans. A moan escapes from my lips as I unclip her bra and lift her from her skirt. She's absolutely beautiful. In every fucking way. 

I throw the small silver packet on the bed and she unbuckles my belt and slides my jeans down along with her body. 

She kisses the inside of my thigh and I immediately pull her up, not wanting to be teased anymore. 


Morgan's POV:

I help him put the condom on and carefully kiss his hips. He lightly touches my stitches and kisses the 2 that will forever be on my stomach. 

"Gorgeous" he whispers. He kisses me again and rolls on top of me and kisses my neck again as he enters me. I gasp with pain and thrusts faster and faster by the minute and has his name escaping my mouth quickly. 

His thrusts are hard and quick, far different from us years ago. He palms my breast and I feel weak less underneath him. 

I kiss his jaw bone and kiss his neck leaving yet another mark on him. My nails rake down his breathe as his thrusts are getting sloppier showing that he's close too. I look up at his face to see beads of sweat litter his face and chest. 

With only a couple more hard thrusts I let myself go under him as he does the same. He kisses the bridge of my nose and cheek and lays next to me. I lay under his chest and quickly fall asleep to his heartbeat. Fuck you, Briana. 


I rub my eyes, and look over next to me to see Harry still sleeping. His curls were all over the place and the covers of the bed rest on his hips. I smile to myself at what happened last night. It was amazing, beyond that. I look around the room for something to cover my body. I spot his dress shirt on the table and quickly get it, pulling it over my head. It was big on me, covering half of my thighs. 

I look at the clock and its really early. I can't go back to sleep so I decide to get ready. I know the boys have an interview at 1 so Harry has a couple of hours to get ready. I clean my face and turn on the water, when I hear footsteps walk into the bathroom. I pull the shirt back down in time. 

"Hi." He says leaning on the sink. 

"Hey" i smile back. 

He walks over and kisses me lightly. 

"Gettin' in the shower?" He mumbles, breaking the kiss but quickly fixing that. 

"Yea." I say back. 

"Can I join?" He says raising an eyebrow. I kiss his soft lips. 

"Nope." I smile and kiss him more passionately. He groans at my answer. 

"Look at me." He says breaking the kiss. I look into his bright green orbs, pushing his dark brown hair out of his eyes.

"No matter what, I will always love you. I will always protect you. You were my first love and always will be. Never forget that." I give a simple kiss back and walk away getting into the shower. 


Harry's POV:

I don't care what I've done, it was all worth it. 

I pull my pants on and shoes, looking for something to cover my chest. She took my shirt with her into the shower and I want to leave so nobody finds out if they already hadn't. I find my sweatshirt that I gave her a while back and pull that one and leave her room. Our rooms are right next to each other, so I carefully slip into our room with Liam and Niall both looking at me. 

"Obviously you guys had a good rest of the night." Liam says. Shit, did they hear us? Are these walls this thin?! My cheeks have a light burn to them. 

"Exactly! Mate, dude; you guys were crazy! What maybe you guys went 6 times?!" Niall looks at me. 

"Shut up!! And 3" I mutter the last part quietly. 

"Niall! Check it out! Harry as love bites all over his neck!" Liam laughs. Niall laughs even louder as I flip them off and start to get ready. 



A/N: Hope you enjoyed and sorry for the wait! Please comment and like and I'll update soon!

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