He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


24. Addiction

Morgan's POV:

This crowd is crazier than the past ones and it makes me want to jump and sing along with them and just go crazy. 

Long and strong arms wrap around my waist and I laugh batting them away.

"Harry! Stop! Go sing!" I say laughing. I quickly look down at the arms and look back on stage. This isn't Harry. The arms wrap tightly around me and pick me up and run. Their obviously a guys arm by the size. I scream and one arm is wrapped around my waist while the other around my mouth. His hand muffled my screams and you could barely hear me.

I see all the hallways and rooms under the arena and we stop when there's no more light. A door opens and I'm scared out of my mind.

I drop to the floor and pick myself up backing away hopefully to hit into a door. The light switches on and I see Tyler's face. I gain back some of my confidence knowing it's someone I know but half of it's gone knowing what Tyler is capable of...strength wise.

"You broke up with me! Why are you here?!" I ask/yell still backing up.

"I already told you. I want you. And that's why I came here. And at the end of all this we are going to be back together." He smiles. When did he become so forceful? I've never seen him like this with anybody.

"I'm already with someone else!" I say pushing him away from me.

"Ah so you are a stylist and a slut? I like it" he says pushing my up against the wall, trying to kiss me.

"Stop!" I yell trying to push him away. He's too strong and I have no where to go because of this wall and his weight on me.

"Not until you're mine!" He says finally backing away and looking me up and down. Ugh I feel disgusted as his eyes travel my body, for crying out loud I am barely showing any skin!

"Why? Why did you break up with me? And came back here?" I ask normally. He takes a deep breathe and combs his hair with his fingers.

"Well I left for college and met this girl at this party; hooked up with her and surprisingly we were a thing after. And I dumped her cause she wasn't you. Morgan you were fun, and could be more fun and better if we were back together." He says dropping a hint while pulling up my chin so my eyes meet his.

I scoff and smack his arm away. He grabs my face and squeezes putting pressure. I flinch and the pain is getting to me.

"Stop. Please." I beg.

He grabs my arm and pulls him close to me and crashes on mine. No sparks at all. I wouldn't expect them. I can taste beer and cigarettes from the kiss and he's back on his addiction. His tongue fights his way into mine and I'm scared and disgusted. This is not the Tyler that I knew before. 

I crush his foot with mine and he winces and backs away. Giving me the chance to get out of his reach. I open the door and slam it shut and start running. Anywhere where I can hear voices or see people. I can definitely hear the screams but you can hear that anywhere in this arena. 

I hear his footsteps behind me, and I start to panic, I don't think anybody noticed that I left. 


Harry's POV:

I still look behind me to see if she is still watching. Earlier she looked pretty into it so now hopefully she still is. I don't see her anywhere and walk to the other side of the stage, dodging all the things that they throw at us. I don't see her on the other side and I bring one of securities on the side of the stage. 

"Go behind the stage and look for a girl named Morgan Watts. Find her and make sure I can see her backstage." I tell him. He nods and walks off with more security filling his place. 

3 songs later he's still not here and its almost the end of the concert, finally I see him running towards me and pull the mic away listening to him.

"Some guy was with her. Um, brown hair kinda tan, tall." Not him. 

"Thanks, and find them or you're fired." I tell him, I hate being this way towards people but Tyler took Morgan and that's why she's been paranoid with her phone this week. He registers what I said and I go back to singing, seeing him run all over the place, talking into a walkie talkie. 


"Did you find them?" I ask him at the end. 

"No, but all the exits are blocked." He says. 

I push past him and start running opening every door I could see and down every hallway.

It was getting harder to breathe as my speed picked up looking for her.

Noises catch my attention as I'm running and I skid to a stop running down the hallway to my left. They get louder I'm knocked off my feet and to the ground with something on top of me. I push away the weight and get up still looking around. The noises stop and I look down on the ground to see a skinny figure laying on the ground, not moving at all.

I fall to the ground and flip her over looking at her. She's breathing but her you can barely register it. I pick her up and I have no clue what to do. I pick her up and yell her name and shake her with no success.

"Morgan! Common!" I scream at her. Her eyes barely open and she starts coughing. I hug her tightly in my arms and feel my shirt to get heavy and wet. I look down and see my white shirt stained with her blood. She keeps coughs and with that blood comes out of her mouth.

That's the noises I heard: she was coughing up blood. Her skin is pale and she can't move. She holds her stomach and I lift up her shirt to see wicked bruises already forming. I pick her up and start sprinting down the hallways trying to remember which way I came.

She keeps coughing and closing her eyes and my shirt gets more bloodier by the minute.

"Please, help me" she whispers and wipes her mouth. She closes her eyes and leans into my chest more.

"No, no!" I yell shaking her while running. She needs to get to a hospital or she'll die.

A/N: hey guys so this chapter wasn't supposed to be seen until today but I have no clue what happened. I'll include another one but I'm writing it now so just wait but it will be up today.

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