Trying to Match Snowflakes

Anna Kaiser has just won the Glee Project resulting in her getting a part on her favorite TV show. Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction have just changed managements resulting in them moving to Los Angeles. He's been in the city for long periods of time before, so why is he so lost? Anna has everything she's ever wanted, so why does she want, no need, more? And how do you make two different, extremely busy schedules work in sync? Snowflakes don't have exact matches. But these two come pretty damn close.


2. Chapter 1 (Anna's POV)

Just how many studios are on this lot?! It's my first day and I'm gonna be late. Stress and worry isn't really something I do. Going though life without problems is so much easier. I wonder how many times other stars have gotten lost here? No! Focus Anna! You always wonder when you need to focus! Oh great now I've ended up on the other side of the lot! Maybe I can steal a golf cart... "Beep beep. Outta the way! ... Sorry sir! Nothing to see here!" I heard an Irish accent yell from a bit away. No. It can't be. But she's not even... But she could... I turn around and my thoughts are confirmed. Yep. It's the one and only Katherine Gallagher. My best friend has some how made it onto a film lot and got a hold of a golf cart in Los Angeles, CA when she's supposed to be in London. Well actually Kate's done crazier. "Did someone call for a go cart?" "That depends. Do you know where I'm supposed to be going?" "Nope but I know where to find food." Yes it's definitely her. "Good enough for me. I'll get reschedule my meeting for tomorrow." I climbed aboard and off we went. "By the way, Kate, how'd you get here anyhow?" Kate (call her Katherine and she'll kill you) should be over in London working. After she graduated, Kate landed a job with the SCT (Special Crimes Task Force) due to the fact that shed been helping her dad with cases since she was 14. Turns out she's good at it and developed quite the reputation for herself. They're currently in London working some big case, I don't know what really. "When you texted me saying you were moving to LA I decided to jump on a plane cause knowing you, you'd get lost. Plus I thought you'd want an unpacking buddy. So for a whole week I'm all yours. And I mean once I get back permanently we can hang out all the time! I mean San Fran is only and hour away so I can come to your premiere party's, we can go shop..." "No no no. I meant how did you know where I was and how did you get a golf cart if you don't even work here?" "Oh that's easy! You tweeted where you were an hour ago. And to answer the second question turns out you can go anywhere and get anything you want for free just but showing your badge! Isn't that great!" Oh Kate, what shall I ever do with you.

About half an hour later, (yes we took a real car) we pulled up at Langer's Deli. After claiming a table, I went up to order for both of us. "Hi. Two number 19s please. And two Cokes." I paid and then brought back our food. "When I said I wanted Coke I meant cociane, not Coca-Cola you idiot." "No you didn't. Now shut up and eat your sandwich." After a few minutes, Kate spoke up. "So how's Ayden? Is he made you left him all alone in Queens?" She said teasingly. Ayden's my boyfriend and while I'm here in LA, he's back home going to NYU. "I'll have you know he's very supportive of me and my choices." "Good for you two. I still don't like him." If there's one thing you need to know about Kate, it's that she's my very strong opinionated best friend with the classic hard-assed addittude. She was born in Galway and lived with her mom until they moved to Brooklyn when she was 6 and even though she lived In Brooklyn and I lived in Queens we somehow ended up at the same Irish Dance school. We hung out all the time until she was 9 and moved to Washington D.C. but we're still best friends no matter what. Then when she was 14 she moved in with her dad in San Francisco when she was 14.

"And you don't like him why again?" "I don't trust him! He cheated on both of his ex girlfriends and I'll kick the creeps ass if he does that to you." "That was a long time ago! He's different now!" "Once a cheater always a cheater."

After that we ate in silence until we heard a conversation consisting of an Irish and British accent. "What's that?" "Hear the Irish accent? My people flock to me." "You just think you so..." I was cut off by someone spilling their soda on me. "Hey watch it!" "I am so sorry! Here have a napkin!" Another boy, his friend I presume, was hysterical. Oh of course it was the mysterious accents. I was to preoccupied with cleaning myself off to look up at my attacker whose weapon of choice is orange soda. "Ummm Anna, you may wanna look up." Kate whispered harshly at me. "And whys that?! So I can get a burger thrown in my face?!" And there's the classic New Yorker. I looked up clearly pissed to see an apologetic Niall Horan, a hysterical Louis Tomlinson, and a shocked Kate. "Oh, um, I'm sorry. I just get a little crazy sometimes." I explained trying to play it off all cool. "No no it's me who should be sorry. I'm the clumsy one ya know." Louis had finally calmed down and was looking at Kate. Not in a oh wow she's so pretty it's the first time I've ever saw you sorta way. No it was a shocked, what are you doing here but I'm not really pissed that you are here kinda way.

We all sat/stood there looking at each other for a moment before I said "Well we should get going. Off to the mall to find a new outfit I suppose. Come along Kate." "Wait! Here take this." It was Niall and he was handing me a $50 bill. "To pay for the outfit since it's my fault." "No I can't do that. It was nice meeting you though." "Can I at least have your number? To take you out to make up for it." "Sorry, but I have a boyfriend. Thank you anyway though."

As me and Kate walked out, Kate smacked me upside the head. "What was that for?!" "For being a dumbass. When Niall Horan want to take you out, you go out!" "Yeah well next time make sure your people don't spill things on me next time they flock to you."

Authors Note: Ok chapter one. So I really enjoyed writing this for you guys and I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you liked it please vote/comment. Feedback is appreciated. Well that's all for now you guys. Later! ~Molly

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