Little Me

Best friends Jaylin Thirlwall and Raeden Edwards are only freshman in highschool. Struggling to keep up socially, their worlds change when their superstar big sisters come back to highschool for their Junior years. Bringing some friends along with them, they realize that in high school, you really do have the time of your life. Love, heartbreak, happiness, and injury. Let's hope it leads these teens to the right place. Happy Reading C: Love Raina and Tey! Muah! P.S. Yellow for foul language. One Direction is not famous in this story, but Little Mix is. P.P.S. All of One Direction is 16 in this story along with Perrie and Jade. Raeden and Jaylin are 14 going on 15.


1. Little Me

"She lives in the shadow of a lonely girl, voice so quiet you don't hear a word; Always talking but she can't be heard." Really? My phone just had to ring in the middle of music? Bullying commences in 3, 2,-

"Oh look 'Little Miss Nobody' actually gets phone calls!" Bethany snickered.

'Yes I do.' I thought to myself. I looked at the clock on the wall. 8:05. Well, I guess it can wait until we get out at 8:07. I hit the lock button on my phone to silence it, and looked back up to the teacher.

"Sorry, Mrs. Ross. It won't happen again," I say.

She nods me an okay, and continues with her speech. "Okay class, tomorrow we will have a couple new students. I expect you to be on your very best behavior."

She looks around the classroom and notices as a few students nod.

"Oh so more people to hate Rayman and Jaiden or whatever the fuck their names are?" Bethany smirked.

"Her name is Raeden not Rayman." I mumbled.

"Did you hear something, Carmen?" she asked, in her usual, bitchy tone of voice.

"Nope, all I hear is silence," Carmen answers with an evil grin.

"Okay that's enough, class," Mrs. Ross says, rolling her eyes, "You're dissmissed."

I walked out of the classroom as fast as I could. Hopefully, those whales in heels won't catch up.

Once I was sure they weren't coming after me, I pulled my phone out of my back pocket. Of course it was my sister.

Hey luv! P and I r transferring bck thr wit u nd Rae! We r brnging sum frnds wit us tho so be nice!!!! ? shld I intro as ur big sis or no?

Oh, that's hot. The new kids are Jade's friends. I hit reply and typed 'NO.' back before replacing my phone in my pocket. It didn't take her but a second to reply.

Ok I kno how u feel abt attention. Srry I askd luv. Hv a grt day! Xx

"Hey! Is that Jade?"

I look up. It's only Raeden. "Yeah," I say putting my phone back in my pocket.

"Sweet. Perrie texted me too!" she replied.

"You're a little excited there."

"Aren't you?"

"I just feel like somebody's going to find out. That's all."

"Find out what?" Carmen asked.

"Find out that you still sleep with your teddy! That's what," Raeden answers a little too confidently. Is she trying to get us killed?

"That's okay. You don't have to tell me. I'll figure it out eventually."

Carmen brushes her hair over her shoulder, and walks away with a huff.

"What is your problem?" I ask Raeden.

"What do you mean?" she asks.

"Why would you say that?"

"Why not?"

"We're nobodies, and I'd like for it to stay that way! You can't just say stuff like that to the popular kids you idiot."

"I'm not you. I can do what I want to. And why should I listen to you anyways?"

"Because I'm your best friend!"

"Are you, Jaylin?" she asks walking away.

What the hell has gotten into her?

It's going to be a hella long day.


Lunch. Finally!

I quickly went through the lunch line, and paid for my meal. Pizza, well that’s nutritious. I hope Raeden isn’t still mad at me. What did she even mean? Of course I’m her best friend. I mean, I don’t even have anybody else that could be my best friend. If I lose her, then I’ll have to do the unthinkable. I’ll have to be friends with Perrie and Jade’s friends! I shiver.

When I reach Raeden and I’s normal table, she isn’t there. Maybe she is still mad at me.

Raeden and I have been friends since forever. But even then, I didn’t know Raeden had siblings until recently.  Maybe Rae and I don’t know each other as well as I thought we did.

Right as I thought that, I managed to see something I thought I would never see in my entire life. There is no way. Absolutely no way. Raeden Dawn Edwards is sitting at the popular table, right between Carmen and Bethany. Her outfit has been changed since this morning when she was wearing black skinnies she cut triangles out of, a halter sweater, and black converse. Now, she’s wearing a black dress and heels? Something is not right here. They must have blackmailed her or something.

Raeden turned her head and we locked eyes. I raised my eyebrow in question as she stands up and begins walking over to me.

“What are you wearing Rae?” I ask her.

“Clothes. What are you wearing rainbow guts?” she asks.

I looked down at my clothes. I was wearing a gray rainbow sweater, red skinnies, and turquoise high-top converse. My eyes tear up as I look back at her. “Who are you?” I ask my voice shaking a bit.

“You,” she spits violently.

I hear a bell ringing and sit up. How long was I out? When the hell did I fall asleep? Where am I?

“Oh my god thank god you’re okay!” Raeden screams running over  to me.

“What happened?” I ask.

“Well you and I had like a mini fight thing kind of, and I walked away from you and you slammed your face into a locker door. Are you okay? What’s your name?”

“Shut up I’m fine. I walked into a locker door, I didn’t get hit by a car!”

“So! You still could have died.”

“What do you mean?”

“You have a giant gash in your head. I know you don’t want people to know who your sister is-“

“You didn’t!”

“-so I called mine.”

“P’s here?”

“Of course I’m here! Big J is going to meet us at the clinic. Let’s go love.” Perrie answers my question. I love Perrie.

“Alrighty dear. That ought to do it.” The doctor tells me.

“Thanks,” Jade tells her.

“Of course, that’s my job. You ladies have a nice night.”

The nurse leaves the room, and Jade puts out a hand to help me off of the table.

“Let’s go get some food. I think you two can skip the rest of today. Thoughts Perrie?”

“Muah! Perfection.” She replies. I really do love her.

We all laugh as we leave the clinic.


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