Trying to Match Snowflakes

Anna Kaiser has just won the Glee Project resulting in her getting a part on her favorite TV show. Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction have just changed managements resulting in them moving to Los Angeles. He's been in the city for long periods of time before, so why is he so lost? Anna has everything she's ever wanted, so why does she want, no need, more? And how do you make two different, extremely busy schedules work in sync? Snowflakes don't have exact matches. But these two come pretty damn close.


1. Character Profile: Anna Kaiser

Authors Note: Hi. I'm Molly. I will be your writer this evening and for as long as I feel like it. This is my first fanfic so please just bear with me for the first couple of chapter while I Lear how this whole thing works. Authors note will normally be at the end. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Let's make a deal you be honest, I be honest. Got it? Good. So just to get things started I decided to give you a little background on our main (female) character. I'll try to update as much as you guys want me too and if I hit a speed bump, I'll give you guys a heads up. That's all for now chapter one will be up mostly likely by tomorrow afternoon. That's all for now. Vote, comment, read, and most importantly, enjoy. ~ Molly

Name: Anna Kaiser


Race: European American

Gender: Female

Hometown: Queens, New York

Personality: The Motivator.

Traits: Outgoing, social, great people skills. Good at getting people to have fun. Physically affectionate. Attention seeking, loves crowds. Seductive, open, revealing, loving, empathetic, attachment prone. Enthusiastic, idealistic, and creative. Able to do almost anything that interests them. Excited by new ideas, but bored with details. Open-minded and flexible, with a broad range of interests and abilities. Needs to live life in accordance with their inner values. Disorganized. Prone to losing things. Irresponsible. Acts without thinking. Likely to have or want a tattoo. Rule breaker. Easily distracted. Comfortable in unfamiliar situations. Attracted to strange things and counterculture. Non-punctual. Likes to stand out. Prone to fantasy. Easily talked into doing silly things. Spontaneous. Wild and crazy. Pleasure seeking, risk taking, thrill seeking, fun seeking. Adventurous. Hyperactive. Irrational. Likes to try new things, unconventional, energetic, impulsive, dangerous.

Psychological Disorder: Paranoid.

Career: Actress

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