Little Me

Best friends Jaylin Thirlwall and Raeden Edwards are only freshman in highschool. Struggling to keep up socially, their worlds change when their superstar big sisters come back to highschool for their Junior years. Bringing some friends along with them, they realize that in high school, you really do have the time of your life. Love, heartbreak, happiness, and injury. Let's hope it leads these teens to the right place. Happy Reading C: Love Raina and Tey! Muah! P.S. Yellow for foul language. One Direction is not famous in this story, but Little Mix is. P.P.S. All of One Direction is 16 in this story along with Perrie and Jade. Raeden and Jaylin are 14 going on 15.


2. friends?

"So how was school? Besides getting hurt, Jay" P asked looking at us.

"Oh same as always. Bethany and Carmen bullying us, everyone laughing, you know how it goes." I replied like it was no big deal.

"Jaylin, why do you deal with this?" Jade said stopping me from walking.

"Because I can handle myself. I’m a big girl now." I said walking past her.

"Obviously not." She replied walking beside me.

I scoffed and continued to walk.


The rest of the walk home was absolutely silent. We walked into the front door of my house to see my parents and Raeden’s looking extremely freaking pissed. Oh shit.

"Are we in trouble?" Raeden asked.

"No shit." P said slapping the back of Rae’s head.

"What the hell are you doing sassing the popular girls?" Mrs. Edwards screamed. She slapped Raeden’s arm before looking at her expectantly.

"Sorry mom." Rae said inching away from her mother slowly.


After getting our asses handed to us, we all just sat down and had a lazy day. I don’t understand why Raeden’s mom always has to get mad at Perrie and Raeden for sticking up for themselves. They just don’t want to get walked all over. Which I understand.

We've watched the first 4 Harry Potter movies so far, and are now going to watch Vampires Suck because Jade and I only own the first 4 movies.

"I'm tired. Rae, you and Perrie can stay in the guest room tonight. I love you, but you kick in your sleep. Good night." I said standing up and walking up to my room. Rae got up and followed me. She walked straight to my dresser and pulled pajamas out of the top drawer. She has claim on the Jack Skellington ones. She wears them almost every time they come over. Which is a lot. I’m surprised they aren’t worn out yet.

"See you in the morning." She smiled and walked to our guest room.

What will tomorrow be like? I mean Jade and I look alike. You'd have to be stupid to not notice the resemblance. Same thing with Rae and Perrie. But I guess Carmen and Bethany are pretty stupid.

“Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!” Raeden shouts into my room, “Time to get up, and ready because today’s the day our whole lives change!”

She walks into my closet and picks clothes for me. “What are you talking about Raeden?” I ask.

“Somebody found out that I’m Perrie’s sister. I didn’t tell anyone! I swear. Don’t be mad.”

I shot up from my bed, and gave her the evilest glare I could muster. “WHAT?”

“It’s all over the media. Nobody knows about you, but I have a feeling they have at least a suspicion. You should wear this today.”

She handed me my galaxy skinnies, a sweater with the words ‘ The dark side of the moon’ on it, and my black knee high combat boots.

Today is going to be a long day. I got dressed quickly, before walking to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and applied my trademark red lipstick. Then, I put on deodorant, and brushed my hair. My hair sat almost perfectly on my head, which is very good, because I don’t feel like messing with it today.

“What are you going to wear Raeden?” I shout to her.

“Raiding your closet as we speak!” She shouted back.

“Oh my god!” Jade exclaims.

“Are you okay?” Perrie and I shout simultaneously.

“Come into Jaylin’s room!” She replied.

I rushed into my room with Perrie right behind me. “What?” I ask.

“Look at Raeden! She looks just like you P!” She gushes.

Of course that’s all it was.

Raeden was standing in front of my closet. She wore my black and white striped skirt, black crop top, and blue scarf. The silver heels don’t belong to me though. I don’t wear heels. They must be Jade’s.

“Whose heels?” I ask her.

“Jade’s. You know you don’t wear heels.” Rae replied.

“Why are you wearing heels?”

“Because, now that people know who I am, they’re going to look at me more often. I’m short.”

I laughed. “Wow.”

I grabbed my bag off the floor by my closet door, and shoved a pair of basketball shorts, a tank top, and black converse into it for gym.

As we got out of Perrie’s red convertible, everyone stared at us. Maybe I should have worn heels.

Wait, me in heels? What the hell am I thinking? That’s never going to happen.

A black convertible just like Perrie’s, rolled up next to us. I only recognized Zayn, Perrie’s boyfriend. There were four other boys in the car with him. Are they all transferring here? What about Leigh-Anne and Jesy? Are they transferring here too?

“Yes, all five of them are transferring here. Leigh-Anne and Jesy are going to continue being home-schooled for now. But I bet we can change their minds.” I swear Jade can read my mind sometimes.

“Perrie?” Raeden asked.

“What’s up?” P answered.

“Can you dye my hair tonight?”

“Sure, what color?”

“I want blue tips.”

“Okay, I think we still have blue dye at home from when I did mine.”


Perrie ran around the car to kiss Zayn hello. “Hello!” she screeched.

“Well hello there!” Zayn replied. They looks so happy together. “Hey, Raeden.”

“Hey Zayn!” Rae replied.

“Can I get a hug?” Zayn asked her.

“Of course!” she screamed jumping into his arms.

“And Jade! Nice to see you again.”

“You as well Mr. Malik,” My sister said.

“And who are you?” he asked me.


“I’m only kidding, Jaylin.”

“Oh,” I said relieved.

Who are the other guys though?

“Well since loverboy here isn’t going to introduce us, I guess I will,” a boy with brown curly hair said, “I’m Harry.”

“I’m not I shaved my legs this morning!” Raeden said.

He chuckled, “I like this one. She’s funny.”

We all laughed. “I’m Niall,” the blonde guy said. Is he Irish?

“Liam, nice to meet you girls.” Well he’s cute. He looks like the smart type. He stuck out his hand to shake all of ours. He definitely gets ‘A’s.

“I’M LOUIS!” the fifth one shouts. I bet Raeden likes him. He seems like her ‘type’ I guess.

“Well I better get to class,” I excuse myself.

“Me too!” Liam says.

Liam and I walk into the school building.

Oh no! Please do not say anything Carmen. I’m not in the mood!

“Hey, Jaylin!” she says perkily as she hugs me.

“Ew! What the hell?” I ask her.

“What do you mean?” she asks me.

Oh I see. She knows. She only wants to be my friend because of Jade. Well that’s nice…and so not happening!

“Go away, Carmen.” I say.

I walk past her, trying to continue without her in my day.

“C’mon Liam.”

“Is this your boyfriend? He’s cute!” Carmen squeals.

“Yeah, totally. Let’s go, Liam.” I reply.

He looks shocked, but follows me anyway.

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