what happened? (Punk Louis)

Ally is bullied in tell one day she has had enough of Louis and his other little punk friends.So she changes no picks on her anymore one day she has to live a long.And louis and his friends come over to hang.Will she hang with him then get lip pierces like Louis?


5. Wow i hang out with him?

We sat there in silent in tell i asked Do you want To watch a movie?Sure he says smiling looking at my butt.While i was walking in the kitchen getting popcorn.I grabbed the bag and put it in the microwave.put it on For 3:00 mins .I was looking at the microwave.And all a sudden Louis turns me around.Uh Louis what are you doing?i asked He just gets closer.Beep! beep! the popcorn"s finished i am going to get it.i slipped out of his grip and got the popcorn he rolled his eyes and got a bowl.

i sat there watching the Walking Dead (My fav show but this is the movie) A zombie bit some one.i jumped and Louis giggled.It was 11:36 pm Louis its 11:36 pm.Thats ok he said.Are your parents worried?i asked What parents?he asked Ohh sorry i did not know i said feeling bad for him.No its ok he said looking at me.

Why did you kiss me earlier? i asked Oh u well.that was nothing he said choking on his own words.Ok Louis if you wont tell me I WILL TICKLE YOU!!!i said jumping on him laughing.STOP! STOP! PLEASE.NO NEVER NOT IN TELL YOU TELL ME!!!I SAID going to his sides.

if you dont i will make you.he said.How i squeezed his sides.He pulled me in and kissed me i kissed back.He went in my mouth i just did the same.Why Louis as i pulled away forehead on his forehead.Because i really think your pretty.He said kissed me again.

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