He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


33. 5 months

*Skips 3 months*

Morgan's POV:

We have 2 weeks left of the tour and suprisely we end a couple hours near my hometown (London). 

And since the tours almost over that means the minute the tour is over Briana wants to get married. Harry has been flying home every free day he has to be with Briana or help her plan the wedding. As for me, I try to ignore it but nothing works since he still is trying to be with me. I mean I've gone on some dates since but after the first, they just stop for some reason. 

I've had to fly back home to try on the dresses and rehearsals but the whole time I just wait for it to be over. Technically after this I don't have to see Harry ever again, if they don't want me again. I can simply move away and get another job. We have a final rehearsal tomorrow, on our only free day till the tour ends. And all of us are flying home. Harry chose all the boys to be in the wedding and some other people. Also Briana wants us to dress in our dresses and tuxs to make sure we're comfortable but she wouldn't care if we were or weren't. 

After the show today we are immediately taking a plane and flying and on the next day the rehearsal and then we fly back. 


"You're not ready for the wedding are you?" Zayn asks me as I cut his hair. 

"Never in a million years." I say answering but not really paying attention. 

He chuckles and I finish as Niall comes and I style his hair, finishing in less than minutes. 

"Hey Morgan, we leave in a couple of hours, might wan a pack now." Harry tells me, quickly running onto stage. I roll my eyes and he's right. As much as I don't want to do this I have to. I'm her maid of honor. When she asked me I laughed in her face, then realized she probably has no friends so I agreed. 

I left the arena and got a ride to the hotel and packed enough clothes for our little trip. I shower quickly and change into baggy black sweat pants with some white converse and slip on Liam's futbol jersey. We've gotten really close, but never dating and we both know that. He's like my brother and I love him for everything he does to help me. 

I go back to the arena cause we are all flying tomorrow. I'd rather not but Briana wants us all to arrive at the same time. 

By the time I get back to the arena the show is just ending and I help pack up all the equipment putting it on the bus and getting everything ready. 


Harry's POV:

We have no time to do anything and our bags are already on the plane, all we have to do is drive there. We get backstage and I see Morgan rushing around to finish doing whatever she's doing. 

I look at her closer and see she's wearing Liam's jersey. They're getting really close and I don't like it at all. If they start dating it would be sick. She's dating my best mate. Pure torture. 

"Boys, Morgan! Lets go! We have a plane waiting for us." Paul yells, him and some other managers are coming too. 

We all hurry into the car and Morgan is the last one to get in the car. 

"Uh, Morgan take a seat on someone's lap, we have to go now. We're late already." Paul tells her. Her eyes go big and she looks at all of us. 

"Comm'n, we don't have all day. Lets go!" He tells her again. She hops in the car and squeezes past me and sits on Liam. I look the other way trying to find something else to look at. 

We arrive at the airport and go through another way, avoiding any fans. All the managers are wing rude and strict today and none on us like it. About 20 minutes later the plane takes off and the arena is only 3 hours away. I look around and all the managers and Paul are sleeping giving me a small chance to talk to her. Its become even worse between us because they think that we're having a secret relationship so our existence towards each other is basically nothing. 

This plane isn't like the regular so I have to go aisle through aisle looking for the petite girl. I finally get to the back and see her talking and looking out the window. Is she talking to her self? I get closer and she's on the phone. 

I sit down next to her, hoping she'll be polite and hang up on whoever it is. She doesn't though. She looks at me, then away and keeps talking. So I just sit there, until she ends the call, which takes at least 45 minutes to an hour. 

"You're very rude, you know that?" She nags at me. 

"Um.." I don't know what to say. 

"You expected me to hang up and direct all my attention to you. If you forgot Harry, I don't think we are even allowed to talk to each other and be this close." she explains looking on her phone more. 

"Who was that?" I ask he huffs at me and keeps looking.

"I'm just wondering, I mean you're back here all by yourself." I say.

"Jesse." she lets out. Jesse? Is this her new boyfriend? She already moved on? I mean its been 3-4 months since 'us'. But I haven't...obviously. 

"Jesse, she's my best friend." She interrupts my thoughts. She? She?! I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in. I hear her laugh quietly to herself. 

"So where are you and Briana going on a honeymoon?" She asks looking at me. What? When was she ever interested in this wedding thing?

"I'm trying to be in a happy mood and try for my sister. I mean she's getting married. I hate the girl but apparently getting married is supposed to be the best day of your life." she explains. But it won't, for me. 

"Um I don't know Bora Bora?" I say thinking of some random place 

"Nope, can't take her there, she's already been there." She tells me. For the next hour I say basically every single place I know and its shot down. Briana has been everywhere. Maybe I can take her to some weird place and she'll blow up and leave. I smile to myself at the idea. But I have a new plan. 

"Of course being Briana she wants everything to be over the top and big. I'll invite some reporters and paps and make her go crazy and she'll get so mad or something she'll call off the wedding. Its perfect." I say to Morgan. She laughs at me and still looks at her magazine. 

"Its not perfect. Incase you forgot you have something coming in about 5 months." She tells me. Oh shit. I totally forgot about the baby. 

We get notified that we're about to leave and I get out of my chair before anyone can see me. 

"Look I know I promised and I broke it, but please give me one last chance. I'll prove to you that we can be together. This will work." I get up and say to her, kissing her head and taking a seat a few rows in front of her. I just need the boys in this too. 


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