The Forgotten Heart

"I never knew what a broken heart was. I always thought it was just ice cream, tissues, and crying." ~Skylar Averda
Skylar Averda used to be Niall Horan's best friend, but THAT was before they started dating.

Of course, good things must come to an end.

Niall had to leave for the X-Factor, and having your cliché moment, Niall promised to keep in contact.

It's been 2 years now, and not one word from Niall. Not even from the last day. His last words?

"I love you."

When they somehow reunite from the boys going to a party, was it just "Niall spilling his love?"
Or was it maybe just a dare, to leave behind a forgotten heart.


9. Chapter 9: Kisses Await

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"Heyyy!!" I grinned, plopping down next to Jordan.

She laughed and grinned back. "What's up?"

"I dunno. I need to spend my time before the concert."

"You know, why won't we go play basketball? Remember, you get back senior year in time for the season."

[A/N: Little plot twist to make my story better!!]

"Love you." She laughed.

"Hey, c'mon let's go get the boys. Us two verses them, they going down." I shook my head at her "trying-to-be-cool" wording, smiling as I did.

"Ha. Ha. I wonder if they've ever played before?"

"Probably. But I guess they're more... soccer uh... I mean, football type of people."

"Well, I'm gonna go practice in my own, there's a gym downstairs." I said, as I grabbed my Minty Green Nike Elite shorts and a Nike shirt that read "Maybe You Should Practice" and Nike Elite Socks. I then grabbed a mini douffle bag with my needed items.

"Alright!! I'll go get dressed and meet you there, 'Kay?" Yep, Jordan also plays everyone. But she's a shooting guard, she's always draining 'dem threes (AS SHE SAYS).

"Yeah, later!" I replied, filling up my water as I tied my hair up. I'm really impressed by those people who can play with their hair down.

I grabbed my key card, phone, and water bottle, before heading out into the hallway. I scrolled through some of my tweets, smiling as I did.

@Skye_Lahverda: Drain dem threes🏀 (basketball emoji) 💪 (showing your muscles emoji)

@JJTaylor: Knockdown @Skye_Lahverda 💣 (bomb emoji)

I laughed and retweeted it, as my body impacted with a hooded one's.

"Sorry!!" I yelped, losing my balance as I fell to the ground. Lucky for the person, they were still standing.

"Skye?" Niall.

"Oh, uh, hey." I mumbled, quickly standing up. I grabbed my bag and swung it in my shoulder, as I took a step to get around him.

"Where are you going?" Darn. I turned back and smiled slightly, as I walked backwards.

"Uhm..." Yeah.. Where WAS I going?? "Home!" The fist thing that crossed my mind.

His face scrunched up, just as I felt myself collide with the doors of the elevators. Startled, I jumped and turned to face the doors. Steadying my slightly increased breathing, I pressed the down button.

A pair of arms suddenly wrapped around my waist, and by the tingling sensation I knew who it was right away.

"Don't go."

"What...? I'm uh, going to the gym." Okay, I'm really confused now. ...Oh yeah, I'm going to the gym, hah.

I was greeted by silence... It scared me to be honest.

"Don't you ever. Do. That. Again."

Gasping, I spun around from the deep tone of his voice. My breathed hitched though, when I saw his lips were just a few centimeters away from mine. I saw that his eyes has flickered to my lips, and his breathing became unsteady. But none of us moved, his hands on my waist, and mine, limping lifeless lay by my side. I stared at his lips, remembering how soft, and sweet, they used to be.

My hands slowly made their way to his shoulders, as I noticed he was now holding his breath. He slowly tilted his head to the side, and I watched as he stared into my eyes, silently asking for permission.

I just moved my eyes to the back of his neck, where my hands slowly tangled themselves in his hair.

Niall leaned in, and I felt his lips slowly, but gently, press against mine in a calming way.

The elevator dinged, and I pulled my mind away and snapped my head to the side. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but I could feel my cheeks heat up in a way that wasn't normal.

I unattached my fingers and jumped away from him. I shifted my bag onto my other shoulder and flew into the elevator, which was, thankfully, empty. Without glancing back I pressed the "close door" button multiple times, until the doors closed, and the elevator descended.


"No, Jordan, it wasn't a make-out sesh." I said exasperatedly, as the ball spiraled from my hands, and fell smoothly into the net, hitting a three.

"Whatever, Skye. But man oh man, wait until I see his face!"


"Alright, alright. But is this eating you up or something? You're missing quite a lot."

"I know, I know. I guess... Maybe? We never called it off, but I guess it's off." I rambled, as my basketball got stuck on the hoop. Jordan shot her ball up and knocked it down, passing it to me as I said my "thanks."

Jordan nodded her "your welcome" before replying, "I mean, I guess you're still his girlfriend. It's just awkward. You... DO like him, right?"

I nodded, silently watching as she pulled a few double moves here and there before taking it to the hole.

"Hey, c'mon!" She cheered, taking a sip from her water and winking at me. "Let's go to the mall, and have a girls day before the concert, alright?"

I shrugged, and smiled. "Yeah." I sprayed water at my face with my Gatorade water bottle before I sat down to take off my shoes.



"Later!" I called, as I entered my hotel room. Niall and Harry were talking... Well, Niall's head was stuffed under a pillow and his voice was muffled.

"Hey mate, it's Skye." Harry joked, winking at me as I grinned at him, pretending to move around as I made noise with objects around the room.

Niall sprung up, his eyes searching frantically around the room, before his eyes landed on me. With a frustrated groan, he threw a pillow at my direction (which I skillfully AND successfully dodged) and smacked Harry's arm.

Harry groaned as I rolled my eyes, walking towards him.

"Alrighty, I'll leave you two at it!" Harry called cheerfully, before slipping into the room next door.

I waited a few seconds, leaning against the bed post, waiting for Niall. Niall's head came out from under the pillow and he glanced at me.

"You heard?"

"Of course. Now cheer up, you have a concert too."

Silence. And I had no idea what was eating him up.

"She didn't kiss back."


"Niall, it's obvious she still likes you."

"Did she tell you that? I mean, I was a jerk. A really big one."

"Niall. You know Skye isn't one of those people to start cutting or go into depression. She never forced a smile, she let it slide."

"So she didn't care." He said it more like a statement, his voice quivering the slightest.

"Oh, she did." Groan. "She'd sometimes tell me she thought you were ignoring her, but she knew you were busy. Well, except that time when you dated the model, but..." Groan.

"What was she saying when I dated Dessy?"

"Management crap. But it wasn't, was it?"

"....yeah." Niall sighed, "But in my defense, did it make her think that we weren't together anymore?"

"Like I said, she believed it was all management. Like she wasn't good enough or anything for your new boy band status. But then she thought it was weird how if you dated a lingerie model, how would that um... Uh, I mean, what's the word... Phrase.... improve your image?"

Niall stared at me. Glared at me. With such intensity, it was so sweet how he cared for Skye so much. I definitely shipped them. And still do.

"What did she say, Jordan?"

I snapped out of my thoughts, by shaking my head little.

I sighed. "She thought she was just a rebound to get girls... To play hard to get or... whatever."


"And what?"

"Aandd?? I know you're lying Jordan."

"And nothing! Please, Niall, you're Skye's best friend, not mine. Your just my... Best friend who can't tell my emotions."

"Please. Jordan." I softened at his voice, he sounded so... Desperate. "And what?" He pressed. I shifted, rubbing my temples. Okay, maybe that was a bit unnecessary.

"That all of it meant nothing."

Niall fell silent, but I could feel him tense up.


"She fell in love, Niall. I know you guys never really exactly exchanged that word, but she really did, anyone could see it. And she was jut upset, it's the normal heartbreak some people unfortunately get into."

I could hear Niall sniffle. "I love her too."

"Why?" Niall looked up at me. "Why did you do that?"

"I- I don't know."

I sighed. "It's fine, Niall. That was only 2 months ago when you dated Dessy Shane, I'm sure she didn't really mean it. It was pretty obvious you guys were over then.

"She was... Okay, right?!"

"Yeah, of course."

"She hates me, oh my gosh."

"No he doesn't, Ni. She likes you. She told me herself today."

Niall seemed to ponder the thought, before he sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Then why didn't she kiss back?"

"Niall! She was shocked, you both technically just met... Again. If she had time to register it, she'd kiss back."

A undefinable sound came from him as he shifted his eyes to look into mine.

"Would I still be her boyfriend?"

I thought. "Well you cheated on her..."

Niall gave an exasperated "I know." I knew it wasn't in a mean way, but in a frustrated kind.

"And don't deny it, you both thought it was over."

"What?!!! She thought we were-"

"Look, it's obvious you both still like each other. Go ask her out or something. If you kiss her and she kisses back, well, it's a go. But use protection!!" I joked, as Niall finally cracked a smile.

"Thanks Jordan."

I smiled at him, just as a knock came into the room. I opened the door to find Skye in a black skater skirt, a crop top that said "choose your own path" with a white tank underneath it. She had on a pair of minty green flip flops, as her hair was turned into a side ponytail.



I watched Jordan head into the bathroom to change, before awkwardly sitting onto the bed. Yes, I knew Niall was there.

"You look pretty." Niall said smiling slightly. I smilies softly back at him. "Thanks... Uhm, you look... Comfortable."

Well this was awkward.

Niall laughed awkwardly, in that ha-ha-ha.... Type of way.

Niall took his hand, and placed it on my cheek as he sat up. I gasped, as my hands flew to his chest.

"You're not a rebound, Skye." He frowned.


"Jordan told me that-"

Oh. I put my hand up to stop him, as I glanced at the bathroom door behind Niall.

"I.... was just a teenager back then, a real immature one Niall."

He frowned, but nodded. I leaned my head against his shoulder for sympathy, but I could hear his breath hitching ever so slightly. His breathing became loud as he tried to steady it. I could tell.

I glanced up at him, just for him to smile at me, and slowly lean.

Oh, damn.

I closed my eyes, and leaned forward, until I felt my lips make contact with his.

Suddenly, the bathroom door creaked open. Niall placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me away, before flinging away and jumping off the bed. He ran a hand through his hair, dissecretly wiping his land over his mouth.

Hey! I don't wear lipstick!

I slowly leaned back, as Niall tried to get my attention by grabbing my hand. I shook my head, snapping myself out of my thoughts as I pulled my hand away from his grasp, and slid down the bed.

Jordan popped out of the bathroom in a pair of yoga capris pants and a colorful tribal print tank too. Her hair was still in a ponytail, as we walked over to the door. Jordan slipped on her black Converse, and grabbed her phone, key card, and wallet.

"See ya." I called softly, closing the door. But not before I saw Niall flop onto the bed and let out a muffled scream.


"Seriously? You almost kissed?" Jordan asked in disbelief, as we walked out of Starbucks. We had shopped at a few stores, and the ride there we were planning ideas. I barely thought about any of this.

"We did, and... I may have... Or not started the kiss?" I mumbled, pulling down my shades.

"You WHAT?! Alright alright DETAILS! NOW!" Jordan pulled me over to the tables right outside of Starbucks, as I blabbered on and on about what had happened.

When I was done, Jordan had a weird look on her face. "What did you tell him?"

"Jordan. What did you tell him?!"

She smiled sheepishly. "That you er.. Like him? And that um, if he ever kissed you and you kissed him back then yeah. And uh... Maybe your little rebound rant??"

I groaned. "Jordannnn!!!"

It all made sense now.

"I'm sorry!!! But you two need to stop hiding in the shadows." I sighed in defeat.

"Now, you both need to work this out because Niall's upset and he's got a concert it preform soon. We have a little over an hour, c'mon."

"So... We're leaving Niall in misery for a little over an hour?" What? I mean, that's still a little cruel.

"No, Skye. Harry says to give him some time, he's calming down and probably thinking up of something to ask you out, or become best friends- aka wasn't supposed to tell you- ooohhh... Parentheses..." Jordan laughed awkwardly, as she read from a text on her phone. I threw my head back and laughed.

I decided just to ignore it. "C'mon Jordan! Let's go to the Food Court!!"

She grinned, laughing. The awkwardness was way past us by now. "Yeah, you and Niall are SO much alike." She joined me by my side as I playfully slapped her arm, grinning as I did so.


"GOOD NIGHT PORTLAND!!!!" The band screamed, as the arena rose in applause.

Clap, clap, clap, scream. Clap, clap, clap, scream.

I recorded it onto vine, captioning it with "Gotta love the fans❤️ (heart emoji)" and tweeted it.

I could see a few spots of the sky, as exit doors opened. Few by few, everyone filed out, chattering, screaming, and taking photos. There weren't any backstage passes for a few concerts during the boy's tour, this being one of them.

I trudged towards the tour bus at the back of the stadium, sprinting in case any fans were lurking nearby.

"Hey hey hey!!" Louis called, slightly out of breath as he was followed by Jordan, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Paul.

I rolled my eyes, but jumped up to hug them, "Great concert guys!! That was amazing!!!"

Only Niall had had a shower, as the others walked towards the back of the bus to retrieve some items.

"Hey Skye, do you wanna have a movie night?"

I shrugged, as he nodded putting the DVD for How to Train your Dragon (1).

"Omigosh I swear I have a secret obsession with this." I whispered to Niall, as he barked out laughter. I glared at him, before slapping him playfully.

TWITTER: @NiallOfficial tagged you in a tweet! 8:56 p.m 35 seconds ago

@NiallOfficial: @Skye_Lahverda has a HTTYD secret obsession

I rolled my eyes, before pulling up Twitter on my phone.

@Skye_Lahverda: @NillOfficial shh movies starting

N let out any other streak on laughing, tipping his head back.

N retweeted me, before gently pushing me towards his chest.

"Skye? I took a shower so we could have some time one..

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