Need To Know You

Maranda and Annika are youtubers. What happens when 2/5 of One Direction accidentally click on one of their videos


1. chapter 1

Maranda's P.O.V

"That was discusting" I said while brushing my teeth. Joey nodded ,we had just done the smoothie challenge and let me just say we will never do that again.minutes later joey got the terrible taste out of his mouth Annika was still upstairs. While we were waiting I asked joey if he wanted to play some minecraft . Just then Annika came down and joey grabbed his stuff "I have to go me and Stacyanya are playing some hungercraft but you can join if you like we're playing at 4:00 " I just nodded and said a simple your going down he just laughed and left.

Me and Annika plopped our selfs down on the couch I checked the time 4:00 I quickly got and seen joey and Stacy they told me which server and we got started after about an hour later we were done.Annika was done with editing our video and we decided to watch it by the end of the video me and Annika were as red as tomatoes "did you see his face" Annika said.

"Hey want to order some pizza"Annika said the thought of some pizza made my stomach growl and my mouth water"ya sounds good" while we were waiting for our pizza to be delivered. We went on our YouTube channel and both of our mouths dropped" 1,0000 subscribers" we said in unison . We hopped up and did a happy dance when the doorbell rang we raced to get it after we payed we took the pizza and I grabbed my camera and turned it on hey guys me and Annika just wanted to say thank you so much to all of you who subscribed. We love you bye ! We said as I turned off the camera and she posted it.

"Wow I can't believe we ate that whole pizza well I'm going to bed night " I got no response so I turned around to find her asleep on the couch. I laughed and went to bed.

Maranda-curly brown hair but she straightens it every day hobbies-soccer ,archery ,skateboarding ,boxing and singing . Age - 18

Annika- dirty blonde straight hair. Hobbies- playing flute, playing guitar, playing basketball and archery . Age -18


Hey people, this is my first movella so I'm nervous . Sorry for my terrible writing skills. If you have any comments ,questions or suggestions please comment down below also Maranda and Annika are not youtubers don't forget to like and favorite.


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