Complicated love

Gaby has new feelings. Feelings she has never felt before. Will she fall in live with Harry or will she continue with her her plan for fame and power?


3. new thoughts

Gaby's POV

Being at the beach made me feel calm and happy. Harry looked at me for what seemed like forever but it was really only a couple of minutes I finally broke the science and said what? What he replied back and we both laughed.

Harry's POV

U ready to leave I asked no not yet she replied so kenny holland I finally said what about him I asked who is he just a mormon guy who sings that I mention to make you jealous though he is an old friend. I see I replied it was 10 and I decide we need to go home because our wedding tommarow.

Gaby's POV

I woke up and was soo exited today's the day I said to my self. I got dressed in casual cloths and headed to the place where we where being married. Elanor and Petrie said I looked great in my dress. When the wedding was over Harry and u went on our honey moon to Paris

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