He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


20. Boundaries?

Morgan's POV:

I wake up the next morning later than usually and its nice to wake up late. But its not nice that Harry is pushing the boundaries of our friendship or whatever it is. 

I do know I'm starting to like him again, and I have to stop my feelings. I can't go through heart break again. It was too much and I still miss him to this day. The hugs he would give me in any mood I was in, his laugh and smile, and his corny jokes. I miss every little thing about him and I don't know how to stop. Seeing him everyday enhances my feelings for him, and I can't just let this amazing job go because of a silly crush. I can't do anything about it now because not only is he with someone else, he is planning to get married! I can't break off something like that, I'll live with that guilt forever. But I have a feeling he doesn't want this as much as Briana does. I also have a feeling she doesn't really love Harry, only his money. And thats how a lot of people are. 

I turn on the hot water to the shower and step in letting the steaming water burn my skin. I quickly wash my hair and body and get dress in jeans, a grey sweater and black combat boots. I leave my hair natural, and put make up on. I hear my stomach growl and I haven't had breakfast yet and its almost lunch. I walk out of my room with my purse around my shoulder and not only do I ned to get food but I need to talk to Harry. 

"Oh hey Lou, um do you know where Harry is?" I ask her. 

She smiles at me and starts to talk, "Um, I haven't seen him this morning but maybe he's still in his room?" I thank her and start walking over to his room. I reach his door and take a breathe not really wanting to talk to him right now. I knock on the door and a few seconds after the door opens and he's right there. His jeans hug him tightly everywhere and he wears a thin white shirt that shows off his chest tattoos. Tan boots are on his feet and a dark green bandana is wrapped around his hair.  

"Hello love, what a lovely view in the morning." He smiles. 

I exhale and start to begin with what's on my mind; "Harry we need to talk abo-"

"Over lunch then, I'm ready to go and looks like you are. Comm'n now." He says closing the door and walking in front of me. His long legs give him an advantage in walking as I'm having to walk faster than usual. 

I try to speak but every time I try he either walks faster or waves at fans in the lobby and on the lower floors. With the help of some security we get out of the hotel and there are even more fans surrounding the hotel than inside. I take my place by his side as I cling to his arm. I hear him smirk as he slings his arm around my shoulders and pulls me in even closer. Police are in the area and block of ways to places that we could go. This is insane, truly is. 

"Harry!" I yell over the screams. He looks down at me and I walk next to him, arms by my side. 

"I didn't want to go to lunch, I just wanted to talk to you about something." He nods and keeps walking, which means I have no choice. I groan and catch up to him. 

"Comm'n now I'm not that bad." He smiles at me and grabs my hand and pulls me forward and pushes me in front of him, making me walk into a tiny bistro place. Its cute and we are immediately seated near the windows. 

And again we are immediately offered menu's and a waiter comes up to take our orders. We order lunch or whatever meal this is and the man scurries away to get our food. 

"So what did you want to talk about Morgan?" 

"Us. Our relationship. I'm so confused what we are and I want to keep it just as friends." I explain to him, he raises his eyebrow and smirks at me. 

"But Morgan, you know that won't happen. Us just being friends and you know that. I know that, probably everyone knows that." I do know that though. 

"Harry, I don't want our past coming up again." I come out flatly. I'm confused by the emotions of his face. Is he hurt? Sad?

"People don't get what they always want though Morgan." He says. Just as I get ready to speak our food comes up and I'm to hungry. I dig into my sandwich and its one of the best ones I've had yet. We finish and our waiter notices quickly coming and picking up our plates.

"Anything desert to share?" The waiter asks us, I shake my head but Harry says yes. He orders a brownie with ice cream on top and he knows thats my favorite. 

"Harry, listen!" I snap trying to get his attention but not our neighbors. He looks at me and I need to finish what we have started, once and for all- if I can. 

"You kissed me last night, and we need boundaries. I'm fine if we are friends but we can't be anything else." He smiles when I recall last night and nods. 

"I'm serious not joking." I say seriously. 

"Okay! I hear you. Now, as friends, would you like to split a brownie and ice cream?" He asks holding out a spoon. I didn't even notice the delicious sweet desert in front of us and I smile taking the spoon and start eating the brownie. 


Harry's POV:

I said I heard her, not understood. But I don't say anything else as my response to hear earns a huge smile on her face. She dives right in to the desert and I knew she wouldn't leave the food here. This is her favorite desert and I used to make it for her all the time when we were dating. Which we will be soon. I pay for our meal and we walk out. The hotel is still in distance and Morgan looks there and I can't let her go back. I wanna be with her more. 

"You sure you're going to go back? With all those fans? Without any protection?" I say trying to convince her to stay with me. There was nothing in particular that I wanted to do today besides be with her as much as possible. 

She sighs and nods her head, and I smile. 

"There has to be something good here." She says looking on her phone. 

I laugh at her trying to find something to do. 

"Morgan, even though this town is small, we're still in Italy. I'm pretty sure there's something to do." 

"You're right." She says laughing and putting her phone away. 

"Lets get a taxi or something and just go somewhere."

"Sounds good." We finally get a ride and cram into even though its just us. 

"Where to?" The driver asks

I hand him a paper and he takes it nodding and starts driving. On the back side of the paper is the name of some place, and it sounds like a restaurant. I slip the paper back into my pocket not wanting to lose it.

We've been driving for what seems like an hour and Morgan fell asleep on my shoulder.

"How long?" I ask the driver. I'm annoyed with how long its taking. 

"We're actually here." I nod and pay him and wake her up. 

"Was I sleeping?" I laugh at her and her hair is slightly sticking up.

"Yes, and we're here, so lets go." She gets out of the car and it drives offs and we start walking. He brought us to a busy town square that is littered with shops, food places and looks like farther down some sight seeing places. 

"Well lets go!!" She says smiling and grabs my hand and pulls me. 


"Well I say we end this day with a really Italian dinner." I say

"Oh really? Like what?" She asks smiling back and about to laugh.

"Pizza or pasta." She starts laughing and nods and we find a place that is lit up with lights all over. 

"Ahh, Mr. Styles we've been waiting. Right this way to your table." The waiter says to me. What? I didn't reserve a table. I only knew we were coming here because Liam wrote the name of the place. Did he do this? Why though? She looks at me and smiles and I don't want to do next. I mean I want to respect that she wants to be friends but when you're in love with you friend is it the same?

It was the same as lunch but more talking and laughing. She's different from before and I like that. She's not as stubborn, to herself and disgusted by when I first met her parents. It makes me feel like I know the Morgan I was in love with before even more now. 

"Harry did you plan this?" She asks as we walk out trying to get a car to drive us back. 

"Nope, not one bit, but besides one thing I wanted to do was be with you today" I say into her ear. Her cheeks turn pink and she releases a little giggle. I smile and this is what I want my future to be like, this is who I want to spend my future with. 

I act quickly and pull her close to my body and lean and as she does the same her face falls. Like she was in a trance or something. She backs away and pushes her hair out of her face. 

"We're just friends" and at that moment I feel my heart breaking from those 3 words. 

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