The Forgotten Heart

"I never knew what a broken heart was. I always thought it was just ice cream, tissues, and crying." ~Skylar Averda
Skylar Averda used to be Niall Horan's best friend, but THAT was before they started dating.

Of course, good things must come to an end.

Niall had to leave for the X-Factor, and having your cliché moment, Niall promised to keep in contact.

It's been 2 years now, and not one word from Niall. Not even from the last day. His last words?

"I love you."

When they somehow reunite from the boys going to a party, was it just "Niall spilling his love?"
Or was it maybe just a dare, to leave behind a forgotten heart.


1. Chapter 1: 2 yeas later...

Story will get better near Chapter 9 or 10. I realized how bad it was, so I'm trying to make it better! Bear with me? Thanks   x




"PARKOUR!!! PARKOUR!!!" My best friend Jordan screamed as I laughed. I was filming her doing tricks, well, actually just twirling off benches and doing the disco at the mall.


Suddenly, Jordan fell of the bench, and some one caught her. "JORDAN!!!!" I screamed, not bothering to stop the camera as I ran over.


"Omigosh thanks soooo much sir!" I gushed to the kind man. He glanced at me, and our jaws dropped.


"LIAM!" I whisper-shouted.


"S-S-Skye?! OMIGOSH SKYLAR!!!!" Liam yelled. People turned and looked, but Liam was in his disguise.


"Oh, hey! CAN YA PUT ME DOWN NOW?!" Jordan shouted.

"Right. Sorry, love." Liam muttered, setting Jordan down.

"What are you doing in Cali?" I asked.


"Duh, Skye! We're here to see you! Yesterday at the club, Niall totally spilled his guts out!" Liam exclaimed as I shifted uncomfortably.


See, Niall left me 2 years ago to go join the X-Factor, and well that time we were a couple, and we've been best friends since birth. I still remember what he said that day.


"I'll miss you. Call, text, Skype, or even send me a letter. I don't care." I was sobbing my heart out.

Niall lifted my him up and kissed me. It was long, but it felt like 2 seconds.

"Hey, hey. Don't cry, I promise I will." He whispered, and I knew he never broke his promises.

I nodded, and he smiled.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too." I replied, as he walked off.


Little did I know he didn't even bother. Not even after.

But I was waiting. A text, a call, anything.

And it was he who made that promise.

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