He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


7. Are you serious?

Morgan's POV:

"Mom, please you have Briana to worry more about then me." I assure my mom as she won't let me out of her grasp. 

"Just be safe driving and call me when you finally get there. Okay?" I nod and quickly walk out of the house to see Tyler waiting in the car. It actually looks like I am leaving for real college, like staying there for four years, and scholarships. 

The drive is long but to me its short. I'm so excited I can't contain and nothing can stop me. Hopefully. We pull into the parking lot and pay to park. 

I keep the letter with everything I think I will need in my purse and take in deep breathes. This is finally happening. Something that I actually want. 

"We have to go up there, to the front and I have to register." I tell him, getting out of the car.


He holds me hand as we walk and honestly I want to run as fast as I can. There's only a few people scattered in the parking lot and past the gates after registration. This is like some boarding school or something. 


"Um, Morgan Watts."  

"Okay, building 3, level 5 room 9." the lady with no enthusiasm tells me dropping a key into my hand. 

"Take a cart to put your stuff in. Oh and no visitors past registration." she tells me rudely. I roll my eyes at her and walk over to where the carts are. They look more like dumpster bins. I fill up the entire bin, cart thing and make sure I have everything. I do. Sadly. Surprisingly I don't want Tyler to leave. 

"Stay safe and um don't get drunk." we both laugh at his concerns and I take his hand into mine. 

"Thanks, this means a lot to me, even more because you're here for me." He hugs me and kisses my head. I look up at him just at the right time to meet his lips for a kiss. A very passionate kiss too. I pull away and look back to the entrance. 

"I'm gonna go, I wanna unpack and everything." I explain, shoving my hands into my pockets. I hug and kiss him one more time and I begin to leave until he says something. 

"I love you Morgan." What the hell? Soft side of Morgan has to disappear. I wave and tell him goodbye again and push my stuff through the gates, trying to find building 3. 


Harry's POV:

I actually got sleep, for about half an hour. A new record. 

"Harry I want you to meet my parents soon. Oh and we need to start talking about the wedding more, and planning all the details." 

"Okay...mhmm...gotcha ya...okay....love you too....goodbye." Is everything that I say over the phone to my fiancé's questions and demands. Why did I do this again. This whole marriage thing. 

"Let's go! We're already late." Our other manager, Paul, tells us. 

We all groan and get up and  follow all the security guards to the front. The car is right in front of us, but fans are blocking us here. Everyone is screaming our names and bright flashes blind us as we finally make it through the jungle of crazy fans. 

"We are we going?" Niall asks. 

"To a studio place to get you ready for the show tonight. Absolutely no extra information will be told" Paul says looking at me "just be One Direction, the nice, charming, non-complaining, mature boys you are." We all laugh as it is a dream. 

We finally pull up to the back of this place and get out, being shown to a room with multiple people in the room. This is going to be a long day and night. 


Morgan's POV:

"Okay people, now you might think that hairstyling is hobby. No; it is not. Its a job that takes skill and only a few people have it. Meaning half of you paid for this program for nothing. Alright then; today as your first day you will be styling celebrities hair and makeup. Absolutely no screaming or hugging. They are normal people that will be understood and treated  as normal people. You will each have a station to work at, your own person and a picture of what they will look like. You fail, that's their appearance, it will be graded. Half of these people will be going to the music award show tonight and will look at that. No trading people. And lets go." The lady wit the annoying voice says reading over a binder. 

I pick an empty station. Okay I'm nervous, like really nervous. I have no clue how to cute hair, and I will beg for someone else if I have to. 

The famous people file in and I immediately regret being here. Jessie was right; in the  one in a million chance that they could be here, they are. 

They are directed to each of the stations and they begin to walk over to my end. Are you serious? No please don't come over here Harry. Please. Well god heard my prayers as he stopped two tables from me and are you freaking kidding me right now? Liam Payne? Well better than Harry. 

"Hello love."

Okay maybe not. Lets just hope he doesn't notice me. Please

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