He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


26. Air

A/N: Hi guys, A/N: Sorry I haven't been updating that much! But heres a couple chapters! Please comment and like this book! Enjoy! 



Morgan's POV:

I feel so tired and lifeless as a bunch of nurses are around me, fiddling with all the wires, tubes and machines. 

"What happened?"

"Well, um, your last visitor came in and you blacked out, fainted. We think your heart rate went up too quickly and your body didn't know how to handle it." She says sweetly. "But thanks to him, he saved your life. He called for help right away." How does Tyler know where I am. He still does. 

"I need to get out of here, as soon as possible. Like right now. Take me to another hospital or something." I say trying to pull off the blanket quickly. 

"Ms. Watts we can't do that. You're surgery is today and we can't switch on sudden occasions."

"Is there anything that says I can permit certain visitors or something?" I ask. My eyes are probably about to fall out right now and all I want to be is safe, or at least feel it. 

I nod at her and ask to see my phone. My phone is spammed with all these messages from my mom, and honestly right now I don't want to talk to her. It will only make me more stressed. 

I hear the phone ring multiple times as I look out the window. Its the only good thing in this room, most likely the hospital. Its so plain in her, the only color is the medical supplies and probably me. 

"Hello?" The voice is muffled and tired is in his voice. 

"I'm sorry I woke up early but what time is your show today?" I ask picking at my nails. 

"This is what you're worried about? My show? You have a life-saving surgery today!" He laughs into the phone. 

"Its not that big, and answer my question!"

"Um, I think. I'm on my way to come and see you right now so just stay there...I guess." He says, noises in the background. 

"Harry; I can't." I smile. He's such a dork, but its cute. He cares about me and loves me, well I hope. 

I hang up and slowly drag my body over to a mirror in the bathroom. I look up and see my reflection. I look crazy, like mad crazy. My makeup is smeared everywhere and a new bruise has taken place on the side of my eye. I have no makeup here besides it on my face. 

The cold water feels good against my face as I wash it. I lightly touch the bruise and it hurts like hell as I wince. What did I do to deserve this? Thats all I want to know. 

"Morgan?" I walk out to see Harry looking for me. 

"Right here." He turns around and walks towards me hugging me. I intake a breathe, due to the pain still and somewhat push him away. 

"I hate it when you do this" He says looking at me, still close. Like kissing close. But I can't. Well not here, I don't want anymore drama about our relationship released to the public. 

"What?" He brushes the hair off my face and behind my ears. He overlooks my face, and his eyes turn many shades darker as his lips are pressed in a fine line. He stares at the bruise and touches it, like if he does I will shader. I look away and his hand brushes over my hair. 

"Don't worry about it. It'll heal along with the rest of me."

"No it won't! Well I mean it would but you will have those memories for the rest of your life!" He yells. 

"And I'll have to deal with them! How do you think I slept last night?! I couldn't move because I was too scared I would hurt myself or I'm too paranoid that he's going to come here again and hurt me even more!" I yell back. I sit down on the bed and watch him as he paces back and forth across from the room. His white tshirt is see through, showing off all his tattoos that are scattered around his tan, muscular chest. He stops on his heels and turns around looking me dead in the eye, his eyes completely dark now. 

"Again? What do you fucking mean again? He came here after me?" He says strictly. I nod, trying to swallow. I feel my air disappearing before me and I don't know if its because of this conversation or the new medication they gave me this morning. 

Its the new medication. 


Harry's POV:

He came here last night?! I am going to find that bastard and make sure he never touches Morgan like that again or any girl. 

I see her fall onto the bed, looking up at the ceiling and gasping for breathe. 

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