The Forgotten Heart

"I never knew what a broken heart was. I always thought it was just ice cream, tissues, and crying." ~Skylar Averda
Skylar Averda used to be Niall Horan's best friend, but THAT was before they started dating.

Of course, good things must come to an end.

Niall had to leave for the X-Factor, and having your cliché moment, Niall promised to keep in contact.

It's been 2 years now, and not one word from Niall. Not even from the last day. His last words?

"I love you."

When they somehow reunite from the boys going to a party, was it just "Niall spilling his love?"
Or was it maybe just a dare, to leave behind a forgotten heart.


2. Chapter 2: Tour




"Say no mom!" I hissed. The boys were talking to my mom about going on a tour with him. My first year of collage would be done with the boys tutors.


"She would love to." My parents said at the same time. ARGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!


The boys whooped and laughed, as they yelled with joy before running upstairs to grab my already packed suitcases. What? They told- made me pack my bags.


"Alright, bye love you!" My mom said smiling. I smiled, hugged her, and then hugged my dad.

"Bye honey. Call us, love you!" He smiled.

"Now, don't expect to hide from him forever. Show him you're what he needs. Besides, this trip won't make you feel so lonely when we're out on a business trip." Mom said grinning. I hugged them both again.

"Alright. Love you guys." I said, as they waved, and so did I.

"Love you!" They yelled back, before blowing kisses. I grinned at them, before turning around and walking onto the bus.

"Laughter suddenly filled the bus, and I grinned. I couldn't wait to catch up with the boys, and I skipped into the lounge, before I halted to a dead stop.


"So... Um Niall..." Louis said nervously, as he put his hand behind Niall's heading, indicating me to back away. I did, but Niall's head turned and his eyes widened.


"Singing radio head at the top of our lungs, with the boom box playing as we're fallin' in love-" I pretended to sing to "Here's to never growing up by: Avril Lavigne as I awkwardly skipped pass them and towards my bunk, but I stopped at the love part, since I felt Niall's eyes on me.


"RADIOHEAD!!" Someone screamed behind me. I shrieked and ran into the lounge, not caring who was there. I saw a blanket on the ground, picked it up and climbed onto Louis and Jordan, before wrapping the blanket around me, as footsteps pounded. I glanced up to grin at Lou, but my eyes met a pair of blue eyes, ones deeper than the ocean. I gasped, but it was really just opening my mouth with no sound coming out.


"Bathroom maybe, or YOUR CAR, Eleanor." Jordan said, as Eleanor led out a tight gasp, before the bus doors flew open.


"How nice of you to join." Niall said, smirking.

"How nice of you to finally talk to me... Like this." I muttered, trying to get up.

"How nice of you to lay your head on me." Niall shot back, but his voice was quivering ever so slightly.

My head shot up, not caring that I accidentally hit Niall's hand.

I shot up, gave Lou and Jordan a quick "thank you" smile, before walking over to Eleanor who had just walked onto the bus.


"Boo." I whispered, and she screamed. I was sent into hysterics, before everyone was laughing, everyone BUT Niall. It hurt me to see him like this, but no way was I talking to him. At least, not now.






I hate disappointing people.

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