Complicated love

Gaby has new feelings. Feelings she has never felt before. Will she fall in live with Harry or will she continue with her her plan for fame and power?


2. falling apart

Harry's POV

I decided to ask gaby to move in with me to make wedding planing easier. So I decided to night I'd ask her. Do I dialed her number she answered . I told her to meet me at Nandos at 6 she agreed. I took a shower and did my hair like Marcel. I put on my nicest shirt an jeans a drove to Nandos.

Gaby's POV

As I arrived at Nandos I saw Harry kissing another girl. I HATE YOU HARRY. I yelled. I ran out crying. He yelled after me but I ignored him. I was in my room crying and I heard a knock on my door my best friend Hanna she gasped as she looked at me I was as white as I crayon as she said she brought me down stairs I suddenly fainted.

~ 3 months later~

I woke up in the hospital I saw Hanna and my mom where are the boys I asked Hanna looked at me and said they where in the room next to me on a coma I asked why I was in the hospital . They said I just came out of a 3 month coma.

~ 1 week later ~

Harry's POV

I was in a coma asked Liam he nodded I asked where gaby was they said she was at home zayn asked what happens between I told them that I was waiting for gaby at Nandos then Julie walked in and sat bye I told I was engaged and to leave but she kissed me and when she did gaby walked in and saw.

~one month later ~

I decided to visit gaby when I knocked on the door she opened the door and kissed me. I asked why she kissed and she said do I need permission to kiss my fiancé? Ok she said the boys told what happened I was getting ready to go to visit you.

~ 6 months later ~

Gaby's POV

So how bout a movie night with all the boys alright he said as he called them. We watched a really scary movie but I liked it cause I got to cuddle with Harry. When the movie was over Harry kissed me and slowly made his way down a couple of quiet moans slipped my mouth want to he asked ummmmmm....... YES!!!!!! Good, he took me upstairs and trew me on the bed as we pationately kissed he took off my short and started giving me a blow job I turned things around and did the se and he took of my pants before I knew it we were both naked he then started licking my lower reign and then I pushed him off and started sucking his dick I finally couldn't take it any more

Harry's POV

Gaby yelled I want you sooo bad I got on top of her and started thrusting my dick in her I started going faster and harder sheoan louder the we let go. Morning love. Hey babe she replied exited for tommarow yup she said so how about a little of fun before the big day she said like what I asked a shower and a drive she said ok with me I said. We took a shower and then I blind doled her so I could of her to where we first met, the beach

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