The Forgotten Heart

"I never knew what a broken heart was. I always thought it was just ice cream, tissues, and crying." ~Skylar Averda
Skylar Averda used to be Niall Horan's best friend, but THAT was before they started dating.

Of course, good things must come to an end.

Niall had to leave for the X-Factor, and having your cliché moment, Niall promised to keep in contact.

It's been 2 years now, and not one word from Niall. Not even from the last day. His last words?

"I love you."

When they somehow reunite from the boys going to a party, was it just "Niall spilling his love?"
Or was it maybe just a dare, to leave behind a forgotten heart.


4. Chapter 4: Videos

"I'll go talk to him." I said, standing up. The others nodded as I made my way over to Niall.


"Niall?" I asked quietly. All I heard was a muffled groan.


I smiled a bit, and pulled back the curtains. I walked in and sat down next to Niall, who's head was in his pillow.


"Niall. It's me."


"Go away Harry."


"It's me, Skye. Unless you want me to go away."


"Oh!! Skye!" Niall sputtered, as he shot up.

But his head hit the top bunk and he went back down.


I giggled.


"Ouchhhh." Niall groaned as he turned to look at me.


I kissed the top of his head. "Better?" I asked.

He smiled. "A lot." He answered.


"Are you okay Niall?"


"I just said..."


"No, I meant before."


"Oh. Uhhhmmmm..."


I gently kissed Niall's cheek.


"Take your time." I said, as I stood up.


"No! Stay with me!" Niall pouted. I laughed, and sat back down.


"I'll stay here okay?" I stated.


"Alright." Niall grinned.


"I promise I won't leave..." I trailed off, a lot quieter than normal.

Niall had promised the same thing... Although he never kept his promise.

Niall's grin dropped right off his face.


There wasn't any noise, and so I just scooted down onto the floor.


"You're leaving." Came a muffled voice.


"No, I'm just making some adjustments so we can both be comfortable." I snapped.


Another moment of silence.


I sighed, and ran a finger through my hair. "I'm sorry." I said, as I listened for any sounds or voices.


Niall still didn't say anything, do I just leaned my head back a little, and plugged in my beat headphones. I set them around my neck, I was told headphones and earbuds are bad for your ears. I turned up the volume a little, and slowly drifted off to sleep.



I woke up in my bed. Wait... What?!

"Oh, I see you're awake now." Came a familiar voice.

I opened my eyes to see the bright glare of the bus's light.


"Off! Off! Lights!" I groaned, as I heard chuckling.

"Come on, babe."




"I don't see why people think you're such a babe. I mean, really." I muttered, loud enough for Harry to hear.

"Am I a babe?" I heard a quiet voice mutter. My eyes fluttered open as I glanced at the head laying on the floor.


"Of course, Niall."

"Uhm..." I stammered, as Niall's face lit into a grin. "I think that..."

"You already said it." Harry said, as my face froze, shocked. Niall's face dropped.


"I meant it, though." I said, pushing Harry as he came right in front of my face and smirked at me.

I glanced to see that Niall's face had brightened, and that he had skipped off.


That boy...


I groaned and got up, pushing Harry out. I closed the curtain, and randomly pulled out an outfit.

I ended up with a top: Frill Front Singlet from Ally Fashion, jeans: Stella McCartney Lina Jeans from Stella McCartney, and a pair of White Vans from well, Vans.


I quickly grabbed my Nikon Camera and propped it on the tripod.


"I need ideas!!" I complained, racking my brain for anything.

See, I'm a youtuber.

A pretty famous one, I guess. I went onto twitter, and tweeeted:


@Skye_Lahverda: SOS Video ideas anyone?


"Oooh, are you like a youtuber or a show host?!" Louis squealed, jumping around. I groaned, just as an idea popped into my head.


I quickly pressed start, but not before going things over my brain and shoo-ing Louis away.


Yeah, I like to wing it. Flappy Bird... hehe. Okay, I got this.


"Hey guiseee! It's Skye, and I asked for video ideas on twitter, and so comment below, or on twitter what you might like for next week! I decided to do a Vlog today... so here are my wonderful friends, or-" I started, but everyone else jumped in.


"And We're ONE DIRECTION!!!!" They all yelled, as I playfully glared at them, and they all laughed.

"And we ALL know the beloved Jordan Taylor and Eleanor Calder." I added, as they popped on the screen.


I quickly stopped the camera, and we all sat on the floor in a circle, before I started it again.

"Don't act camera shy." I said, before I started the camera.


"Let's play JUST DANCE!" Harry suggusted. I laughed, and everyone agreed.

Zayn and Liam set up the X-Box as we all stood back and watched.

"Boys... and Just Dance. Weird. Hmm, actually, I take that back. They have Harry." Jordan smirked, as Harry fake gasped. But you could see the twinkling sparks in his eyes.


"Jordan. Taylor. You-" Harry deadpanned, but Jordan took off running. I quickly grabbed the camera, and filmed as Jordan whipped a pillow at Harry, causing him to go down.

"WIMP!" Jordan screamed, as we just all cracked up. Harry quickly picked himself up, and flung the pillow at Jordan. It hit her feet and she came crashing down... and Harry came down with her.


"Umm... alright. While everything's going on... uh..." I stammered, looking around. Liam and Zayn were fighting over where they put the game's disk, and Louis and Eleanor were... I don't know.


"Hey Skye!" Niall said, plopping onto the empty seat on the couch next to me. I grinned at him, mostly for the fans, I guess.

"And LOOK! It's the famous-"

"I'LL do the introducing, thank you." Niall cut in, still smiling his charming smile.

I rolled my eyes.

"Your little leprechaun is here to save the dayy!!!" Niall grinned cheekily, before kissing my cheek.

"AND HE WHO STOLE A KISS-" Niall bellowed, as I pushed him off the couch. I quickly grabbed my camera, and held it out so people could see me.

I then pretended to look really caring and checked the camera, my upper half still on view.

"MY BABY!!!!!!!! Are you okay?!?!?!?!" I exclaimed as I pretended to touch the camera delicately, and sigh in relief.


"Heyy!!!" I heard a whine from the floor. I turned the camera so that it was facing Niall.

"Yeah?" I asked casually, as he glared at me. I held out my hand, and he reached for it as I pulled him up.

It gave me butterflies in my stomach- just by holding his hands. He jumped up and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.


I felt my face flush as I set it back on the tripod, thankfully Liam and Zayn had set up Just Dance before camera caught anything. If it did, I would probably just edit it out. My face blushing, of course.


And MAYBE the kiss. On the cheek, I mean. Yeah...


*                   *                   *

"Man, your supporters are gonna FREAK when they see this." Jordan observed, just as I finished editing the last bits of our video. It was 20 minutes long- but I'll accept it.


I chuckled a bit, just as Harry walked over.

He quickly pulled out his phone, and grinned cheekily.

He snapped a photo with Jordan, and he sat down thinking.

"Hordan? Jarry?" Harry thought out loud, obviously thinking of ship names.

Jordan laughed, and shook her head. I rolled my eyes, before tuning them out.

I posted my video, and then I set my iPhone (Used iPhone for iHome uses- sorry Microsoft fans!!) in the iHome, and pressed shuffle.

Immediately, the song Airplanes came on, and I grinned.

Whenever I put it on shuffle, I just change it to a song I like... Heh heh. Doesn't everyone?

"Can we pretend like airplanes in the night sky are like shootin' stars...? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now~"



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