He's Back and Worse

What happen's when Morgan's old boyfriend shows up again but worse, a life changing event What will happen with her current relationship? Can she take anymore surprises? Will it push her too far?


34. 4 Days

Harry's POV:

The next day we get to the venue really early. Briana wants us to do rehearsal and then lunch but as long as this can go as fast as possible I'll be fine. 

Briana tells everyone where to go and soon enough I'm standing at the front of the aisle, with some minister guy. Niall walks down with one of the bridesmaids who looks like she's about to faint cause its Niall; next are 2 of my grad school friends and then Zayn, Luke, Liam, Ashton and my best man- Louis. They walk down the aisle and I wish it was her, in the white dress with her arm linked with her fathers. She smiles the whole way down even though I know its fake. She's trying really hard to be helpful and its kinda funny. 

Next I see Briana walk down, slowly. Her belly has obviously become bigger, and shows a somewhat a lot. I'm crazy excited to be a dad but like I said before I would not want it to be with Briana, but nothings perfect. 

She takes my hands once she stands across from me and smiles. The minister quickly runs through everything. 

"You may kiss the bride" bring me back to reality. I lean forward and kiss her, her hands cupping my face. Some people awkwardly clap, as we walk down the aisle hand in hand and break apart once we're done. 

"Thanks everybody for coming and helping me and Harry make this the most perfect day. I can't wait till this really happens" She thanks everyone. 


Morgan's POV:

I walk down with Louis and we go separate ways once we hit Harry. He hits Harry on the arm and gives him a thumbs up. Louis is a little bit slow on the whole 'marrying Briana' thing. I wait at the front of the line of all the bridesmaids and wait for Briana. The ceremony is sweet and is really quick but their kiss seems opposite. Maybe because its because this is actually real, the flowers everywhere, all the people watching, and Harry and Briana facing each other and tying everything together with a kiss. 

Briana thanks everyone and we go to lunch. The rehearsal for the reception is after this and of course, being the maid of honor, I have to go. I put on smiles everywhere I look and talk about how grateful Briana is to be having her life complete with Harry. I feel like theres a knife in my stomach, cutting everything in sight as I take this in more. And I know whats its like to have bad stomach pains. 

"Comm'n lets go to lunch" Liam whispers in my ear. We all get in separate cars and follow the car in front of us to the restaurant. 

Some girls crowd us and guard the entrance but they're quickly escorted away from the door letting us in. More and more fans come up to the windows, screaming and hitting the glass. 

Secruity come and push them away standing in front of any windows and entrances. Briana and Harry sit next to each other and Briana tries to start a conversation with him but his attention isn't on her, its worse. On me. 

I feel his eyes on me as I talk to Eleanor and Perrie. But Eleanor is crazy nice. From all the stuff said about on twitter they seem like monsters. I haven't exactly figured them out yet, but we're hanging out later so I have time. 


"Um, Morgan can I talk to you?" Briana asks me across the table, while everyone is eating. I get up from the table and follow her in the back. 

She closes the door and when I face her she shoves me hard and I hit the wall. 

"What the hell?!" I yell at her.

"Sorry about that. But if you mess with Harry or me it will be worse. Our wedding is 4 days; 4! I've warned you enough already! One more time and you will seriously regret and Harry or Liam won't be there. I know you slept with him and I don't care about your previous relationship as long as it doesn't collide with this one. You got it?!" she gets in my face. I look at her. She thinks she strong and all but she's not. 

"Do you actually love him?" I question her as she walks away. She gets close to my face again. 

"More than you'll ever know. His tattoos, curls, that sexy and raspy morning voice, abs, large hands. Everything and money." she whispers the last part. She's only marrying him for his money. He probably knows that though. 

"Remember, if you tell you're going to get hurt." She smiles and walks away. I follow after her shortly. 

Everyone is packing up and ready to go, we fly back tonight so I quickly say good bye to Eleanor and Perrie along with my parents. 

An hour later we're back on the plane and flying back to the arena. The boys have an early show tomorrow and a meet and greet in the night. 

4 days. 96 hours till I say goodbye the guy I'm in love with, and 5 months till I become an aunt. Just as I thought that I was away from everything, Briana wants me to fly back in 2 days to get my nails done then stay for the wedding. I get to spend more time with satan. Yay. 



A/N: Sorry for the wait and the short chapter... but the book is ending soon. :( 

but I want to write another one, so please leave comments below on which 1D guy it should be about. thanks! :)

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